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10 eLearning trends to watch in 2016

Being in touch with trends is crucial for anyone responsible for managing and delivering e-learning and training within their organisation. Here are 10 key e-earning trends and foresights to watch out for in 2016. 1. Resources not courses Courses help prepare you for the future and resources support you in the moment. What is pushing […]

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Video is best for learning

The internet has made the world a very connected place. The mobile devices have granted us instant access to information and we are now entering a new phase of innovation — presenting information to reach people in real time, at any location, in a way that impacts them most. This is where video comes! It […]

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Photo or video presentation?

Have a look at the infographic below to see the reaction one has when watching a photo vs.video…It is good to know that we have a statistic on our observation practices, which on the other hand will help us improve and use best possible way to gain better understanding of things. You probably have guessed […]

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Post Format: Video (WordPress.tv)

Posted as per the instructions in the Codex.

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Post Format: Video (VideoPress)

VideoPress, especially as a video post format, usually provides some unique styling issues. You will need to install Jetpack or Slim Jetpack plugin to turn the shortcode into a viewable video.

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