How working abroad can benefit your career?

As the final chapter of your education slowly comes to an end, there’s another window of opportunity presenting itself for all new graduates! This is your chance to showcase your skills and knowledge, to hone them through experience, and to find your career path, and doing so abroad can actually be incredibly beneficial for your life down the road.

Students and those fresh out of university can benefit from finding themselves in a new culture, meeting new people and expanding their horizons. Let’s see how precisely taking your professional journey outside of the borders of your home country can help you build a career you’ve dreamed of.

Leaving your comfort zone

For students who have spent their entire education in their home country, you are most likely accustomed to doing things a certain way. From how you communicate, how you apply for jobs, all the way to how you network, you already understand what it takes to break barriers in your country of origin. However, when you abandon that level of predictability and security for the unknown, you need to leave those patterns behind, as well.

If you, for instance, decide to work as a part-time salesperson while you’re searching for work in your primary field of interest, you’ll notice how demanding it can be to adapt to a new market in a different culture. By letting go of these safety nets, you’ll learn to adapt more quickly and efficiently to new challenges anywhere your professional path may take you.

Learning through teaching

To consider your academic education the only source of learning could limit your options to develop yourself later in life. When you find the best location where you can explore the local culture and traditions, you should look into various teaching options that will allow you to utilize your skills while developing other essential qualities.

For example, teaching English alongside experts, such as the Monkey Tree EFL team, can be your perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and contribute through invaluable work. The skills you gain there will not only help you become an excellent teacher but also develop patience, communication, problem-solving skills, as well as critical thinking.

Improving your reputation

Every modern employer appreciates a rich CV from their potential employees. That said, it does matter what your work and training experience entails, and not every name on the list will leave the same impression, as, for example, those who have worked with Google. For those who cannot get into such prestigious positions, working in a few different countries can give you an equally impressive list of skills.

It takes a great level of flexibility and adaptability to find your place in a different work environment, especially one that’s in a different cultural setting altogether. Simply by showing courage and desire to work in a variety of realms, you will exemplify some of the most desirable qualities of a very highly valued candidate.

Networking diversity

If you cannot land a job in your line of work from day one, even a part-time job at a café in Barcelona can give you enough time to keep working on your career of choice and network whenever you can. You’ll encounter many people from different walks of life in your temporary position, and simply chatting with people at a conference can provide you with a lead for your dream job.

Plus, you can reinforce your income by working online as a freelancer while you’re on the hunt for the perfect career kickstarter. When you’re not limiting yourself to employers available only in your home country, you also give yourself a better chance of success in your field of work, even if it means starting your professional journey elsewhere.

Personal growth

While the modern work environment does value those essential qualities such as productivity and a desire to learn, there’s also a strong focus on how you personally can contribute to the culture of the company that hires you. Travelling is an eye-opening adventure, one that comes with many a personal epiphany that can reshape your mindset towards your professional goals.

You may find yourself yearning for a nomad career, or working in an entirely different line of work than the one for which you’ve trained. You may decide that working with kids is what you do best, or that you’d prefer to start your own company.

All in all, working abroad is an opportunity that gives you a unique perspective of the world and simultaneously builds your career through diversity and adversity alike. It’s a rewarding challenge that will help you find and define your path, and ultimately help you tackle any setbacks you might come across.



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