5 Careers for people with a caring heart

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For those who desire to help others, there are many careers available to them. Whether the medical field, human services or animal care those who rely on the kindness of others are always appreciative of their efforts. While some jobs require several years of education, others can be entered straight from high school or with limited higher education.

Medical Office Assistant
Going to a doctor’s office can be stressful, so having a smiling face behind the desk can put a patient at ease. According to the experts at Abes a college in Calgary that educates medical professionals, these jobs involve processing paperwork for insurance and billing, scheduling appointments and entering data into patient records. Training for this career can be obtained in one year.

Veterinary Assistant
Those whose hearts care for animals can have very rewarding careers as veterinary assistants. Working in a veterinarian’s office, they assist with everything from scheduling appointments and taking payments to giving medication and helping with surgical procedures. The work can be rewarding but also physically and emotionally draining. Many jobs can be obtained with no college education, with many people often being hired based on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Police Officer
Brave men and women who desire to protect others from harm can do so by becoming police officers. Requiring no more than two years of college, these positions demand long hours and place those protecting and serving the public in very dangerous situations at times. Despite the stress, most officers say they can’t imagine doing anything else for a living.

Social Worker
If helping the down and out is in one’s heart, a career in social work may be the answer. Protecting the elderly and children from abuse, helping others find out what assistance they qualify for and more are just some of the daily duties of these workers. Most of these positions require four years of college, though some may be obtained with only two years and related experience.

Working with children to help them learn reading, writing and arithmetic are just some of the duties of teachers. A great job for those who care about others, it’s the perfect job for someone who enjoys watching children become more confident and grow into young adults. Four years of college is required for most jobs.

Having the ability to put others first is a great attribute, and any of these occupations allows one to do just that and more to improve the lives of others. Do you agree? I’s love to read your comments.

By Annette Hazard

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