5 best places to study engineering

With an average salary of £37,000 (Reed 2013) Engineering is amongst the most highly paid professions in the UK, as such it is no wonder that studying engineering is an attractive option to many. There is an extensive range of engineering degrees available, allowing future engineers to specialise in their particular field of choice. However it seems that the quality of courses, as well as the respect that certain Universities command when placed on a CV, vary greatly. To this end, this article will guide you through the best Universities for studying engineering.

Studying in the UK

This article draws upon official QS Rankings, which are based upon the performance of Universities in terms of their Graduates final degree classifications. These are cross referenced with other factors such as the size of the institution and the level of research that the Universities professors undertake on a yearly basis. The world positions of the UK University’s covered in this guide are denoted in brackets.

Imperial College, London (1)

The best university to study engineering is officially regarded as Imperial College London. With one of Europe’s largest engineering faculties, and is consistently graded as being amongst the UK’s three top University institutions. Furthermore, in the 2012-2013 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it was placed as 8th in terms of performance.

University of Cambridge (22)

The University of Cambridge Engineering department is the largest of all academic subjects, consistently producing results not just in terms of Graduate degrees, but more pointedly, within the world of Engineering research. The University of Cambridge also places emphasis on personalised teaching styles, with World renowned experts leading students in their engineering studies.

University of Oxford (28)

The University of Oxford boasts the only Engineering department that offers all accredited courses in the field of Engineering, providing the widest range of subjects for students to make their degree truly personalised. Each and every year they produce over 160 engineering graduates

UCL (University College London) (48)

UCL prides itself in basing its teaching on a mixture of disciplines such as psychology, pure maths and life sciences, in doing so it has become widely recognised as a highly innovative institution, with its own dedicated department that spans research, administration and innovation. The University is also world renowned for quality research that is internationally respected.

The University of Manchester (51 -100)

The University of Manchester, with over 100 annual graduates, has one of the highest numbers of Engineering graduates produced year on year. The School of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering has over 80 members of academic staff that are supported by dedicated administration and technical support groups. They cover mechanical, civil and aerospace engineering, as well as more specialist MSc courses.

Studying abroad

The 5 top Universities for studying engineering abroad are as follows, with the number one position belonging to the aforementioned Imperial College of London. 2. University of California, Berkeley 3. The University of Tokyo 4. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands 5. Massachusetts Institute of technology, United States.

This is just an overview of the options available, it is up to you to decide where you would like to study. Estimate your capacity and decide for yourself.

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