Spider Silk: the super material of the future

Spider Silk: the super material of the future
Golden Silk Spider, Nephila clavipes (Photo credit: Clicksy)

Many of today’s most remarkable technological innovations come to fruition when the speed and efficiency of modern day technology is applied to natural materials found on the earth.
Spider silk, which is being hailed as “new super material of the future”, is a prime example of the combination of man and nature, as it is found right in many of our own backyards, but with technological research and testing, can be made to be useful in medicine, automobiles, and construction.

When used in certain applications, spider silk is over five times stronger than steel, ten times stronger than kevlar, and even more elastic than a rubber band. Its impressive performance in several scientific tests prove that it is a sign of the future, and scientists forsee its potential use in things such as bulletproof clothing, airbags, and even artificial skin for burn victims, to name just a few. Check about more about this revolutionary new material in this infographic, “Spider Silk: The Super Material of the Future”, and find out in what places you might find this material next.

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