Best mobile apps for online learning

Many students are surprised to hear that one of the most powerful tools for learning may be right in their pocket. Smartphones are more advanced than ever and they can provide students with some of the amazing resources through apps on their phones. From higher education and advanced courses to basic tools for students, here is a closer look at five of the leading mobile apps for online learning.


When it comes to quickly finding answers to a myriad of academic questions, few apps are as robust and appealing as WolframAlpha. This app covers a wide array of subjects and can be used on almost all operating systems and includes the option to work directly through their webpage. With dozens of subjects to choose from, users can input any number of questions, theories, equations, or subjects to pull up written data along with engaging visual and audio media. While some questions may take re-writing, the sheer amount of information in this app will put it at the top of any list involving academics.


Learning how to properly create, update, and utilize a to-do list is one of the most important steps for any student, and this app makes it easier than ever. Astrid provides all of the basic tools for creating a to-do list and setting reminders, but it also comes with a few unique features as well. This program can be synced with one’s e-mail, calendar, or even other users in order to automatically send out updates and reminders. This is the perfect synchronization for families or group projects in order to keep all parties on task.


Having a comprehensive note taking app is an absolute must for the modern student, and Evernote is usually at the top of the list when it comes to this genre. Evernote is streamlined, ergonomic, and works on all operating systems. In addition to being able to write notes, a useful feature for those with an external keyboard, it can also make audio recordings and pictures. These are especially powerful tools for students that would like to catalog information that they will not have extended access to such as bibliographical information in a library book or information from a guest speaker in one’s class.

Kindle App

When most smartphone owners think of the Kindle app, they are mostly considering the books, magazines, and newspapers that can be read for leisure. As schools throughout the world become more technologically-savvy, however, Kindle is now becoming a great tool within the academic realm. Amazon, among a number of other e-book providers, is now offering a wide array of free classic books and textbook rentals to students. Public domain books can be downloaded to almost any device and could be used in countless classes throughout the years. For those that would like to save a little extra money, especially within a college or university setting, Kindle textbook rentals are extremely affordable and provide users with some amazing features. This includes the option to search the textbook, highlight important information, and categorize one’s notes while reading the material.

iTunes U

When it comes to finding the perfect app for school, it is all about multi-tasking. Students will need an app that allows them to carry out a number of functions without switching between apps, default programs, and even the internet. With this in mind, countless students have now turned to iTunes U for one of the most comprehensive educational apps that are available today. iTunes U provides students with access to millions of online resources ranging from academic journals and prominent historical lectures to classical books and useful graphs. The feature that makes this app truly standout is the ability to integrate iTunes U with all other iTunes products including iBooks and a number of other apps that students will use daily.

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