8 Benefits of using augmented reality in education

There are many uses of Augments Reality (AR) in education. Once an educationist integrates augmented reality into their lectures, they’ll be able to seize their students’ undivided attention. Below is a list of all of AR’s benefits.


  1. Increased participation in classes

Everyone will want to participate. Through an Augment’s app, the students will be able to have access to models on their own devices. Once they are able to view the augmented models, they will be able to grasp a better understanding of what they are studying and will be conceptually sounder. It is also a fun way to push education and the students will be motivated to learn more.

  1. Less expense

Some educational materials and supplies are extremely expensive. The 3-D physical models, large and intricate illustrations, posters, and prototypes are all really very expensive. Most schools do not have enough funds to acquire all of the additional learning material. Sometimes, they get lost, stolen, misplaced and they also get worn down in the process.

Once AR has been acquired and used, there is no need to spend money on the physical materials. Especially since students have access to the models from devices whenever they want – at home, the classroom or during study sessions.

  1. Increased memory

By simply scanning, any student can gain access to augmented models. For example, a part of human anatomy, historical monument or even an atom. Students can also have access to websites immediately from the app. This allows the experience to create a complete and wholesome learning cycle. This will allow the students to be able to maintain more information for longer periods of time.

  1. Nurture the learning process

By initiating AR into the educational curriculum, students will be more excited to learn. Since most students now are now born in the digitalised age, students will be more motivated and stimulated through Augmented Reality. They will want to dissect and learn new ideas and think more critically. This will allow the students to think more imaginatively and discover things about themselves that they didn’t know existed.

  1. Enriched ways of telling a story

Just think, by using Augmented Reality storytelling will become so powerful, that the student will be able to visualise the story and it will be brought to life. The impact of the whole idea will be far more and it will take storytelling to a whole new life. This will also increase the interaction of the students.

  1. Increased sensory development

If you can see something change in front of you and feel it at the same time, it will enhance your mental and physical dexterity. Hence, your sensory development will increase.  Augmented Reality provides content that you can interact with. You no longer are just a mere observer, but you are allowed to become a part of the program. This is taking education to a whole new level.

  1. Visiting the past, present, and future

Imagine being able to visit what had happened, to now, and what could possibly happen in the future? The student would be able to visit the past and apply theories to visit the possible future, and also in between stay focused on current events. This is a great way to learn history, old empires, historical battles, and people from around the world.

  1. Increased activity

Nowadays, kids have a habit of relying on technology for practically everything. This no longer has a sense of movement and has become really lazy. Fortunately for Augmented Reality, gone are the days for children to be constant couch potatoes. With enhanced learning AR has created an enhanced and an increased interactive way for students to get out of the house and play and learn at the same time. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, mobility has increased.

Through AR, the whole educational experience is completely transformed.

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Anna Marsh is a Tech Developer with over 12 years of experience. When she isn’t coding, she takes up writing educational tech blogs to educate programmers. Painting is one of her passions. You can interact with her at  firm and on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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