Effective online education revision techniques

There’s no way of escaping exams, so it’s really important for students to find efficient ways to revise the information they’ve learnt. Revision is extremely important, since it enables students to observe their progress and get a high score. Therefore, you’re about to see some guidelines that should be applied by all students interested in revising efficiently.

Don’t fall into the trap of the digital world

Keep in mind that the digital world can jeopardize your concentration throughout an exam revision session. The Internet and all those interesting social media networks will make you forget your initial purpose and allure you to check your Facebook or Twitter profile to see what’s going on. Ergo, you should study in a separate room where you don’t have a computer and you can’t access the Internet. Besides, your smartphone has to be turned off during the revision.

Concentrate on the most important details

Because your time is limited and the amount of syllabuses seems endless, you tend to freak out and struggle to learn everything. That’s won’t happen any time soon. If you take a break for a few minutes, you will realize that you haven’t retained anything. So, if you don’t have enough time, focus only on the essential details of a subject and study shrewdly. If you try to cover the whole syllabus in a single day, the result can be disastrous.

Make a schedule

A schedule will make it easier for you to accomplish your task. Plan your time cautiously, and don’t forget to include breaks. Besides, note that you also have to eat healthy in order to stay energized.

Establish your priorities

Determine which are the most important subjects and start by learning them. Then, if you have time, you can take a look at some other subjects too. Note that most questions asked during an examination are related to the essential portions of the syllabus, so you should totally focus on studying significant aspects.

Organize the syllabus efficiently

When you start studying and you see that the syllabus is really vast, you will get nervous and this nervousness won’t allow you to prepare efficiently. Therefore, it is important to organize the syllabus in smaller portions so that you can easily learn them. Plus, this organization will give you the impression that the syllabus isn’t that vast anymore and this will help you stay calm.

Opt for memory aids

During the final revision you won’t have time to read all the texts and notes again. So, you have to use memory aids, which are fast techniques meant to help you remember the things that you have learnt in minutes. Among the most efficient memory aids one can find:

  • Flash cards: also known as tiny paper bands that comprise only the essential points and that serve as an excellent brain fresher, since they permit you to revise details quickly. You should create these flash cards while you are studying and use them when you revise. Note than you can’t have the flash cards with you during the exam.
  • Practice MNEMONICS: What you have to do is take the first letters of words that you wish to memorize and create a sentence that you can keep in mind.
  • Past papers: It is highly recommended to obtain several past papers and to try to comprehend the pattern. This way, the examination will come as no surprise for you since you will know what to expect. Additionally, solving past papers is a good way to get used to the examination mood.

Small preparations can make a difference

Of course, you have taken a lot of exams so far and the rules appear to be the same. Still, it is better to analyze the pros and cons of each examination hall. Take added stationary with you and make sure your pockets don’t contain anything related to the exam paper. Finally, it is important to get there in time, but you can even go to the place a bit earlier. You will see that all these preparations will enhance your confidence and will help you stay calm and obtain excellent results. Always remember to relax, take deep breaths to oxygenate your brain and help you remember everything you’ve studied, and try not to let yourself drawn by stress.

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