How mobile platform can enhance your business prospects?

In this day and era of instant coffee and readymade solutions, mobiles play a crucial role in bringing the world closer and making businesses more effective. Here are some interesting facts to consider:

  • Mobile traffic from across the world is 51%;
  • There are a total of 4.5 billion mobile users globally;
  • Facebook announced that they have 1.7 billion monthly active users through mobile devices;
  • Monthly active Facebook users account for 55% of the total mobile users;
  • More than 350,000 Apps have been build in the past 36 months;
  • Mobile skype downloads more than 1 billion downloads;
  • Global mobile data traffic is expected to reach 6,2 Exabytes per month in 2016.

No wonder that this medium is fast emerging as the chosen mode of furthering business prospects and ringing in additional gains. The large number of apps that have been developed is helping sellers retail their products to a larger clientele and bring out more sustainable gains. In fact, if you observe the mobile traffic data brought forth by Coupon Machine, you will notice that

  • Starbucks has 17 Million active mobile app users and makes $8 million payments a week through mobile devices;
  • The weekly revenue generated via mobiles is almost 20% of what it makes across all US stores;
  • Google Ads generates revenue of more than $2 billion every month through mobile devices;
  • Foodpanda records close to 1 million orders a month through mobiles;
  • 3 million flight tickets are booked per month on mobiles in US alone;
  • 5 million travel bookings take place every month using mobile devices in just United States;
  • Paypal records payment worth $5 billion on a monthly basis using its app;
  • Uber sees a monthly booking close to 60 million via mobile devices.

This goes on and on, all for the purpose to show how businesses are lapping up the rising profit prospects using mobiles. The mobile apps for most businesses come across, as the most cost effective high returns proposition with minimum overhead expenses. From the customer’s standpoint, convenience and ease of operation make mobile apps a much accepted and popular form of conducting businesses, especially in retail operations.

Their growing influence is resulting in:

  • Amazon has recorded close to $115 million in sales via mobile devices;
  • Alibaba’s mobile ad revenue is close to $390 million a month.

Thus mobile apps are soon becoming not only the most convenient way to gain knowledge, but are the preferred way to clock profits.

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