What to expect from an online diploma?


If you’ve ever wanted to get ahead in your career and your industry, you may have considered completing an online Diploma. Diplomas are beneficial because they are specialised, short in length and are a recognised qualification.

Anyone can benefit from completing a diploma online course – from young students who have just finished K-12 to older professionals looking to gain an extra qualification and experience.

If you’re unsure what an online diploma entails, how much work is required, and whether or not it’s the right thing for you, we have all the answers.

What is an online diploma, and what is it worth?

A Diploma is a higher education award that is considered to be below the standard of degree level – equivalent to 1-2 years worth of degree level study, or at the same level as a foundation degree.

An Entry Level Diploma and a Level 3 diploma are worth 37 or more points in accordance with the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

Benefits of completing an online diploma

  • It can benefit your career: gaining a diploma in your field of expertise will award you with more industry knowledge and experience, and signal to your seniors that you are dedicated to achieving high.
  • It is convenient: studying online is incredibly convenient, especially for those who are already working, or who perhaps live far away from a school or university.
  • It is flexible: you can choose to access resources at your own leisure, instead of being restricted to a tight schedule
  • You can study remotely: those who study online have the ability to study remotely, which means that can fit study around travel or any other commitments.
  • Diplomas are often specialised: online diplomas can offer specialised education to those who perhaps got a taste of a subject they liked at school or at degree level.

How can an online diploma benefit your career?

Gaining any sort of qualification in any field can further your career prospects – no matter if you are junior or senior. What’s more, completing a specialised diploma which will grant you additional knowledge and skills, and set you apart from other professionals in your field.

Even if the diploma isn’t directly linked to your current career path, it may help you to transition over to something new and show employers that although you may not have the experience, you are interested in the area.

Types of diplomas

There are many different types of Diplomas, including a Diploma of business online, for example, where students can gain the skills needed to manage operations of professional practices within the health sector.

Other diplomas can be in leadership and management, IT, computer technology, engineering, law, etc. Whatever are you wish to hone your knowledge and skill, there is a Diploma available to you.

Can you complete a diploma online? How does it work?

Yes – many Diplomas are designed to be delivered and completed online.

The delivery mode for online Diplomas vary depending on the type of course but are generally completely electronically (no hard copies or postage required). Students will be required to attend virtual webinars on online communication platforms such as Skype, and any assessments will be distributed and managed using electronic learning systems.

How long will it take to complete an online course, and how many hours per week?

This totally depends on the type of course and the individual. A course may take 9 months and require students to dedicate up to 12 hours of study time a week. Or, if the individual is already working full-time, there may be an option to complete a course in a part-time capacity, which could take up to two years.

Is undertaking an online diploma right for you?

If you want to advanced knowledge and experience, or increase your chance of getting into university, an online Diploma is right for you!

Misconceptions about studying online

Online studying isn’t deemed “traditional” and therefore can get a bad reputation. We bust some myths around it.

  • A qualification earned online isn’t as valid

It is a common misconception that just because a student has completed a course online, instead of on-campus at a school or university, that it isn’t as valuable, or is “less worthy”. This couldn’t be further from the truth: an online qualification is recognised as being of the same calibre and in the same league.

  • The teaching isn’t as high quality

Some people assume that the teaching and resources given to those who are enrolling in an online course isn’t as good as the teaching and resources offered to students on-campus. But, often the same teachers and resources are delivered to both online and offline students because technology can now stream live lectures and seminars to online students.

  • An online course isn’t as difficult

Just because you are studying online and at your own convenience, it doesn’t mean that the amount of work you have to do is less, or that the standard you must reach is lower. In fact, online courses are often more difficult, because students are often balancing it alongside work or other commitments.

Flexibility is a definite benefit, but it doesn’t give you a free pass.

  • Online study is lonely

It’s no surprise that too many, the online study can look isolating. While this can be a real turn off for those who love social interaction, it needn’t be, as there is a still a strong student community created within a course – it’s just all online!

When you enrol in an online course you are given access to multiple student platforms and chat boards where you can discuss assignments with your peers, work with other students and build a great rapport. This is often perfect for students who thrive in the independent study but want to feel a part of something too.


Completing an online Diploma has a plethora of benefits for people of all ages, and at all stages of their professional life. If you feel like the online study is right for you, look into your options today and create a better future for yourself!

Author:Helen Cartwright, Founder & Blogger

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