E-learning trends of 2018


2018 has just begun with revealing new e-learning trends and they seem to benefit the education sector from all aspects. Every year, lots of students opt for e-learning programs and the major reason is that it is not expensive.

You find that the e-learning adaptation is increasing rapidly all over the world and the evolution in technology paves a way for new e-learning trends to influence the education sector.

It is not only popular among students; in fact, e-learning is also very famous among professionals as it helps them to progress in their careers. No doubt, the new e-learning trends are capable of assisting students a lot in various ways.

This write-up manifests some major e-learning trends of 2018 that are able to evolve the education sector more so go through them carefully.

1.       Augmented reality and virtual reality will dominate

The trend of using augmented reality and virtual reality in the education sector is expected to increase and it eventually benefits students to have a quality education. If you talk about VR, so it will be for dealing with difficult tasks and handling various difficult procedures.

AR will make learning anything easy for students and they will be able to scan various objects and enhance their knowledge about them. One thing is a fact that they both will influence education throughout this year.

2.       Small-sized learning will set new rules

According to a study, people focus on anything for not more than 20 minutes and in this regard, this trend will benefit you a lot. Small-sized lessons from 60 seconds to 20 minutes will be very beneficial for you.

This particular trend will assist you a lot to deal with painstaking topics and tasks, so gear up for that and study with a great concentration. You should know that micro-learning will keep your interest alive while studying so never take it lightly.

3.       Game-based learning will prevail

It is another growing trend when it comes to e-learning, so ensure that you never ignore it. You need to understand that the game-based learning ensures more engagement thus students study with more interest.

Schools and colleges are ready to invest in it hence this trend seems to grow more in this year. You will witness the gamification of courses this year thus students will give their best academically.

4.       Personalized learning will be more common

 Personalized is to customize current modules that exist in libraries for particular groups. All the learners are given specific modules, different questions, as well as materials for improving particular areas.

Learners will get what exactly they need and it will increase the popularity of this trend more in this year. It is also important to know that personalized learning will also assist to prepare well for exams and score better grades.

5.       Digital textbooks will be ubiquitous

  You find that the growing number of students will buy digital textbooks this year as they will be affordable. Digital textbooks will be user-friendly, updating them will also not be difficult.

Searching anything in digital textbooks will be very easy thus it will save your time that you may spend on other important academic tasks. Prepare your mind to buy digital textbooks and improve your studying experience.

6.    Video learning will make more impact

This specific trend has been in the education sector for many years and the popularity of this specific trend will also increase in this year. Video learning is a useful alternative to old traditional classrooms.

Keep in mind that in a video learning, you will have a rounded experience as it consists of face to face guidance, interaction, animations and slides. They all make your learning experience more effective.

For an online learning, the platform which is very popular is none other than YouTube. Dozens of online teachers will offer video learning to students so get ready for that.

7.    Getting online degrees will be easier

It has been in the education sector for past few years and this year its popularity will increase more. The majority of students will enrol in different online programs hence you should also consider it.

It will enable you to getting an online degree that can assist you in having a successful professional career. As you Google out, so you find various universities offering online degrees to students.

Studying online gives you an opportunity to work as well and it is the major reason why students will be enrolling in online programs this year.

8.    Mobile learning trend will rise

One thing is a fact that this e-learning trend will have an immense popularity and every online teacher needs to make his website mobile-friendly, as students will be assessing his website through smartphones.

Learners will get attracted towards it more because it will give them accessibility and flexibility. It is not wrong to say that 2018 will also be the year of online learning websites that are user-friendly.


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