Things to remember during Freshers’ Week

Things to remember during Freshers’ Week Once the hard work’s been completed, the exam results have been returned and the final offer from your chosen university is on the table, the excitement of leaving home for the first time can feel almost overwhelming. But although the buzz of meeting new friends and living on your own will have you counting down the days until it’s time to load up your mum and dad’s car, heading to university can also be an extremely daunting experience. In amongst the rush and the panic to prepare yourself for life in the outside world, it can be easy to forget some of the basic essentials you’ll need to both bed in to your new student digs and survive the imminent onslaught of Freshers’ Week. Continue reading “Things to remember during Freshers’ Week”

5 top tips for learning any language faster

5 top tips for learning any language faster

Learning a new language is a fantastic goal and the sense of achievement it brings every time you further your knowledge is immense, particularly when you get to the point of being able to use your language skills to communicate in the real world. It’s not an easy thing to do though – often, becoming close to fluent can take many years and a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t speed up the process by learning smartly. Here are a few tips to help you along: Continue reading “5 top tips for learning any language faster”

What we are learning from online learning?

Daphne Koller is a third generation Ph.D in her family, who is passionate about education. As a Stanford professor, she is excited to be making the college experience available to everybody through her startup, Coursera – cofounded by Andrew Ng. Each keystroke, quiz, peer-to-peer discussion and self-graded assignment builds an unprecedented pool of data on how knowledge is processed. Top universities put their most intriguing courses online for free, and not just as a service, but as a way to research how people learn. Continue reading “What we are learning from online learning?”

How to be chosen in the world of work?

How to be chosen in the world of work? So, you’ve made it as a student. But what’s next? When you finish your studies you’ll want to secure a job, or perhaps start a business. But whatever you decide, you can’t do it on your own – you will need other people to open the door to the next big stage of your life. The secret, as so often stated, is not in WHAT you know so much as WHO you know. But the bigger secret is not in who you know but what they think of you! If someone is going to offer you a job, or be a client of your business, it won’t be enough to be skilled in what you do. If someone has got to know you, and considers you to be reliable and generally likeable, they are more likely to choose you over others with the same formal qualifications. So the way forward is clear; deal with everyone in a friendly and reliable way, and you’ll build your reputation accordingly. You’ll go far! Continue reading “How to be chosen in the world of work?”

Can you use mind control to create an addiction?

Can you use mind control to create an addiction?   We have all heard it before – the most powerful human organ –the mind- is the least known to the scientist. Teams and teams have been working on its exploration, but it still remains a big mystery, some say that humanity barely knows 10 % of the actual mind structure functioning. Having said this, it is good to know that with all the paranoia of mind control and how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be (and is) used to “mess with people’s heads” it is high time to pull the cat out of the bag and let people know exactly what is possible and what is actually not possible to achieve. Continue reading “Can you use mind control to create an addiction?”

Online education success: test early and often

Online education success: test early and often   In the last couple of years the number of online educational offerings is increasing, but with their rapid rise a critical question has rised: “Can such “virtual” classes cut through the maze of distractions – such as email, the Internet, and television – that face students sitting at their computers?” Harvard researchers on this topic have concluded that the solution to this issue is to test students early and often. Continue reading “Online education success: test early and often”

What does it take to be human?

What does it take to be human? Occasionally a question comes out to my mind-Are we human just because of the unique traits and attributes not shared with animal or machine? If I follow the definition of “human” , it is circular: we are human by virtue of the properties that make us human (i.e., distinct us from the animal and the machine). Clearly this is a definition by negation: that which separates us from animal and machine is our “human-ness”. However, inevitably, we are human because we are not animal, nor machine. Such thinking has been rendered progressively, less tenable by the advent of evolutionary and neo-evolutionary theories, which postulate a continuum in nature between animals and Man. Our uniqueness is partly quantitative, partly qualitative. Continue reading “What does it take to be human?”

POWER: Everybody wants it, has it, but DOES NOT use it!

POWER: Everybody wants it, has it, but DOES NOT use it! Let’s say that power begins in controlling something, but then the question rises- are we powerless prior to controlling it? There are no true and false answers – it can be both Yes and No! We have the potential, which is a power in itself, but if it is unused and undirected potential then it is NOTHING. Out of this, the question rises – Are we powerless prior to controlling? What I would say it that we are not powerless, but more of an ignorant. (Which of course is a version of powerlessness!!) Continue reading “POWER: Everybody wants it, has it, but DOES NOT use it!”

Do you qualify for home-schooling?

Do you qualify for home-schooling? It is self-evident that schooling at home is called homeschooling, and out of here, this is the place where children are educated at home, either by their parents, or by private tutors. Homeschooling has become popular with kids whose parents have a shifting job., as it is more convenient, because shifting schools is not only a problem for the parents, but also it may disturb the child’s study cycle. Continue reading “Do you qualify for home-schooling?”

15 Secrets to boost your IQ in 30 days

15 Secrets to boost your IQ in 30 days The reason that people visit the gym on a regular basis, is probably the same as the one you’re interested in raising your IQ. We are not challenged enough physically or mentally and we do not think about boosting our IQ. Setting aside time to work on your mind and organizing your various mental muscles, can help you to be more creative, solve problems quicker and focus on the things you want. Continue reading “15 Secrets to boost your IQ in 30 days”

Which home-school method to choose?

Which home-school method to choose? For quite a few people, homeschooling may express the mental picture of two or three little kids sitting at a dinning table and writing intensely in their pads, while mom or parent stands nearby. However, this is not entirely proper. What you should know is that there are different methodologies of homeschooling, and the strategy you choose will elect the course of study and your technique of imparting the knowledge to your children. Below are some of the most dominant and favored homeschooling strategies. Continue reading “Which home-school method to choose?”

Online education needs a “Dictator”

Online education needs a “Dictator” It is “politically” incorrect to suggest that you should work to pass your exams because it discriminates against lazy lay-abouts. But the facts go in the direction that the conventional education is suited for the lazy ones! If you think it is too dramatic, please read further. If you are at a “politically” incorrect school the teachers will be the dictators. They will lay down the rules about what homework you must do, when it must be presented and which books you need to read. They will keep an eye out for any learning difficulties that you have and try to help you, that is true, but there are not many cases of in primary and secondary schools that allow freedom in learning schedule. This is more present in the universities, during Bachelor, Master or Doctorate studies, even though at all above, you will have pre-determined schedule on the curriculum with limited number of subject to choose from. If you are very clever you will sit in the classroom and learn without any effort, just because there is nothing else to do so you might, as well listen to the teacher. The teachers will not let you wander away to do something more interesting, you can count on this. My daughter could not understand why her school reports always said “could do better” when she was top of the class. She never did much work at home, had all “A’s” so her success was really the success of her “dictatorial teachers”. Home schooling online My father set aside a room in the house for our distance learning, where all I needed was arranged for me to study without distractions. I had to sit in that room until the job was done. For me, boredom is much worse than work. I am not lazy, so I read all the textbooks from cover to cover, I have even invented a good way to memorize vocabulary that allowed me to learn languages with very little effort. These characteristics make me an ideal candidate for home schooling and distance learning. Among other things that was my aim in life – to do as little work as possible with as little boredom as possible. Because my father was “a dictator” I got into the way of doing everything as soon as possible, so that my father would let me have time to myself when I had finished. In other words, I became my own “dictator” forbidding myself to procrastinate. It is good to know that without “a dictator” your home schooling, distance learning, education online – call it what you will, will fail because you never get around to it. If you are a parent with children homeschooling online you will have to be “the dictator”. If you are a student using e-learning, guess what…there is not anybody else to be “the dictator”, so you will have to be your own strict disciplinarian. You have to rule yourself with a rod of iron and keep yourself motivated for e-education. If you do not have a stamina and determination, what is to prevent you from failing to put in your projects on time? Nothing. Therefore, find fun in the work you do, lessons you learn, home works you prepare! There is always enough fun in any job for some misguided individuals to do it as a hobby. If you want to be beneficial for the online society you can always find e-forum associated with online education and you can become the “answers person”. Whenever another student has a problem, you can answer the question before the lecturer gets round to it. Of course this does mean that you will are have to work hard to get the answer before anybody else does, but remember that the others will probably be procrastinating, and the teachers will have finished their 9 to 5 day and will not reply till tomorrow, so you will not have much competition. Some studies still need you to be your “own dictator”. For example, I used to do one hour a day practicing the harmonium and one hour each day practicing the violin and I was fortunate because my father was “a dictator”. If I had not done my practice towards the end of the day he would interrupt whatever I was doing and order me off to do my practice. This “politically incorrect procedure” made me determined not to be caught out again. I completed my practice before I started doing what I really wanted to do. Later on, I had got so much into the habit of doing my practice as early as possible that I could be my own dictator. multi-tasking What will happen if there is no “dictator”? Then you better not consider education online as a possibility to gain knowledge. You will fail if you keep putting off your study, without compromise or distractions, otherwise you will fail in your studies. There was one interesting situation when my boss congratulated me because I was continuing to write a computer program, while the partitions in the office were being torn down and new wiring and equipment installed. The noise was horrendous and people had to keep going round me and the computer I was working on. My experience with distance education had taught me to keep at the job ignoring all distractions, so you will have to do the same to benefit from education online. Sweetener of e-learning If you are your own “dictator “you can do the projects with the related study in a fraction of the time that a traditional course would take. You can enjoy yourself for the rest of the time, or if you are a real glutton for punishment, you can even take two e-learning courses at once and get twice the satisfaction when you succeed. A tape recorder can record a lecturer speaking at 50 words per minute and one can play it back at 500 words per minute without sounding high and squeaky. Our brains can handle the 500 words per minute better because our thoughts do not wander off after distractions. If you can read at 500 words per minute (physically impossible), perhaps you can do ten home schooling courses at once?! I feel tired just thinking about it. We will have to wait for the future scientific developments to gain this ability. Read more about the top 38 predictions of the humanity development here : Future predictions
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Online ethics

Online ethics The increasing usage of Internet imposes increased concern for the parents regarding their children’s behavior and usage of “the new entertainment and everything” for the younger generations. Being concern is not sufficient, but some parents go a step further and see into the Internet history of the their dearest. There is no doubt that parent should have all necessary information on the children’s interest, and with this including Internet behavior, but the border between intruding the child’s privacy and the trust should not be crossed. Young people need more than supervision. They need to be thought to develop critical thinking and gain solid understanding of the reality and ethics of online privacy. With the constant reshaping of the means of communication, everybody’s life changes, therefore this fact has to be considered when the parent is trying to impose opinion or a way of thinking over acting of the children. Continue reading “Online ethics”

2 ways to prevent online students cheating

2 ways to prevent online students cheating Taking an university exam from home, under the watchful eye of a webcam, with software profiling your keystrokes is equally good manner of gaining education, as if going to college or university. Online university courses are the Next Big Thing for higher education This trend is present in many developed and developing countries. It is particularly spread in the US where millions of students have signed up for courses at the numerous online educational facilities and gain different educational degrees via distance learning. Continue reading “2 ways to prevent online students cheating”