3 Ways to master digital learning technologies in modern education

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Technology is helping in every aspect of life. It is also helping teachers to expand beyond the traditional text-based learning. It is innovating new ways to engage with students who will get to learn best in many other ways. Technology’s role has evolved from a weekly computer class into a versatile learning tool which would change how demonstration has been done on concepts, projects and assessments.

It is interesting to see that you don’t have to sit in a classroom for hours with a teacher writing notes on the blackboard. In the traditional school setup, there’s a teacher, student and a bunch of media which contains the knowledge in it. However, with self-education, you just need a source of knowledge and then one can become the vessel themselves.

With wearables, one can get to capture the data that is composed and then share it too. If a teacher is taking a painting class then it will make it a lot easier for the teacher to review the skills of the teachers if they have a practice video or a diagnostic video.  Google glass can be used to record the processes of solving problems and then it also provides a voiceover, 3D printing technology too. The 3D printing allows the students to transform the theory they are learning in their textbooks to the hands-on concepts.

Here are some ways which have been proving that technology is definitely changing the game when it comes to education and acquiring knowledge.

Better simulations and models:

Back in the day, teachers used to demonstrate vibrations sound using a fork. But it can get harder to show that how molecules behave when in different situations, or why the two chemicals are dangerous if they are mixed together.

Digital simulations and models are helping the teachers to explain concepts which are too big or too small, the processes which are too complex, slow or too quickly to be demonstrated in a physical classroom.

Global learning:

Students can now set up language lessons by taking the help of a native speaker who isn’t even in their own country and they can attend the lessons through video conferencing. You will get to learn from a native speaker, social interaction and have an exposure of another culture’s which could be a gateway of all those educational advantages that for once available to those who could pay the travel bills.

People are not deviating from paper textbooks, and are just ready to switch to the digital world. The students from all the parts of the world now look for digital versions of the books or e-books, instead of buying the paper textbooks. There are a lot of websites present on the internet which are selling the e-books of different paper textbooks which have existed in their former version for many years. It saves the students a lot of time and they could get a book with just one click.

E-books now hold an amazing potential for the growth and innovation of digital education. There are many schools who have already discovered this potential and the majority of them have been diverging to the digital education.

Now you don’t have to carry five textbooks around, because it will all be on your iPad.

Augmented Reality:

There are a lot of times that you are sitting in a classroom and learning about a topic but, you are just wishing that how you could see it or feel it learn more. The augmented or Virtual reality now help in creating lessons and courses while bringing the classroom to the outside world. The advancements have now made it easy to make the learning more interactive and collaborative. This helps in increasing the attention to audience and growing the visual literacy. VR makes the representation and the characters to be more compelling when it comes to storytelling.

Cloud computing is becoming the latest trend in education. Students are now able to access the different books from the cloud. You don’t have to go and take a trip to the library or don’t have to wait in lines to go through it but you can just buy whenever you want a book. When it comes to group assignments, the students can work together and they can just upload the work to the cloud. The latest technology is making the learning process for students very easy and efficient.

One doesn’t need to have any expensive hardware, because most of the applications are compatible with the standard laptops and phones that we use in every day.

There are bountiful videos present on the internet, which are made by students, and they have been demonstrating different techniques to acquire knowledge.

Teachers or professors don’t have to come to physical classrooms to pass their share of knowledge to the students but they can do it while sitting at their home. Due to this, there are a lot of people who are gaining more valuable learning from high executives or CEOs of big companies. There are a lot of opportunities being identified and many educational institutions are now all set to replace the traditional classrooms with different activities related to advanced technology providing a more broad way of interaction among the students and teachers. The studies have shown that in the coming years, more teachers, students and faculty members will adapt technological methods of learning and there will be a boom in the digital learning age.


Ahmed Siddiqui works as an Executive in an Investor Immigration company in Pakistan. He is a blogger and has been doing it for the past five years. Ahmed loves to write about new technology and has a keen interest in innovations, which are changing the lives of a modern man. He is constantly researching and finding of all the cool stuff, which is making life easier and better for the human race. His work isn’t just restricted till technology, but he also has a passion to write about travelling and tell about his experiences as a traveller to the people all around.




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