Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use

LinkedIn has changed the way individuals interact in their professional lives. Whether you are looking for a new job, a career change or business partners, LinkedIn is your one stop solution. The social job portal is designed to help you achieve and foster excellence in your career, business and relationship development. Here are the top 4 LinkedIn tips that will ensure a successful career path for you:

  • Update your profile:

Your profile on LinkedIn is like your resume. An outdated resume is not going to benefit you or any potential employer. Therefore, the first thing any individual must do is to have an updated profile.

A LinkedIn profile has several sections that can help you describe all your skills and experiences in a detailed manner. If you have updated your skills or have a new job experience, you should add it to the LinkedIn profile. Also don’t forget to write your profile summary, it is the easiest way to describe yourself to the professional world and optimize your profile for easy search. If you add a profile picture, you will increase your chances of getting noticed!

  • Add connections:

Don’t be shy when it comes to building your connections on LinkedIn. Add people that you have worked with in the past. They can not only write recommendations for you but also promote your skills. This will make your profile stronger. Plus, reconnecting with old business connections and building new ones can help you land a big opportunity and will surely increase your second and thirs degree network on LinkedIn.

Don’t know how to expand your network? The easiest way is by adding your LinkedIn profile to your email signature.

  • Start a LinkedIn group:

A lot of individuals do not understand how networking through LinkedIn groups can help you achieve personal goals. LinkedIn groups is a powerful tool that makes it easier for peers in the same industry or job profile network to connect with each other.

A group is very successful in helping individuals share their experiences, ask for help, mentor each other and discuss the issues that their industry faces. If you start a niche LinkedIn group for professionals in your area, you will be looked upon as a thought leader and will help you build a thriving community of like-minded professionals. You can even build your personal network through it and build business relationships.

  • Find a mentor:

There might be a few people in your line of career that you truly admire and have loads to learn from. In most cases, you may not know them personally or may not talk to them on a regular basis. But, you can definitely make a connection on LinkedIn, and follow the type of jobs they have taken up in the past or what skills have they added to their profile. You can even read their updates to understand what articles they are reading and sharing.

These are 4 basic LinkedIn tips that will help you get the most out of LinkedIn in 2013! Get ready to explore the world of online jobs with the best job portal in town, LinkedIn.

About the Author:

Today’s guest post is authored by Mark Anthony, a business consultant. He is also a serial blogger, who shares business tips though his articles. He feels that key for getting executive secretary jobs is hard work and dedication.

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