Google Glass’ pros and cons

Google Glass is a new wearable technology currently being tested by volunteers in the Google Explorer program. The head mounted device projects information to the wearer’s visual field and responds to touch and voice commands. The device can take pictures and videos, provide weather and traffic updates and guide drivers by GPS.

Google Glass may be available for holiday shoppers
For testers, Google Glass cost $1,500. Glass is projected to be released by the holiday season and should cost about as much as a smartphone. Glass is designed to intuitively integrate wearable technology into the user’s daily life.

Google Glass will draw in gadget geeks but may not interest average consumers
Glass sounds futuristic and will probably quickly draw in the gadget crowd, but the average Google customer may not want to spend money on a device that basically does the same things as a smartphone other than phone calls. Glass mainly changes the interface of existing technology and relies on WiFi or a cell phone data plan in order to function. Like the Google Chromebook, Glass only works when connected to the Internet.

Google Glass is the first commercial augmented reality device
This type of technology is called Augmented Reality. Like Virtual Reality, the Google Glass headset projects an image to the user’s field of vision. Unlike Virtual Reality, Google Glass integrates that display with normal reality.

Glasses wearers can’t use Glass
Customers may be deterred from trying Google Glass because it looks strange on the wearer or because it is not yet compatible with prescription glasses. Google is hoping to pair the device with fashionable lenses and allow it to fit other glasses.

Apple is rumored to have iWatch in development
Apple may be working on its own wearable device which rumors refer to as iWatch. Even though Apple has not announced development of the device, consumers are already interested in buying it. This suggests that Glass may be in for strong market competition.


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