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The educational process takes a considerable amount of time. If it is high on your list, you might spend hours learning materials, writing essays, doing research, and analyzing your studies. In short, being a successful student means making efforts.

If you want to enjoy the educational process without sacrificing your personal life, you need to boost productivity once and for all.

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You can learn how to increase productivity in 5 minutes right now.

Believe it or not, but being productive at home is more effective than being productive at college or university. Thus, students should do their best to improve productivity, and home workplace organization is a key to success.

To organize a perfect workplace, you should pay attention to this visual manual made by OmniPapers where key aspects are written. Plus, keep on reading this article as we are going to explain core elements of home workplace organization.

The role of your workplace

Let’s be real: a well-organized workplace impacts your creativity, concentration, and cleverness. If you have comfortable conditions, you can complete tasks faster. Thus, having a cozy workplace is a must.

There are 5 steps to organizing a workplace:

  • Chose a right color for walls: psychologists claim that environment should motivate people work (or study) better. Thus, you’d better paint the walls blue or green as these colors are the most restful.
  • Divide workplace into two zones: it’s nearly impossible to study all day long, especially if you’ve enrolled MOOCs. So, you need to have two zones for study and relax. Create computer and non-computer zones to shift these processes.
  • Provide proper lightening: although it is better to study when daylight is available, it is important to set proper lightening (pick up a good office desk with 4000K color temperature). It is not a whim but a way to prevent eyesight problems.
  • Put a comfortable table, bookshelves, and lockers: to keep your workplace organized, you should have places where to put all your books, notes, and drafts. So, having these items is important.
  • Add inspiration: if a person is inspired and motivated, he or she can complete tasks easily. Thus, add something inspirational: quotes, pictures, photos, or decorations.

The importance of your writing desk

Most students spend many hours studying at their writing desks. However, more often than not, they forget about the mess they have on it: tons of drafts, piles of books, and dirty cups can be found here.


A messy table reduces your productivity.

If you want to boost it, you need to form a habit to clean it up daily. First of all, don’t forget about lockers and bookshelves. Secondly, put boxes to keep utensils and gadgets you use daily. Plus, start using stickers to remind yourself important tasks and events. Hint: mark the importance of every single task with the color.

Taking care of your health is a must

Being a healthy student means being energetic. If you’re energetic, you can do home assignment faster and, therefore, find time to spend it with your friends, family, and beloved.

Here’s a list of things that can prevent some health problems:

  • A comfortable ergonomic office chair supports the lower back;
  • Writing/standing desks help to influence your physical health;
  • Mini elliptical trainers can be used to do activities while studying.

Health is our biggest wealth, so do your best to take care of it.

Final thoughts

Although the educational process takes time and efforts, we have ways to boost productivity and, therefore, enjoy the life itself. Don’t hesitate to take the first step toward home workplace organization and achieve success in your life!


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