How to be an active participant in a class?

In order to be considered successful among all the classmates of your class, it is crucial to be an active participant in the classes.

When a student takes active participation in classroom discussions, he/she is in a better position to retain his learning for a longer period of time, which is turn improves the grades that he /she gets. Actively participating is undoubtedly a crucial component of getting a much better and in depth classroom experience, as it combines both the auditory and visual learning to the process.

Be regular as well as active: If you need to be an active participant in the class, make sure to be present not just physically, but mentally as well. When you attend a class on a regular basis, you become comfortable with the classmates, as well as the professor and the overall environment. Never compromise on your 8 hour sleep at night and a healthy breakfast if you want to learn and participate better in a class. Not to forget, bringing your books and other necessary material is also a must to a class if you really are interested in learning. Students also prefer sitting in the front rows instead of taking the back seats or the ones in the middle, as it helps one to fully participate in the discussions. Students find it more important to sit in the front because it physically and mentally restricts them from drifting away from the lecture. The professor can easily make an eye contact with you while you are sitting in the front, which helps you to stay more focused and involved.

Prepare ahead of time: Preparing ahead of time also results in an active participation in the class. For this, the student must have read the necessary textbook chapters, take down notes and highlight the portions that they need to be clarified by the teachers. Once they are well-acquainted with the courses that are to be taught in the class, they can easily pay attention to the examples during a lecture and even participate in the discussions of case studies and other activities. When you ask questions during a lecture, it assists you in acquiring additional information and conveys your efficiency to the instructor.

Share and interact in the class: Students who share their ideas with the others in the class are liked by the teachers, as this assists other students in the learning and stimulates one’s thinking. It is not just about sharing the ideas, but also about being a good listener when the others share their experiences and learning. Interaction with the teachers, by visiting them during the office hours or though e-mails is also a positive way to show your involvement in the subject.

Involvement in group projects and team activities: In order to retain to a higher extent, make sure to get involved in team activities or group projects. One can learn from the shared experiences of the others in the group. No matter what role you have in the group, make sure to give your best for a collective recognition of the group.

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