The changing face of home school


Ask most educators and lay people about what comes to mind when the word, “homeschooling” comes to mind and you will get a few answers.

They will vary from a positive way for parents to make sure that their students receive the kind of education that they want, to one that educators question the curriculum that students are being taught and the level of indoctrination in their lessons.

All will agree that the level of technology that we have reached in the first part of the 21st century has changed the face of both the classroom and the home school.

It stands to reason that the first home school teacher was Socrates and other Greek teachers

The idea that seemed to have developed out of the Ancient Greek tutors was one of requiring the students to think in a critical way and to take the information given by the teacher and apply it to everyday situations and to think for themselves.

Having worked in education for several years, I can say that unfortunately that we have gotten away from the theory of teaching great thinkers and learners and now emphasize the ability to recite rote memorization and pass standardized tests.

All of this and more has led many parents to consider homeschooling their children

Now, as a warning, there are barriers to just deciding to withdraw your child and beginning the trek of homeschooling. Varying state law from no restrictions to homeschooling, to next to impossible conditions to meet or keep up exist from state to state.

It is essential that you are aware of what your state allows or does not allow. What requirements exist. You can read this comprehensive Fifty state homeschooling guide to give you an in-depth overview of what you are facing.

Once you decide whether, home school is something that you are willing to invest the time and resources on, there comes the problem of what sort of curriculum you will use.

Are you going to write your own? Are you going to buy the curriculum? Is the plan to instruct your child, or hire a tutor?

Next, you need to ask yourself, what level of technology are you planning to use? Will this be a more traditional educational path? One where your child reads, answers questions to that reading and instruction?

Will it be a more fluid instruction where reading and recitations replaced with a more hands-on approach? Maybe trips to the museum as opposed to history textbooks and science textbooks? Collecting leaves from the backyard to look under a microscope.

A more hands-on approach to education Learning by doing

Or maybe you would want to try a hybrid approach. Going from the abstract of the textbook to the concrete of applied learning. For instance, reading a section on photosynthesis and plant cells followed by collecting leaves to check under the microscope.

Many parents these days are opting for usage of the internet and all the resources that it has. After all, the Khan Academy on YouTube can teach almost any math concept. The History channel and its wealth of videos can teach students almost any history lesson, even ones that do not involve aliens.

Then of course, for lessons on spelling geared to every grade level from Kindergarten to College is Spell Quiz.

The technology now doubles every eighteen months or so. Technology that was considered cutting edge when Obama was President is already considered in many areas outmoded and obsolete. The newer technology has taken over every facet of our lives.

Education is no exception

It makes sense that if we are going to continue the trend of homeschooling (Currently around two million students in the United States are home schooled to some degree and that number will only grow as time goes on), that technology will emerge or be adapted to meet this growing trend.

As well, existing educational doctrine and teaching methods will be adapted to fit this technology.

The very way that young people today interact has been forever altered by technology. It stands to reason that the face of home school will also change along with it.

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