Why is informal learning important?

What is Informal Learning?
By definition informal learning is the unofficial, or unscheduled way most people learn. It often takes the form of articles, videos, books, podcasts, online courses, conferences, etc. as opposed to formal courses.

The infographic below will emphases the following points:

Reliance on informal learning is growing because it promotes autonomy, efficiency, relevancy, flexibility, accessibility.

Nearly 9 in 10 people enjoy learning, nearly 40% of working professionals have not taken a single course, of any type, since college. Over 50% of working professionals say they learn something from an article, video, or book everyday.

Most working professionals spend between 1-30 minutes per day on informal learning. On an average, most working professionals believe that 40-60% of the knowledge and skills relevant to their profession come from informal learning.

Informal learning is a significant determinant of an individuals’s education.  It occurs everyday, in parallel with the formal learning. Individuals say they would use informal learning platforms more if their learning was tracked and recognized.

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Why is informal learning important?
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