Which academy is the right academy?

How many students do you know who have a clear idea about what their future holds?- In my experience, very few.

With this in mind, selecting a college or university is, certainly an important decision and there are many factors to take into consideration.

Such a choice has to be fully thought-through. Choosing which University, and of course the right program can become, for many people, a great source of anxiety. For some it can take days to evaluate a list of the pros and cons, but for others, the choice becomes a kind of lottery. Frequently, the choice is deduced from randomness over reason, and it all ends with signing up for a faculty without any kind of pondering at all.

Such a decision requires a lot of thinking. Some points to consider:

University is not the only way: If you have finally graduated from school, but university is not so appealing, there are plenty of opportunities out there. I would almost certainly make one of them: evaluate your options when it comes to college or university, so that you make a better “informed” decision. Of course, not every job requires a university degree, so make sure to do your research.

Self-assess to find your strengths: Try to objectively assess your skills and seek opportunities for improvement, this will ensure that your decisions, and in turn, outcomes are more fruitful and prosperous. There are many free and easy to use on-line aptitude and self-assessment tools available. I am a great believer in playing to your strengths, don’t get caught in something that you are not apt at, just get on with the things that you are good at.

Mind mapping: so you have done the research, but you are still confused about which course is right for you. Simple, shortlist your skills and qualities, match them with which are necessary for each programme. Then, look at your future employment opportunities and see what suites you best. This will give you a definitive path and you can construct your goals around this area! Create a mind map, this will help you to visualise your path.

Do not stop at the first opportunity, seek more avenues: do you have a clear idea and already know which course to choose? Do you? Really? I would certainly not stop at just one! Listen to the advice of those who have be through the mill, follow the various university forums, maybe you could find another own path that you has not been explored, or even thought of! If you would like to attend a particular college, let’s say, in Santa Barbara, your search could begin by Googling: Santa Barbara Colleges and see what the various results returned are – my point: dig deeper than the first hit! Don’t just give yourself one option and stick to it, make sure you explore everything! It’s your future after all…

Financials: the dreaded financials, but a consideration that you need to make sure you have thought of. Will you be able to move to study, or is staying at home a more viable option? Very often, there are student advisors within every institution, and contacting them directly to discuss your options is always your best option.
Note to remember: if you take anything from this article, it should be to remain open minded about your future, having a career goal is great, but today’s jobs are tomorrow’s history. Business is dynamic, and technology advances everyday – therefore the job market of tomorrow, will be dramatically different from today.

Author’s Bio:
The author of this article, James King, is an academic writer and expert on California Nursing Schools


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