Five helps for graduates trying to handle life after college

Every year, millions of students graduate college and head out into the real world. But not all new grads are ready for the trials that await them. Here are five helps for graduates trying to handle life after college and how to handle this new transition.


Maintain old friendships while building new ones

Keeping the friendships you made while in school can be tough after you go your separate ways. However, the friendships you established in college can be a valuable support system, and making new friends after school can provide both a needed source of socialization, as well as a new network of contacts. It is said that over half of all people meet their spouses through a friend, and over 25 percent of new hires get their jobs from referrals.


Brand a “useless” degree

Not all graduates had the foresight to pick a degree in a high-paying field and even if you chose to study political science instead of computer science all is not lost. Any college degree looks better on a resume that just a high-school education. If you have a weak degree, look for ways to put a spin on your field of study so prospective employers will notice you. It could be as easy as additional volunteer work or a new certification.


Organize your finances

Most people’s financial picture changes after graduation. Handling student loans and other debt, without support from your parents, can be a burden for new grads. Learn how to make a budget and stick to it. New graduates have several options for deferring student loan payments and don’t overlook the break you get on student-loan interest at tax time. Contacting a tax or bankruptcy attorney like Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC for guidance may be a wise choice.


Find a real job

While you probably had a job in college, delivering pizzas isn’t going to pay the bills after school. You will need to craft a stellar resume and polish your interview skills to have a chance at landing a good job in a competitive and depressed job market. Most local job-service offices can help with both. Be sure to ask advisors and professors for contacts and internship opportunities as well.


Life beyond work

Even through your career may be your main focus after graduation, just remember that work isn’t everything. Take some time to enjoy life and look for fun things you can do for free. Concerts in the park, tubing down a river, and just going for a walk with friends can be a great way to relive stress without killing your budget. Above all, don’t despair if you don’t land your dream job the first week out of school, or your college sweetheart moves away. After all, you just graduated and the rest of your life is waiting for you to become whatever you choose.

Brooke Chaplan

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