5 common concerns for college students resolved online

I have been a student and there are a lot of problems we face that older people just wouldn’t get. The problems range from finding cheap accommodation to getting the right roommate who doesn’t freak you out every now and then. I get it, I have been there. There were times when I had to cut the entire budget on my recreational activities just so I could buy the textbooks for that semester. As a student, you search for the cheapest options available so you get to spend the rest on your leisure activities, be it buying a new game or the new cell phone that you so crave.

Here are a few problems that most students face during college:

1. Accommodation: It is one of the biggest problems that a student faces during his/her college days. Finding a suitable place of residence at a fair price is hard as it is, if you aren’t in enrolled for a hostel and if you have to find a place near the University. There are a few websites available that will help you get loads of good places at the right price.

You can find listings on websites such as, Zillow, and Uloop for cheap residences, there are tons available and you can search according to the budget you have. You can also find rooms and flats on Craigslist as listings there are more open to negotiations.

2. Assignments: Frankly, assignments are one headache that is constant over the semester. You get loads of assignments over the semester, each with different weight and requirements. It gets tough when the assignment is of a high weight and you need those grades badly to pass. Luckily, I found a few websites that provided the coursework and tutoring sessions at a cheap price to help me complete the assessments. TopAssignmentExperts and Paperdoers are two websites based in the USA that provide those services at a cheap price and their work is good enough. Though, the cheapest assignment help companies I found were based in Australia such as BestOnlineAssignmentHelp and Essaywriter4u. One service I found was OnlineAssignmentWriting that was based in the UK and was pricier than all the services mentioned above, but the quality provided is premium and I took their help when the assignment weight was high and the tutor very strict.

3. Internships: Internships are a great way to make money as well as gain exposure to different work cultures. You can find a few internships through Alumni network or board postings but they are usually stuffed with applicants already so there is a lesser chance of getting that one. There are several websites that update internships frequently and allow the user to find one suitable to his/her interests. The most prominent is LinkedIn as it has become a hub for every established company and job-seekers to interact, make connections, and apply for jobs. Most companies update the internships available along with vacancies., SimplyHired, and Indeed are also among the most popular portals for students looking for an internship.

4. Finding the right roommate: The lucky ones are those who get roommates that is understanding enough to not play loud music when you have an exam the next day, takes equal responsibility and care in chores, does not mess up the sheets every half an hour, and respects your privacy and lifestyle habits. You will be lucky if you find a like-minded roommate who is that chill and decent, there are some websites that are very helpful in letting you find one for you. Sites such as, Padmapper, and Roommates are really good and allow you to view places which are on rent and the person who will be your roommate. If you already have a place and are just looking for a roommate to share the cost with, you can search through the profiles and select one for yourself too.

5. Textbooks: Each semester, you will be required to purchase books in order to complete the assignments and prepare for your exams. Also, you will require textbooks to read if you miss out anything in class. You do know how pricey the books are if bought new. Most of the students seek to rent or borrow books for the semester so to save a big chunk of their money, that is a far better option than buying it anew, if you need the book again after the semester gets over, you can rent it again. There are loads of websites which offer these services,, Campusbooks, and Barnes & Noble are the most popular ones and boast of the largest collection of textbooks available.

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