Challenges before sending your child to a private school


A child’s education is the most crucial thing for any parent. They are always struggling with their own thoughts and the decisions they have to take for their child’s education. The daunting decision making begins when the child starts taking the primary education, then the middle school is the next level for a child when they or forming themselves into adults and then comes the final stage when they are turning into adults and taking shape of responsible individuals. At each level parents have to take some major decisions for their child. Every parent wants the best for their children, undoubtedly! But, at times when they are juggling between various roles in their lives, it becomes a little more than stressful for them to take the right decision for their child admission. Whether it should be a private or a public school? Should it be day boarding? Keep the child local or send away from home?

Here, assuming that you have already taken the decision to send your child to a private school, we will help you face the challenges that you are going to come across when sending your child to a private school.

Admissions are not that quick and easy to get, at times you are scared of coming to one confident decision, being too scared of making a hasty decision and the other times your children do not want to submit themselves to the situation.

Run through these few dilemmas parents face every day whilst taking those challenging decisions for their child’s career. It will certainly help you prepare yourself to take the decision more quickly and wisely.

Private school or Public school?

For those who are stuck between taking the decision of sending their child to public or private, we can help you here with that. Children need to be chiselled right from the beginning so that in future they are able to take the challenges in life. So, if you can afford then you must send them to a private school. Preferably do not keep them in the same private school throughout.

Are they too expensive to handle?

Definitely, not all of them are expensive – you just have to make the right pick. There are a few that have surprisingly high fee structure, but not all of them are the same out there. All you need is to poke around a bit and see which school provides the maximum benefits and offers more activities than any other regular school. There are many education consultants that will help shortlist a few names for you according to what you desire for your child and within your set budget, they will provide you with the entire information about various schools.

And, even if not there are innumerable websites that would do that for you free of cost. Private School Review is not hard to find online.

The process of getting it is not that daunting!

It is certainly isn’t. Private School Review will explain you the admission process in the simplest and the easiest way. Rest of the process is the same for almost every school, first, you visit the school, see how to do you like thing s going their then a normal test or an interview is conducted of the child and discussions with the parents and then paying fees etc. This process has to be followed by everybody and everyone. However, some schools which are age-old and are known for maintaining high standards and delivering good quality education their fees might be higher as compared to the others and the processor test for getting in could be a lot trickier than the usual.

Preparing your child for the admission test

Always remember it is just not your child who will go under the test but you too. If you want your child to get admission in a particular school then you will have to help your child cracking the interview and the admission test. Boosting your child’s confidence, backing them up with the appropriate knowledge, becoming your child’s tutor or hiring one would be beneficial.

Never take any admission test lightly and that does not also mean that you over pressurize your child. Strike the right balance by pushing your child towards achieving the common goal and do it with ease and definitely you shall succeed.

Do keep in mind the application deadlines

The first thing you ought to keep in mind before anything else is to regularly visit the website to keep yourself updated about the application form and the deadlines that you have to meet to get your child admitted into a school. Private Schools have strict guidelines for accepting the applications. So, not to miss the admission window either personally visits the school authorities or do a regular follow up to keep a check. Once you have all documents then, go and visit school yourself to get them all checked and review to avoid any last minute hassle.

Financial assistance

There are so many options available that cannot be even counted. You have a dream to send your child to private school but low finances are bothering you then let it not anymore. Apply for it weeks and months before so you have all the things prepared and documents sorted. Let nothing come in the way of your child’s future.

A few challenges we have listed here that parents have to prepare themselves to face and some of them might have already faced. If you organize the process for yourself this daunting task wouldn’t be one anymore.

Dave Singer, Content Analyst, Private School Review

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