Reasons to consider MOOCs

Many high school students are now considering the option of taking MOOCs, which is an abbreviated form of Massive Open Online Course, where a platform is given to the students, teaching assistants and professors online to interact, as well as access the resources and content made available for free to them to reuse, as well as reproduce. There are many reasons why the high school students need to take these courses.

Let’s learn a few in this guest post.

Assistance in the preparation of Advanced Placement exams

The high school students take the AP exams in order to gain college credit. This is done to save on the budget and is also considered a short cut to getting graduated. Usually, the AP exams cost 90 dollars, which is way cheaper than a traditional college class. Many high schools arrange certain training classes for Advanced Placement programs for the students to get prepared for the exam. MOOCs give the opportunity of preparing the students for an AP exam of even those courses that are not offered by a high school.

Feeling of studying in the potential school

If a school supports MOOCs, then the students who are not yet decided of the school which would be more suitable for them, can enroll themselves in the MOOCs offered by the prospective school. Through MOOCs, they are able to get a feel of what it would be like to study there, as well as to sense the caliber and the teaching style of the professors. Such schools make sure that they maintain the image of their school even when offering MOOCs by introducing the activities that are usually made available to their on campus students.

Exploration of the majors

A lot of students end up in switching from one major to another, when they are not sure what would be of an interest to study. It happens in a lot of situations that they feel motivated to take up a field of study which they are not familiar with, only due to a highly inspiring instructor. As the high school students are usually not sure which major would work the best for them, then MOOCs assist them in getting exposed to new course areas without spending a lot of effort. It is also a life saver, as they are able to save their time, as well as money by the time they reach the college level.

Gaining different perspectives from all walks of life

Usually the learners from more then 100 countries across the globe are drawn towards MOOCs, as it is an online platform accessible to everybody. The high school students get to observe, as well as participate in the discussion forums of MOOCs, in order to gain different perspectives from a vast range of people, from different cultural, as well as geographical background. They are even fortunate enough to gain an insight into the different viewpoints of a lot of professionals of their fields, which helps them later on in building their own views later on in life.

What is your experience with MOOCs? Have you ever enrolled to any? Share your comments below and we will be happy to reply or discuss it with you

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