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The educational mobile app launched by Dev IT Solutions, for iPad & iPhone, will help kids learn English words and their synonyms.

Dev IT Solutions, as one of the leading names in the mobile application development industry, is introducing a set of educational mobile apps to help kids learn English in pleasant ways.

Up to now Dev IT Solutions has launched various educational mobile apps for kids to learn English, beginning from mobile apps, and designed initially for iPad platforms, they provide a creative opportunity to kids, parents and teachers to integrate technology with learning even at a very early stage.

The launch of these English coaching mobile apps is welcomed both by teachers and parents since English is constantly gaining popularity, as the most important global language.

It is very crucial to introduce and help children learn English in terms of Synonyms & Antonyms, effortlessly and with these mobile apps the learning is stress free for kids.

Talking about this innovative English Synonyms Antonyms mobile app, a senior spokesperson from Dev It Solutions stated, “We are pleased to announce the launch of these unique kinds of mobile apps, specially designed for kids. It helps them learn basic English skills at a relaxed pace. It relieves kids of boring lessons which, at times overburden their young minds. We believe that small kids learn better in informal and creative environment filled with fun & joy. Our mobile apps are doing exactly this as they are divided into several levels that are filled with pleasing and attractive sounds and colorful pictures to develop the interest of kids.”

Dev IT Solutions, has been constantly delivering high quality services and products. “Improve English with Synonyms iPad & iPhone” is carefully designed by the team of expert and experienced mobile apps developers.

This interesting app will first help kids to learn synonyms of basic words from A to Z , that are used in day to day life. It also has example sentences using those words, it contains more than 2000 words with their respective synonyms and example sentences.

By allowing kids, parents and teachers to bookmark words and example sentences to refer when required it makes it interestingly interactive. Once through with the words and sentences, this app will allow kids to test their knowledge and understanding, by allowing the parents and teachers to analyze the kid’s progress; learning curve.

iPad Application: Improve English with synonyms”
iPhone Application: Learn English with synonyms

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About Dev IT Solutions: 

Dev IT Solutions is one of the leading companies providing cutting-edge solutions for Mobile Application Development on various platforms. It has a dedicated team for Development of Mobile Applications i.e. iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, Blackberry Application Development and Window Mobile Application Development.

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