How do children learn with latest technology ?

How do children learn with latest technology ?
How do children learn with latest technology ? Just a few years back, schools or institutions of learning gave a completely different picture. There was a lot of manual work involved and teachers would lose their breathing by trying to give out lectures after lectures. Today, it is completely different as we see the growth in the technological world, providing extremely convenient assistance to teachers and school going people. The kind of learning, interactivity and the science of teaching all have changed in the matter of a few years now. This means education has become more vibrant, fast paced and also fun. It is no longer just books and words to learn and give exams. We now live in a global economy where knowledge and enhanced learning is absolutely important. The right method of teaching is to reinforce the message in such a way that it embeds itself into the minds of children. Unless children are taught in that way, education will have no prominence. To constantly manage enhanced learning and improve education standards, every day there are new forms of education methods integrated with technology platforms are introduced. Technology not only helps accelerate the learning process and make it more interesting for modern-day children, but it also allows teachers to perform in a much better way. Today’s guest post blog will talk about four ways technology and devices can be used to enhance learning in children.

Using actual physical objects through 3D printing technology

In order to promote a better recall of products and items in children, the use of 3D device printers is something that has recently seen a sharp rise. Teachers are increasingly dependent on the use of such printers to help children learn better. Classes of the modern day world in top institutions have 3D printers for this sole reason. Other innovative products like projections and screens in class to show interactive fun lectures are also newly introduced concepts. Through all this, children can have a better recall and also motivated learning. When they enjoy the lessons and learning, then students also have a better educational development.

Getting them acquainted with the internet

Through the use of the internet, students who have grown slightly mature in their academic age can be very interestingly taught. The online world is completely full of interaction which can help students learn better. The use of the internet not only allows for a credible update information for teaching, but students can also find various avenues to explore which can further enlighten their interest in courses through different perspectives.

Smart devices

The use of handheld devices like tablets and screens are another important addition in the education world. Students, as they grow prefer to deal with their academic commitments and classes all along the electronic devices and tablets, play an important role in that.

Using 4G phones

Not only in the US, but also as far as the third world countries, smartphones are gaining increased popularity and the internet on smartphones is becoming cheaper. This means smartphones alone can provide access to education in children through their use. As the time progresses, we will see further expansion of the roles smartphones currently play in education and enhance the learning for children.  
  Author’s Bio: Anwen Richardson is the author of this blog post. Richardson likes to post blogs for the site She has always been a regular contributor to the blogs and everyone likes to read them. Her blogs are usually about education and learning through the use of technological equipment. Melody, besides blogging, also works for a school in the USA, where she teaches the children aged nine to fifteen years.  

What is the online education role today?

What is the online education role today?
What is the online education role today?It is a fact that today, we can find just about anything online. Most of the population requirements can be located on the Internet, no matter if they are products or services. One of the biggest advantages of these developments is that the world’s population can study online. This puts the e-learning role to a very high benefit among life-long learners, as well as regular students. According to academic writing experts at, virtual courses are making education available to a large section of  the society, as they are convenient and affordable. It seems like online education may soon become an equal player in the education sector.

Why online education role so important?

There are a number of reasons for the growing acceptance of the online courses and the non-traditional methods of study. Let’s understand why they are growing so rapidly, as well as, why do they impact this trend.
  • Cost-effective: Since they are affordable courses, even economically weaker students can easily pursue their education. The cost of books, travel and other expenses associated with traditional education, is not a as close as to the one in traditional education.
  • Flexible timings: While studying online, you can select your own time for studying, balance work or household chores and any other impediments to a regular course. Studies can be conducted anywhere, as long as the student has access to a computer and internet.
  • Variety of choices: A student can pick an online course that improves existing skills or simply one that is in one’s field of interest. As opposed to traditional schools and colleges, virtual education is highly personalised and customisable.
  • Further options: Online education is not restricted to only one form of study or teaching. One can join a course at any time or finish studies in a new field of interest.
The impact of these practices is practically a complete reform of the traditional method of schooling. Instead of catering to a prescribed set of teaching or learning forms, virtual courses cater to the student’s abilities and strengths. With a personalised set of study options and learning aids customised for every student, e-learning could definitely take over the existing system. The biggest impact, of course, is that both primary and higher education becomes available to anyone. An increase in the number of skilled professionals, achieving education also leads to economic growth. Development can be achieved within a few decades, by removing the restrictions people face in their educational requirements. With proper regulation and infrastructure that ensure the quality of education, virtual education could get the boost it requires and make high-standard education available to everyone!   Author’s bio: Dave Mitchell blogs about writing and studying tips for students. One of his recent publications is on how to write a personal statement for a scholarship where he shares some popular myths preventing the applicants from writing a descent statement.

4 tips for online math lessons

4 Important tips for online math lessons
4 tips for online math lessons Teaching math is one of the most challenging educational jobs. It’s not the same as English, or History. Why? Because it’s not that simple for a student to understand and apply the principles explained! Unlike many other education classes, learning math takes more than just few letters written on a white-board and a good memory… Today we’ll cover few important tips that’ll help you improve your teaching style, making you a more efficient math teacher.

 Make them understand the reasons behind

It’s critical to make your students understand why it’s important for them to learn a specific formula or principle. Try to find some incentive examples that would make them understand where they can apply what they learn at your class. For example, it may help them at a science, or a physics class. It can also help them protect themselves later in life from being scammed by other people. Make sure that you link whatever you teach to some other useful practice. Another good tip would be to link your teachings to real life applicable examples. Every person, young or old, will encounter probabilities. Be it in the stock market, gambling, or playing poker with friends…all of these activities require math. Here’re four examples that can help your students understand the why behind math:
  • Managing their personal finances during life;
  • Figuring out how fast you need to travel in order to reach a certain destination;
  • Deciding which products to buy by comparing them accordingly;
  • Determining how much to tip a waitress at a restaurant.
The moment they understand why it’s beneficial to them, the moment they’ll start to be more cooperative and willing to work harder.

Interesting and fun teaching

Math is already complicated, you don’t have to make it worse by sending bad vibes to your students. Instead, you need to figure out a way to make them enjoy the process. When the students love your style, they will be more willing to accept and work harder on your discipline.
  • Reward them appropriately. This takes some effort, as you have to understand the things they desire. Once they perform well, give them a reward. It can be small things. It doesn’t matter, as long as they see that you care.
  • Set examples and motivate them: Find a successful person that has been where they are and they’ve excelled at it. The power of example is great, especially among students!
  • Give a background of the person who invented a specific algorithm/formula. Show your students the extraordinary man behind, and they’ll be more likely to gain some interest.

 Teach them how to learn by visualizing

Math is easier if it’s visualised properly. The problem solving implies more factors, and taking advantage of colours and visual images makes a student comprehend and excel at solving complicated problems. As you can see in the image, the letters have different colours according to their meaning. So, the next time you find a complicated problem that your students don’t really understand, make it easier for them by using colours when representing the exercise. If you are teaching online, you want your students to get access to the best visual content possible. In order to do that, you need to plan ahead your teaching session and prepare some valuable materials that will help them picture things in their mind. A simple google search will provide you with enough images and videos that you can transmit to your students along with your teaching course.

Teaching math facts the right way

Math facts are the foundation of math learning. Without them, it’s impossible to advance with your teachings. That is why you need to teach your students the appropriate ways to memorise and use them. This is not an easy process, but these tips might help you:
  • Teach a limited number of facts at a time. If you overwhelm your students they’ll have a harder time memorising the facts.
  • Teach new facts only after they’ve fully memorised and understood the previous ones. This is so essential!
  • Encourage daily practice. This means making your students understand that little effort each day can help their memorizing process.
  • After they memorised a specific math fact, your next lessons should include problem solving with the learned math fact. Exercises complete the learning process.


As you gain experience in teaching, you will begin to understand students better. There are certain patterns that students exhibit when they encounter problems at this discipline. Your job is to figure out these patterns and find productive ways to help your students overcome them. It is good to see on help resources for students (for example the most common difficulties they face with during studying. You can see it this way: the more you work on your teaching methods, the more success you’ll have when teaching young ones understand this complicated, but wonderful discipline. Learning is not just for students, it’s for us all, and we should continue to improve ourselves if we want to improve others. Author: Colin Christensen

How to move out for the first time?

How to move out for the first time?
How to move out for the first time? Congratulations on your first move! Whether you’re heading off to college, starting a new job, or simply getting your independence for the first time, moving out of your family home is a huge step. Moving out doesn’t have to be stressful and scary. With a few quick hints, you can make your move with ease. Grab your boxes and read on to find out how. You might be nervous to make the big move, but we’re here to help with five tips. Enlist your friends Moving is easier with a few extra hands. You might need help with heavy furniture, so find a few buddies for extra strength. Look through your contacts for a friend with a truck or trailer if your vehicle is too small for all your possessions. If you don’t have a bigger vehicle, just use everyone’s cars at once so you don’t end up making more than one trip. Settle your finances You’ll need to pay rent and utility bills in your new place so make sure you’re financially secure by requesting a credit report and checking your savings through your bank. Put aside money from your paychecks for food, clothing, and entertainment and make sure you’re ready for that monthly rent bill. If you are going to need your own transportation make sure you are practical about your needs. Students might be able to use buses and train passes while starting a new job might require a new car. Look at used options at places like the Autobank of Kansas City and get a good loan you can pay back quickly. Decide what you really need Don’t start your new move with too much stuff. When packing, consider making three boxes at a time for things to throw away, donate, and keep. You should also check your new place to see if it comes with furnishing and appliances such as a microwave or vacuum to save money and space with your move. To store or not to store If you’ve lived at home for a long time, chances are you own a lot of possessions. You may need to look into storage options if you can’t bear to part with your belongings. Ask your parents or friends if you can use their space as well since extra closets won’t cost you as much as a storage locker. Join the community Moving far away? To save yourself from loneliness, look into community events in the area. If you’re moving to an apartment, make friends with your neighbors who can even help with any emergencies. If you’re moving into a dorm, talk to your fellow students about activities that you’re interested in. You don’t want to feel adrift in your new place so make an effort to make friends and get more involved. Hopefully these tips will help you with your first move. It’s most important you feel comfortable and secure before moving out. Give yourself a pat on the back for asserting your independence, and moving out will be a breeze. Brooke Chaplan

How to prepare for studying abroad?

How to prepare for studying abroad?
How to prepare for studying abroad?   Studying abroad tends to be an extremely valuable experience – you get a chance to learn a new language, meet a new culture, without procrastinating and with learning a whole lot of new stuff. In fact, the best way to spend your 20s (and even later periods in life), is by going somewhere outside your culture and be exposed to a different language and, above all, a different way of learning. However, simply choosing a target country and setting sails for new learning endeavours isn’t quite that simple. You need to think quite a deal ahead and plan your stay in a new environment. We hope that this guide will help you get through preparations for your abroad-study experience. Find what fits you Regardless of whether you are looking to work, volunteer or study abroad and no matter the level of your degree, you can rest assured that nowadays there’s always a program waiting for you. Whether it’s a cultural exchange program, or a field-based one, there are many different ones, with different price points each. Most colleges are equipped with departments for international education, so you should definitely use the power of the Internet, as well as a lot of spare time that you have on your hands to pick the right fit. This, however, isn’t the only fit that you’ll need to find – you always have to think about money. In order to reach your goal of studying abroad, you’ll need to save up some cash (you’re looking at the ballpark of around $5000, for a six-week term). If you need to save up, try applying for jobs and/or paid internships, to meet the monetary demands of the desired program. Documents and preparations Naturally, seeing as how you’re going abroad for an extended period of time, you’ll have to think about documentation. Make sure you’ve got your passport, student visa, banking, housing and insurance paperwork in order, as well as financial aid. There is few things worse than having to take care of vital bureaucratic stuff from your new temporary home abroad. School programs vary, especially those abroad to those of your country – this is why you need to check in with the program you join, in order to make sure you know what the school needs from you – proof of citizenship, proof of medical insurance, passport copies and the like. When it comes to where you’ll stay, this depends on what your aims are and how much you’re willing to spend. Some schools offer their college campus for free, others require you to pay, while some require you to find your own temporary home. If you’re on a limited budget, you can always opt to share accommodation with someone, as an excellent complement to your pocket. Inform yourself A certain degree of stress is to be expected when moving to a foreign country – you should prepare for new customs, laws and new social mores in general, by means of the Internet. Additionally, every city has certain neighborhoods with high crime levels, so you should definitely get to know which parts of the city to avoid, at least at the very beginning of your temporary life there. Make sure you prepare yourself to get into a mindset where you won’t go out alone late at night, regardless of your gender, age, nationality or race. Tread carefully in order to avoid inconveniences, or even worse. Finally, make sure you equip your smartphone with emergency numbers, before you even set off from your home country. Language Make sure you speak up! Not only does a language barrier tend to be tedious, but, in reference to the previous paragraph, tends to attract trouble with locals. At the very beginning it will be difficult, but you’ll quickly pick up on the language, seeing as how you’ll be surrounded with people speaking it. Once you’ve gotten a hold of the basics of the target language, not only will you be able to express yourself easily, but also to understand what people are saying, which is crucial in staying safe. Studying in a foreign country will probably be an exhausting and frustrating experience in the very beginning, but if you make sure you’ve covered all your basics outlined here, you can rest assured that staying in the target country will soon turn out to be a breeze and a fun experience.   Author:  Diana Smith

Top 5 platforms to set students’ homework online

Top 5 platforms to set students’ homework online
Top 5 platforms to set students’ homework online

In 2015, Ofsted stated in their published handbook they were looking to judge schools on whether ‘pupils are set challenging goals, given their starting points, and are making good progress towards meeting or exceeding these’.

Essentially this means teachers need to be able to not only help their class progress, but keep documentation of it, so they can show how their students are improving.

Interactive learning has become a large part of modern teaching – particularly with the rise of Apps being used in our daily lives. But Apps are not only for home life, they can also be used to benefit your teaching environment. These are five of the current programmes available to help teachers set homework for their students and monitor their progress.

1. Firefly

The Firefly programme is centred on saving teachers time – time that would usually be spent copying and pasting information into documents and looking through documents to find everyone’s submitted homework. Organisation is one of the basic objectives to the App, aimed at making tasks such as setting homework and giving feedback as simple and effective as possible.

Devices include:

  • Teachers choose whether to set paper or online homework
  • Students can submit from any device e.g. android, laptop, imac etc.
  • All documents are in one place rather than teachers having to search through their Inbox
  • Feedback is all stored under one archive including – annotations – comments – audio or visual comment
  • Homework can be shared with the parents online, as well as students to keep them in the loop

Firefly prides itself on developing its product based on the results of multiple case studies. These include both state and independent UK schools and international schools in Cairo and Bangkok.

2. eSchools

eSchools is an App for either primary or secondary schools, and differs between the two only when necessary. They focus on a variety of classroom features used in real time that can be translated to an App. No less than sixteen features and apps make up eSchools.

Devices include:

  • Teachers can easily create projects online with a variety of content types. These can re-used year by year
  • Homework can assigned to individuals groups or a whole class
  • Teachers can come up with Quizzes for homework or in the classroom, and can monitor how quickly students answered the questions

Primary schools have logins for the students as a set of images, whilst the secondary school App can be accessed by students via their school login.

Secondary school teachers can also adjust their App to keep up to date with the timetable changes.

3. Google Classroom

The best key word associated with Google I believe is convenience. Google Classroom is extremely convenient, whilst also making the point of being compatible with other Google Apps. Oh, and the best part… it’s free!

Devices include:

  • Teachers have control of setting up an online class. From there they can invite co-teachers and students. All relevant information can be shared in the online classroom including announcements, assignments and questions from students.
  • Work pages, class stream and the class calendar are platforms where the set work can appear.
  • Teachers can instantly send out homework, and create class discussions.
  • The App is compatible with all other Google programmes such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive

Google prides itself on offering useful and  free services and as the App is for educational services, it contains no ads and does not collect or use student content or data.

4. Moodle

Moodle has had a good success rate across the education spectrum, and primary schools to universities make use of it. Moodle allows the ‘Administrator’ – the user who is in charge of maintaining the site – to manage all aspects of their Moodle site, although some tasks can be given to a ‘Manager’.

Moodle acts as educational online platform where everything from homework, helpful documents, and grading platforms can be created.

Devices include:

  • Courses can be accessed by students once they have been authenticated by the Administrator
  • Every course has  grade book which can record scores of homework, quizzes, activities, and peer assessments
  • Tracking progress on Moodle allows teachers to keep track on when a course is completed – each activity comes with a checkbox that a student can tick upon completion. Once all boxes are ticked the Course marks itself as complete

Moodle is all about giving the teacher who creates the site – the Administrator – flexible control over the content and structure of their educational platform.

A useful tool is the ability to add or take away Restrictions, so that certain material on the site will be available to the student with the relevant ability.

5. Milk

Milk is a programme that focuses more than most on being a homework diary for teachers and students. Aspects are divided into four main sections: Homework, Dashboard, Messaging and Control.

Devices include:

  • Homework can be set instantly and is accessible to students via their phones computers or tablets
  • The Dashboard feature allows teachers to track progress attendance, as well as homework marks. This is especially useful for when teachers need to demonstrate class structure and progress
  • Relevant newsletter need not be sent by post. These can be sent from wherever the teacher is and they are able to confirm which students have read them
  • The programme imports student information from SIMS, creating an accurate account of the class to collect data from. This also means students can receive alerts when they have been set a new assignment

Milk puts emphasis on their Teacher Platform, where most of the features are available in one place. The Dashboard includes links to uploading worksheets and buttons for both the teacher and student to confirm work done.

Technology is advancing at such a pace that it is important the changes reflect in the classroom environment. Apps for setting homework cut down on paper wastage, and help keep each class’s workload in one accessible place for you the teacher.

Written by Josh at First Tutors

Modern marketing factors not taught at college

Modern marketing factors not taught at college
Modern marketing factors not taught at college These are not secrets. These are not marketing gems. They are not even original. They are just facts about marketing that you are not being taught in college. They are things that you learn with experience. When you learn something new about your professional, post it online and help others the same way this article will teach and help you.   The brown noise Want to know why some apps fail despite the fact they are pretty good? It is because of their soundtrack. The same is true, albeit more obviously, for videos. When the song is terrible, people do not listen or play. When the soundtrack or effects are annoying, people stop listening, they click off, or in the case of apps, they will stop playing. The quality of a scream Speaking of sound and its quality, you know by now that the soundtrack and the effects on a video will affect how watchable it is. People will turn off faster if the audio is bad over if the visuals are bad. However, simply having “good” sound quality is not enough if you want to make an impact. Some horror movies are adding more depth to screams. A great example is the monster roars on the first Jurassic Park. They used noises from hippos, dogs, lions, garbage trucks and other nameless sounds, they mixed them up and made their dinosaur noises with them. Stuff your pie with more filling People are not happy with smaller articles and bad list posts on blogs. Even the size of this article is now deemed as too small by Google. People are not looking for e-books in place of blog posts, but they are certainly looking for more content per page. Slideshows are currently the most hated online phenomena at the moment, which means in terms of annoyance, they are now deemed more annoying than pages that don’t load, pop-up and auto-start videos. People want more on their page, such as what they get with an average Wikipedia page. If you are truly stuck for deep-research content, then try a company such as, since they are a great source of new content. People watch a crazy man more than a normal one You do not need fireworks to make people pay attention. You do not have to be insulting, and you do not have to fight with people online or make outrageous comments. You simply need to “NOT” be the same as everybody else. If you do not know this by now, then look at the TV. You can probably name around five different talent shows, maybe 20 different shows featuring a couple living together that are very different, and maybe 5 cooking shows. On the other hand, how many shows can you name that have yellow characters? How many can you name where flat animated kids insult celebrities and say the things we dare not? How many shows have starships full of different races and aliens? You do not have to be weird to be different, you just have to “not” be what the others are. There is a subtle but powerful difference. Beware of the yuck factor If you are placing advertisements, or your advertisements are being placed, you need to avoid the yuck factor with a keen and strong diligence. For example, there are companies out there that are posting advertisements for transsexuals on straight porn websites and they are scaring men away. There are advertisements for doggy poop scoopers on recipe websites, and people are flocking away from the website in droves. It usually happens because a keyword mixes with the keywords in the website and it creates this problem. For example, when looking for sexy television girls, a website may have keywords that says “TV girls,” and TV is also short for transsexual. A woman on a recipe show may have a show about making food from the doggie bags full of food she brings home from the restaurant, and so their affiliate advertisers churns out dog-related advertisements that relate to dogs and bags (such as those you collect poop in). Stop punishing users that care about their computers There is a certain search engine that rhymes with “Frugal” that started active scripting on their image-search function. As a result, the people that have desktop computers with their security settings set up high can no longer click on images or see them with certain web browsers. There are also websites that punish computers that do not allow cookies and pop-ups by automatically redirecting them to advertisements instead of letting them click on videos. Stop punishing people that care about their computers if you want to sell to them. Stop treating your potential customers as if they are the enemy just because you haven’t fooled them into buying yet.   By Peter Lee

Social networking sites help students

Social networking sites help students The trend of using social media, especially among the young people, is growing at a fast pace. In fact, social media platforms, like Facebook, have become part and parcel of today’s students’ lives. They have become an integral part of how these students express themselves and communicate with others. But entertainment is not the only purpose served by these websites. The educational applications of these sites are no less valuable. Social media can help students with their studies in many different ways, including preparing for exams. Hence, in order to fully benefit from these technological advancements, students, as well as their parents and teachers, need to be fully aware of the various ways through which they can use social media to their advantage. Here we discuss some of these ways:


Teachers can create class Facebook pages which can be used to post announcements of upcoming assignment deadlines. Also, a course Twitter feed can be utilized in order to provide students with information regarding class tests and other relevant events. This would help the students remain aware of looming deadlines for assignment submissions, and enable them to work on time to be able to timely submit their assignments.

Effective communication

Aside from the usual communication that these websites are used for, social media provides a platform for studies-related communication that enhances the students’ learning outcomes. Normally, outside the class communication is held among students either face-to-face or through some person-to-person method like email. These methods have a serious drawback. The information discussed is shared only amongst the brightest students, which in turn reinforces their success. Those who are already struggling in their studies and are not as ambitious, remain deprived of the information shared and hence tend to lag behind their classmates. When social media is used for class communication, the discussions are available for all to see and benefit from. Facebook and Twitter can be used for asking questions, and discussing what has been learnt in class.

Sharing study materials

Social media websites can be used to provide study materials to the students which they can either go through in class, or use at home. Links to educational videos present on video sharing sites can be added to social media posts. These links connect the students to the resource, something which was not possible before the advent of social media. What’s more is that the students can give their comments and discuss their viewpoints regarding the video under the post. Other students can then benefit from not only the video itself, but also the discussions on it.


Social media has its disadvantages too. In the view of some teachers, social media debates and messages are not effective tools for conveying the complexity and depth of a subject. Highly complex debates have the tendency to get oversimplified when conducted on social media platforms. But, as all the above-mentioned advantages of using social media for educational purposes show, social media can be a great tool to help students with their studies. Even though they have their limitations, social media websites can be highly beneficial to the students if utilized properly.   Author’s Bio: Ashley Albert is a technology specialist who is also interested in the field of education. Her articles on Essay Writing Service inform teachers and students about the ways in which technological advancements can be helpful for educational purposes. You can also follow her at different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and G+.

Microsoft vs Google online education news

Microsoft vs Google online education news With the increase of smartphones and mobile devices across all nations, Google and Microsoft are taking a keen interest as to how they can shift their business strategy to spread into the education sector. As a result, both have come up with interesting solutions. Using the power of the internet, these industry giants have made tremendous efforts into outreach programs that target students from all over the world. We had a chance to have an insight on their latest exploits.

The Browser War

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has reworked its aging Internet Explorer with the announcement of Edge. This is an attempt to regain their grasp of the users for browsing the net. However, even after all their efforts, Google still has the lead with Chrome. This is clear with over 75% internet users preferring Chrome over Edge which is a huge margin. Having a dominant internet browser is crucial, as it becomes a major platform for online education. And this is where Microsoft has a severe disadvantage. Microsoft has recently announced implementing Global CSS to expand Edge as well as pushing them to open source territory to attract developers. Progress has been slow, however, and Google also has a firm foundation with Chrome (which already has all those features).

Search Engine

For the modern day education, students have been relying more and more on the internet resources. Search engines make it very convenient for them to look up whatever they want, so making a robust and satisfactory search engine is profoundly important for either Google or Microsoft. And once again, this is where Google has the lead. The Google search engine has been the most popular choice across a wide demography. They have even built a custom made variation for students with the Google Scholar, a search engine which refines their result to suit collegiate requirements. Microsoft’s answer is the Bing search engine which not only has been falling behind in terms of user base, but also overshadowed by Google’s superior searching algorithms

App Market

The increase in the usage of mobile devices has exploded the demand for apps. Even more interesting is the fact that smart phones are becoming popular even in underdeveloped countries. Therefore, it gives both companies a bigger chance to launch superior educational apps for the online store. This is probably the one place where both are tied. Google Play and Microsoft Store have yet to have a big impact on the educational sector.Microsoft has recently announced Microsoft Education which is a web based application for students. Only time will tell if that gives them a good head start over Google.

Social Media

Building a strong community and network of teachers and students is a big step in online education, and both companies have to compete with Facebook over this. Google Plus+ has always had a hard time gaining grounds, and Microsoft has recently brought Socl into Windows 10, but lacks the users. Microsoft has however developed a strong network for education in IT with their Microsoft Developer Network. In conclusion, Google has a greater edge over Microsoft for online education, but the latter company still dominates the OS market, which they can benefit from by expanding to mobile devices.   Author Bio: Jeremy Ramsay has been writing for for many years now. He has ten years of writing experience. As a web developer himself, he means to gain inside knowledge as to how the different internet companies are adapting their business model to fit the changing society. For more Follow him on Twitter , Facebook. Google+.  

Pearson Education Resources

Pearson is a global media and education company with world-leading businesses in education, business information, and consumer publishing. The primary mission is to help people of all ages learn more, so they can live better. In bringing together the world’s best-known and respected academic and technical publishers, Pearson offers the vast experience and dependable content that builds a strong foundation for excellence in teaching and learning. Their leading academic and technical publishers include
– Addison Wesley – Addison Wesley Professional
– Prentice Hall – Prentice Hall Professional
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– Longman – Peachpit Press
– Benjamin Cummings – IBM & Cisco Presses
– Inform IT – Contren Learning Press
Together, these imprints publish more market-leading best-sellers than any of their competitors and educate more than 130 million people worldwide. Pearson’s broad range of academic and technical content, combined with enhanced services for educators, administrators, corporations, training centers, and students, leads the world in advancing education. In addition to print textbooks and as part of “PearsonChoices”, Pearson leads the way in offering textbooks in alternate formats and in a range of price points, to meet the needs of a changing student population. For students looking to stretch their textbook dollar, they offer electronic textbooks at often half-off the cost of print editions through Vital source, the largest e-textbook store on the internet. For busy students on the go, they also offer VangoNotes, audio study guides coordinated to leading Pearson textbooks that can be downloaded and played on most common mp3 players- including Apple’s iPod. Whether you are a visual or auditory learner, they’ve got your needs covered. For more information, visit them on the web: Corporate site: Education site:  

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Apply psychological principle of information processing in e-learning

Are There Any Principles Of Information Processing?
  When most people think of information processing, they think of IT and computing because it is a computing term, however, in the world of psychology, it has another meaning. It is a cognitive psychology term that sees the human mind as the information processor. A person takes in information and there is an output as a result.

Are there any principles of information processing?

No, there are not. It is a function of the body, just like sneezing or daydreaming. However, there are psychological elements that are known as cognitive elements involved with information processing in the mind. Many people compare the process to computers, but the comparison is a little flawed. If you were to compare a mind to a computer, the computer would be a highway full of cars, and your mind would be an ocean full of fish. Apply psychological principle of information processing in e-learning

Mixing cognitive psychology with e-teaching and e-learning

Let’s start with the commonly-held idea that people are creatures of habit. If a student has a habit of ignoring traditional teaching methods because he or she is in the habit of doing so (usually a trait learned in school), then that habit is going to persist. It is up to you as a teacher to understand when this occurs and change your method of teaching to suit. Trying to force students to pay attention is often futile.

What about cognitive psychology and attention?

Selective attention is a person’s ability to ignore other things and concentrate on a single thing. Attention capacity is another way of defining how long a person concentrates on something. Be careful how you use these principles. Many sub-standard teachers will teach a person something and then quit for a while because they do not want to “overload” them with information. This is often a foolish thing to do because people have a very high capacity for learning. If you cover a topic in full, then your students may not understand it all, but you can keep going over it again and again until they do. In addition, you can cover it all first, and then segment the lessons and approach it again in smaller chunks. Test the hypothesis if you wish. If a student seems to be struggling with a simple problem, turn up the heat and make it more difficult. For example, when teaching young children to tell the time, you may use an online tool that has the big and little hands spinning around a clock. Ask the student to stop the hands at a certain time. If they continue to struggle, turn up the speed of the clock. You may find that they actually make faster progress than when the clock was moving slowly. Use the way your students think and learn to engage with them Doing a little research into your own students and finding out how they learn best is obviously going to help you teach more effectively. As a race, we seem to look for patterns, even if no patterns exist. HowStuffWorks created a nice article about how people still believe the Illuminati exists because people look for patterns and connect the dots where there are none to connect. Michael Shermer said we are “Pattern-seeking animals,” meaning we are, “Neurologically hard-wired to seek explanations and put the pieces together – even when there is no connection.” Search and test for the patterns that your learners are using. If you are dedicating a little time and effort into getting into the minds of your learners, you will be a more effective teacher. Dyslexic and autistic people have very different thinking and connecting patterns to other people, which is why many traditional classes seem to fail them.

Learning by copying

We learn by copying from a very early age. There is a theory that smiling is an instinct we are born with, but it is squashed by the fact that babies may be copying what their parents do. They may not smile because they are happy, they may smile because they see their parents doing it and they start to notice that they get more attention if they smile and act cute. Learning by copying

How does this relate to e-teaching and e-learning?

Do not rule out the power of copying. For example, men with guy friends that are good at talking to women will often become better at it themselves. They see how their friends do it, and they learn, both consciously and unconsciously, how to talk to women in an attractive manner. If you want to teach your students how to write better essays, then order a few from Assignment Masters and let your students see how it is done. Have your students write essays on a topic, then order some from the professionals and let the students compare theirs with the professional one. The students are not learning by plagiarism, they are simply seeing how something is done so they may understand and copy the concepts at play. Be wary of parallel processing Some people still claim they are expert multi-taskers, despite the fact that it is widely believed that multitasking is a myth, and that you are simply switching quickly from one task to another. Be wary of parallel processing Our brains are able to parallel process things. For example, you are now breathing while your heart is beating. However, when it comes to attention, we are only capable of serial processing. Students should be dissuaded from multitasking and asked to complete one objective fully before starting the next. In addition, if your lessons include multitasking elements, do as much as you can to lower the amount a student does, and it may increase the quality of their work.   Author: Mary Kleim is an educational specialist. She is working on development E-learning Associations which is created for those who are willing to reach success by distant learning. She is going to launch her own distant course of distant course creation.

Why is e-learning encouragement for students?

Why is e-learning great encouragement for students?
Why is e-learning encouragement for students? Why has e-learning been an awesome support for understudies far and wide? The prime explanation behind that will be that entrance to information was never open to all. Individuals with money related confinements, geological obstructions or physical obstacles who had minimal risk already in the scholarly circle now have the ways to deep rooted learning open to them. The new age training framework presents to you a redesigned rendition of learning that you can access whenever it might suit you with a large number of individuals from various parts of the world. It’s a joyful learning age for understudies far and wide. Basically, learning online is well known in light of the fact that it’s… Quicker and wider: The new age learning framework is innovation based learning framework that spreads information through associating and sharing. You achieve your class through a tick and get criticism immediately. Presently you have an opportunity to associate with a more extensive gathering of learners and instructors that helps you to expand your scholastic goals. Advantageous and cost-viable: Now you don’t have to stress over expert or family responsibilities any longer. The new age learning framework permits you to gain information at your own particular pace and comfort. Understudies nowadays learn and acquire in the meantime furthermore stay aware of family obligations. What’s more, it is conceivable in light of the fact that e-learning needn’t bother with you to go far or invest energy at libraries. Everything is accessible with a web association that makes training agreeable and financially savvy. A communitarian learning framework: With e-learning you get the choice to learn with the entire world. The class today is no more kept to a physical classroom with dividers. Individuals from various parts of the world join to talk about and offer learning. Through web learning, diverse understudies from various nations can trade learning forms and through that a social trade likewise happens. This consistent culturally diverse trade advantages understudies from various perspectives. Developing social capital: The arrangement of procuring information through the web is less about tedious addresses and thick course books – it’s an instrument based training framework that focuses more on cooperation and dialog. The instructive stages (as a necessary piece of learning securing) energize social cooperation amongst understudies and teachers over the globe. The attachment and-play technique for procuring degrees is helping instructors and learners frame a worldwide system.

E-learning through mobiles is empowering a powerful situation

Specialists trust that the procedure of making training accessible all day and all night guarantees better results and that is empowering more learners and establishments to take up online instruction. The era at present that cherishes investing energy stuck to contraptions is to a great degree cheerful about new age innovation that permits individuals to for all intents and purposes convey classes in their pockets. As per a late report by Ambient understanding, the US instructive business sector has earned a selling so as to excite measure of $958.7 in 2010 versatile learning items. The overview likewise demonstrated a mammoth ascent and anticipated it to develop more than 10% consistently in next five years. Bring your own gadget or BYOD – is another idea being massively embraced by schools nowadays. The different offices of online training including the choice of learning through video direction and live web exchanges have empowered a considerable measure of schools and universities to begin online classes. Thus, instructors, who at some point back used to set up notification against utilizing mobiles as a part of school, now feel that cell phones have gotten to be vital instructive devices in most recent couple of years. The prime explanation for why contemplating through portable and PCs appears to be so applicable to class understudies is that era have grown up seeing, hearing and playing with innovation. The developing associate of people with hey tech hardware is obviously a reason that has helped the ascent in versatile adapting fundamentally.

3 amazing tips for engaging students in e-learning

  • Trigger prior knowledge:
Understudies’ inspiration in learning can be supported if the new learning is connected with their earlier information. At the point when learners’ current information is enacted and they see the pertinence of it with new learning, they can sort out and get a handle on the new information all the more effortlessly; along these lines, they will be more occupied with their learning process.
  • Ask them what their objectives are:
Realizing what understudies’ objectives in a course are is extremely useful in building up the course materials and in addition conveying them. It can likewise customize the understudies’ learning, since they feel a feeling of control over their learning. This will likewise assemble affinity in the middle of teacher and understudy, as they can feel the bolster you are asking so as to give them about their objectives. Realizing what their objectives are can offer you some assistance with creating more pertinent and genuine cases, which are powerful in their learning improvement.
  • Have their objectives at the top of the priority list when instructing:
Comprehending what understudies’ objectives are will offer you some assistance with providing vital platforms when important; henceforth, they feel the advancement they are making in their learning. At the point when understudies feel they are learning, they will be more intrigued and locked in.   Author’s Bio: Alex Hales born in New York  is Harvard University graduate. Once he come in writing profession, he first thought that, it’s difficult to engage people with your words and handcrafts. But, now he has been the most successful writer in the world and wrote 72 books. Alex Hales has influenced many organisations, which asked him to share his thoughts about their products and services. Logo Design Service is one of them.  

5 Amazing apps college students must know

5 Amazing Apps College Students Must Know
5 Amazing Apps College Students Must Know The importance of academic education in the life of every college student should not be ignored by any means. Therefore, with the passage of time, more and more efforts have been made in order to make the education scenario appealing and productive for students to a great extent. This era is regarded as an era of social media where most of the people like to interact with other people for the sake of sharing their views and thoughts about different things. For that reason, college students are also spending so much time on different social media platforms in order to solve their distinct academic issues. The prevailing education system has become more demanding and challenging because every day there are different things happening all around the globe. Therefore, the lives of college students specifically have become difficult to manage and at the same time, they are anticipating various kinds of issues in their studies. As a result, they are searching different solutions on different online interactive mediums in order to make their learning processes more fruitful and result-oriented. The domain of web development in recent times has been greatly utilised by the professionals and stakeholders of education to a certain extent. This is an important aspect to consider that there have been different kinds of amazing and mind-blowing apps developed for the purpose of providing greater support or assistance to various college students. Considering the significance of these productive and influential apps in the domain of education, there are 5 best-utilised apps described as follows:

1. Any. Do

When it comes to organising various forms of academic tasks in the desired manner then all college students are needed to use this amazing app as much as possible. There is no point of denying this attribute that a lot of students can make their education lives more enjoyable and hassle free with the help of using the benefits and features of this app in reality. Actually, it allows students to develop their own to do list and at the same time, this list could be easily developed considering the demands and preferences of students in a great way. This type of list is easily accessible from anywhere and in this way students are able enough to synchronise their all tasks in the best possible manner.

2. Dropbox

College students are always recommended to use the exciting features of dropbox so that they are able to secure all their coursework or notes in an appropriate way. With the help of Dropbox, students can easily upload different kinds of files in an efficient manner. At the same time, they can upload pictures or images, videos and documents in the cloud in order to access them online from any part of the world. Students can easily attain peace of mind by the help of using the app of drop box through which students can share their useful data with other students in an effective way.

3. Mailbox

At times, it becomes difficult for students to manage their record or data of e-mails that are so much crucial and important for them. Therefore, mailbox should be used in order to secure your confidential and important emails in a proper way. The importance of mailbox should be assumed in the right manner as students are allowed to use different kinds of swipe commands so that they are able to clean their inbox to a certain extent. At the same time, students are also allowed to archive their e-mails and they can also set reminders to a considerable level. In this process, students could also work on different e-mails at a time in order to save their precious time.

4. Scribd

This is another wonderful app that has been developed in recent years for the sake of making the learning scenarios of students interesting and attractive. Therefore, all college students are highly recommended to use this app as much as possible so that they are able to obtain best outcomes in the future. This app is regarded as the most productive online library because students can easily obtain information and awareness regarding different subject matters and issues in a great way. Scribd actually provides the service through which students are allowed to explore different sorts of books and documents in an efficient way. At the same time, students are also allowed to explore and identify different forms of information so that they can enhance their level of learning to a great extent. At the same time, students have this amazing opportunity that they can organise or develop their own form of documents according to their own requirements. Scribd also offers the facility to various students in developing their own library in which they can easily maintain different kinds of data quite easily. These sorts of data could be easily perceived in the form of documents, books, notes and at the same time, they can share these types of information with other students as well.

5. EasyBib

Students during the time of their college education find the task of essay writing quite difficult and as a result, they are unable to attain the required deliverables in the end. Therefore, in order to provide maximum benefit and support in the process of essay writing, students are strongly recommended to use the features of the easy bib in a great way. With the help of Easy bib, students will be able to easily identify the correct form of citations in the best possible manner. As a result, college students will be able to complete their tasks of essay writing in an efficient way and at the same time, they will complete the bibliography section in a reasonable manner. Final Thoughts All the above-mentioned apps are specifically designed in order to bring the desired level of satisfaction and ease in the life of every college student. Therefore, it is the high time for all those college students to use these amazing apps for the sake of making their educational lives informative and productive. There is the likelihood that students will be able to gain required deliverables in the future provided that these apps are rightly used by the students. About the Author: Kate Silverton is an experienced educator and has worked for different colleges as a lecturer. During her professional career, she has been able to influence the learning extents of different students in a positive way. Apart from this, she also takes the time to interact with students to provide them help with dissertation of different colleges on various social media platforms so that they are able to improve their learning capacities to the desired level.

Interview winning CV creating

Interview winning CV creating
Having a winning CV can get you more that half of the job done when looking for a new opportunity to improve your career. There are really so many different formats, templates that make the CV shine and sparkle, but still maybe it is not a bad idea if you consider the option of having your CV in a form of inforgraphic, like explained below, as it will be unique and original. Have a look and have your say what you think! Interview winning CV creating Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Tips for writing a professional dissertation

  Tips for writing a professional dissertation The dissertation is the preferred format of the essay contests and vestibular. Some techniques can facilitate the writing of this genre. Writing well is essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the writing and presentation of a dissertation. This ability can be useful in various spheres, since the writing is intrinsically linked to good communication, and we all know that communicating well can make all the difference. Continue reading “Tips for writing a professional dissertation”

Why is informal learning important?

What is Informal Learning? By definition informal learning is the unofficial, or unscheduled way most people learn. It often takes the form of articles, videos, books, podcasts, online courses, conferences, etc. as opposed to formal courses. The infographic below will emphases the following points: Reliance on informal learning is growing because it promotes autonomy, efficiency, relevancy, flexibility, accessibility. Nearly 9 in 10 people enjoy learning, nearly 40% of working professionals have not taken a single course, of any type, since college. Over 50% of working professionals say they learn something from an article, video, or book everyday. Most working professionals spend between 1-30 minutes per day on informal learning. On an average, most working professionals believe that 40-60% of the knowledge and skills relevant to their profession come from informal learning. Informal learning is a significant determinant of an individuals’s education.  It occurs everyday, in parallel with the formal learning. Individuals say they would use informal learning platforms more if their learning was tracked and recognized. Let us know your comments! Why is informal learning important? Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Top 10 eLearning course development tools

Top 10 eLearning course development tools
Top 10 eLearning course development tools HTML5 has become a gold standard in the eLearning industry. Due to its versatility and functionality, it is used by a great number of course developers. There are tons of tools you can try when you are developing a new course, but not all of them are effective. The following list of top 10 eLearning authoring tools will enable you to choose the ones that correspond to your capacity and goals.
  1. Edge Animate CC
Adobe Edge Animate enables course authors to create interactive and animated content for their curriculums. With the last update, launched in June 2015, Edge Animate supports on-stage text editing and 64-bit Chromium Embedded Framework. The HTML Tracker is also important, since it notifies you when your design isn’t compatible with HTML5.
  1. Adapt Learning
This open-source authoring tool enables you to create responsive course content with HTML5 and JavaScript. The developers of Adapt Learning encourage a global community of developers and end users to get involved in eLearning. When you use this tool, you won’t have to build separate desktop and mobile versions for your course.
  1. Dictera
This collaborative content authoring platform supports HTML5 output and seamless LMS integration. You can use it to create rich interactive courses that include instructions and assessment for their users. The platform enables you to collaborate with authors and reviewers of eLearning courses, so you can rely on their experience to make your materials better.
  1. NinjaEssays
Great eLearning materials imply high-quality content. If you are unable to get this aspect right, it won’t matter what tools you use to develop the design. When it comes to content, custom writing service NinjaEssays can help you make it perfect. At this website, you can collaborate with expert writers and editors from the appropriate niche. The blog section will inform you about the latest trends and launches in the eLearning industry.
  1. Composica
As an eLearning developer, you can use Composica to create highly interactive courses in a collaborative environment. You can deliver the courses on any device. One of the most notable features of this tool is social authoring with project blogs, chats, comments, tagging, team visibility, and more.
  1. SHIFT
This powerful tool enables you to create eLearning courses in HTML and FLASH. It requires no technical skills, so you can start developing your project without wasting any time. The materials will fit perfectly on several devices of any size.
  1. Litmos Author
This is a cloud-based authoring tool that enables teams to collaborate on the development and management of eLearning and mobile learning courses. The entire process is covered in four stages: managing assets, collaborating on course development, reviewing the content in real time, and publishing and sharing. 8. Liquid Authoring With this tool, you can create cool HTML5 content for your presentations and eLearning courses. This browser-based app eliminates the necessity of other authoring tools. Liquid Authoring has SCORM compatibility and a cloud-based media library.
  1. Gomo Learning
This is an eLearning authoring, hosting and analytics tool that enables you to create beautiful HTML5 content with ease. The courses you create can be compatible for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Gomo Learning is also a collaborative tool.
  1. EAD Builder
You want to include art in your courses, but you don’t want to bother with drawing and programming? Try EAD Builder – a platform that gives you access to interactive design elements that you can use with a simple drag-and-drop function. The library contains plenty of objects, characters, and scenarios that you can use in your course materials. All you need to do is choose your scenario, drag appropriate objects and characters, and add your content. Are you ready to experiment? Try some of the 10 tools listed above and you’ll discover the beauty of eLearning authoring all over again.  
Robert Morris is an online tutor from NYC. Follow him on Google+!

Technology requirements for TESOL online courses

Technology Requirements for TESOL Online Courses
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages,   Teaching English to foreigners who don’t speak it as a first language is increasingly gaining momentum around the world. Chinese and Indian parents are pushing for better quality English teachers to teach their kids. ESL or English as a Second Language, has become a sought after asset in the modern globalised economy. It comes as no surprise then, that there is a professional course aspiring teachers can take to prove their English proficiency and to then travel abroad to teach in countries with adequate demand. TESOL or Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a professional organisation that helps such teachers kickstart their career. Although the organisation was founded in the United States, the course is offered online for anyone who wants to sign up. There are, of course, some basic requirements each candidate must meet before they can get started with the TESOL certification online. Here is what you need:
  • Professional Requirements
A frequently asked question is whether you need any prior experience teaching English to be able to enter the course. For an online certification, this is not the case. You will need an undergraduate degree with a 2:1 or international equivalent in any subject that could be considered relevant to teaching English. However, alternative qualifications will also be considered.
  • TESOL Focus Courses
Usually, TESOL courses consist of 150 hours of training and this can all be provided online. The course focuses on second language teaching and learning, grammar, pronunciation, discourse analysis, second language acquisition, classroom management, classroom research, classroom-based evaluation, second language curriculum development, research methods in language learning and research portfolio.
  • Technology in Education
The TESOL organisation has a well defined framework for the ways technology can be sued in education. The organisation believes that technology will never be fully sufficient to replace teachers altogether, but will in fact help teachers teach better and more effectively. The standards are outlined in the handbook and push for deep integration of technology into everyday classroom activities since it can help promote not just language skills but also tech savvy. The framework pushes for integration to ensure the teacher is sufficiently aided in the classroom and the students learn real-life skills. English must be used online and not just while reading or writing, as per the organization.
  • Technology Integration
Like with other parts of our lives, technology has the potential to transform the way we learn. Bloomberg recently reported on the need for coding lessons and how Chinese parents were preparing their kids for a future where coding and English language skills will be paramount. The need for tech in the classroom is evident from the way students have adopted consumer tech in their day to day activities. The TESOL organisation understands this need and has made attempts to equip teachers and candidates with the tools needed to deal with student demands in the modern classroom and help them develop the skills to the best of their ability. About the author: Sunny Popali is working for UNI-Prep Institute. UNI-Prep is an institute offering courses in TESOL teacher training, business and management. Courses are offered online and in-class.

Gates Foundation awards $3.2 million grant for personalised learning

  Gates Foundation awards $3.2 million grant for personalised learning   Austin, TX (November 12, 2015) — The New Media Consortium (NMC), an international not-for profit organisation focused on educational innovation, has received a major grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to lead a postsecondary initiative in personalised learning. The NMC will promote the adoption of high-quality personalised learning solutions, including courseware and integrated planning and advising services, to colleges and universities across the US. Over the next two years, the NMC will organise and convene key influencers and leaders in the field to move the most innovative ideas and solutions from the foundation’s vast network of grantees and partners into practice. The grant capitalises on the NMC’s role as a catalyst for transforming solid ideas from experimental and pilot stages to wider adoption in higher education. The NMC will engage the Postsecondary Success network of grantees, partners, and thought leaders in a variety of synchronous and face-to face events, build upon and organise the existing communities, devise programmatic strategies, and capture the key ideas and outcomes from this work. Along the way, the NMC will continuously identify new synergies within the network and provide more visibility into the grantees’ progress by showcasing exemplars. The grant will focus on several areas of development within the foundation’s Postsecondary Success mission including Courseware and Integrated Planning and Advising Services (IPAS). The Courseware initiative focuses on finding the best courseware solutions to help low-income students succeed in high enrolment general education college courses. Through the Next Generation Courseware Challenge, seven grantees received $20 million of funding from the foundation to design and implement digital courseware offerings for this purpose. IPAS aims to develop tools and technologies that will help students navigate the path to a certificate or degree using predictive analytics to identify at-risk learners. “Our new project stems from the growing body of work in learning and student success that is energising conversations at every level of higher education, and we look forward to being part of this exciting community of innovators,” said NMC CEO, Larry Johnson. “For over 20 years, the NMC has helped create a wide range of communities around progressive ideas and practices in higher education. We are very excited to have this opportunity to apply the NMC’s experience and expertise gained over that time in support of the foundation’s vision and grant making. Our two organizations share a deep commitment to improving student outcomes, access, and success in postsecondary education. I can’t wait to see where this collaboration takes us!” ### About the New Media Consortium (NMC) The NMC is an international not-for-profit consortium of learning-focused organisations committed to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies. The NMC is world-renowned for its NMC Horizon Project, which produces the NMC Horizon Report series, charting the uptake of emerging technologies in various learning sectors worldwide. Since 1993, the NMC and its members have dedicated themselves to analysing and developing potential applications of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, research, and creative inquiry. To learn more, visit

Which is the most effective way to take notes?

Which is the most effective way to take notes?
Which is the most effective way to take notes?   People tend to lose almost 40% of new information within the first 24 hours of first reading or hearing it. If notes are taken effectively , it is possible to retain and retrieve almost 100% of the received information. Effective note taking is interactive, and it concerns using the original notes numerous times to build memory of the content. The rate of forgetting is minimized if students re-read their notes the same day they have taken it. Continue reading “Which is the most effective way to take notes?”

Reasons to consider MOOCs

Reasons to consider MOOCs

Reasons to consider MOOCs Many high school students are now considering the option of taking MOOCs, which is an abbreviated form of Massive Open Online Course, where a platform is given to the students, teaching assistants and professors online to interact, as well as access the resources and content made available for free to them to reuse, as well as reproduce. There are many reasons why the high school students need to take these courses. Continue reading “Reasons to consider MOOCs”

3 Ways to save money and time with online learning system

3 Ways to save money and time with online learning system
3 Ways to save money and time with online learning system An online learning system is usually a portal on the Internet that will allow you to undertake a course on a specific subject matter, without having to travel to a campus or classroom. In today’s society online learning such as this has become increasingly popular with students who also have a 9-5 day job or other activities that make it hard for them to attend pre-set classes throughout daytime or evening hours. Continue reading “3 Ways to save money and time with online learning system”

5 Courses that can help your career

5 Courses that can help your career
5 Courses that can help your career   Those that belong to the Millennials are more likely to change careers than those that belong to the older generations. They see job hopping as a way to escape the boredom and the burnout that people tend to experience after too much time spent doing the same job. At least, this is what Jeanne Meister wrote for the Forbes in 2012. Therefore, here are some of the courses that you may consider if you want to switch careers. Continue reading “5 Courses that can help your career”

Office evolution

  With businesses expanding, growing and changing, offices have significantly changed over the years . We have had to keep up to date with modern technologies and business software in order to follow the technology trends – but have you ever stopped to think just how much changes have we experienced? Continue reading “Office evolution”

How to write an academic essay?

How to write an academic essay?

How to write an academic essay? Everyone dreams of writing exceptional essays and academic work. Students aspire to become great writers so they can achieve their aims and milestones in different subjects. Trying to manage a good grade is what every student dreams of and looks forward to finding, but they always end up without it just because they cannot write well or the essay is too complicated for their understanding. Writing an essay with exceptional writing skills means two things. First is that you should be prepared to write on a difficult topic through your knowledge and research, the second is to make sure you have done some pre-writing activities that will help you get into the groove of writing well. Continue reading “How to write an academic essay?”

Three web based resources to help you study


Three Web based resources to help you study

How can Internet help students who do not have access to vast libraries?

Most of the time when the word studying comes up, many students believe that they will have to be buried deep within books. However, with the advancement in information technology, this notion now does not hold true. There are a multitude of online resources that help students to turn their boring studies into exciting adventures. Furthermore, many students do not have access to large libraries so that they can borrow books which they need to study nor do they possess ample funds to buy expensive books. So, in such cases, the Internet has proven itself to be quite a helpful resource, as almost all the students’ access to the Internet can use these resources, as they are free of cost. If you want to know about some of these resources, do read ahead! 
  1. Try Google Scholar for a better research:

If you start using Google search, randomly typing queries, you will find some links that might prove helpful for you. However, many of these links will not be relevant to your search and will be useless, so you will just be wasting your time skimming through them. If you want to save your time and find more relevant academic resources, try using Google Scholar.Through this source, you can find many academic articles, mostly free, that can be helpful. It is estimated that it has more than 160 million scholarly articles, so your search will lead to authentic articles which are relevant to your assignment and are of good quality.
  1. Look up Khan Academy:

With interactive videos available in almost 65 languages, Khan Academy is one of the best resources for students who want to have a comprehensive learning experience. This portal has video tutorials on almost all subjects that can help you to develop a deep understanding of concepts that are difficult to grasp otherwise. Khan Academy is available in more than 20 languages, so students around the world can benefit from this gold mine.
  1. Yes! Wikipedia can be used too!

Of course, your professors will insist that you never use Wikipedia and of course you cannot use it as a reference in your academic papers, however, Wikipedia is a great source of information that is written in simple English. So, if you have no clue about your assignment topic or where to start your search, just go to Wikipedia and start your search there, just to get an idea. Moreover, you will find that Wikipedia has source links at the bottom of the page, so you can always use these links to go to the original source of information. There are many other numerous  resources available online, all are free of charge, so all you need to do is research, as you have a magic stick handy – the internet. If you use it properly, you can unlock a world full of treasures that has free resources, just waiting for to be tapped.   Author’s Bio: Melody Wilson is a reputable and versatile writer, having penned various articles, short stories and blogs on diverse topics ranging from the latest technology to education. She has a Master’s degree in Business Studies, but her interests also extend to literature. Currently, she is working as an academic content writer and manager for a well known online academic writing agency.  

E-learning infographic

E-learning inforgraphic
e-learning infographics

One of the most comprehensive place in the e-learning industry network dedicated to the best education infographics is e-learning Formed by a team of creative, hard-working, and passionate online educators, one can find the best education infographics based on a thriving community of 75,000+ online educators, teachers, instructional designers, professors, and in general, professionals that have a great passion about education.

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Learn English online for free

Learn English online for free
Learn English online for free

Learning is the key to success, whether you are a student or a professional, learning is the only way you can progress. It is correctly said that when learning stops, so does your growth. For students, learning and having a strong command over the English language is the key. In order to write with quality and avoid struggles in assignment writing, having a strong knowledge of English language principles and basics is very important. When we talk about studying English language, there are also other factors like students coming from abroad who do not have the right understanding of the language or professionals coming to work in English spoken countries. Continue reading “Learn English online for free”

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016
Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016 Financing your higher education is always a task which is crucial and has to be very thoughtful. Lots of students fall into the trap of poor financial management when they are at college and then they become victims of increased debt, which has to be repaid after students graduate from their colleges. One of the best ways to avoid such hazards is to plan your finances properly and arrange plans which will cover the most of your higher education expenses throughout your academic journey. Continue reading “Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016”

The science of study

When you learn something new, the involved brain synapses change. Once the information is stored, the more your recall what you’ve learned, the more simultaneous the process becomes. This same reaction occurs when learning any new information or skill. As you learn, your brain actually grows! The brain may be incredible, but it is also sensitive. Staying up late and feeling fatigued can cause problems in the cortex, which is the main area in the brain for storing information. It’s also becoming common knowledge that learning things slowly, over a period of time, is most beneficial for memory.
The science of study
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Top Microsoft tools in education

Top Microsoft tools in education

Top Microsoft tools in education   As the modern education world slowly progresses towards being more automated and aided with amazing technological assistance, teachers can find more useful tools for their classroom activities. Giants like Google and Microsoft have stepped up their research and development departments to create applications or devices that can help both the teachers and students in making education, as well as learning much more interesting and interactive. The use of these tools and devices has seemingly increased and captured the attention span of both the teachers and students, which is why they have become a famous way of capturing student’s attention and focus in class. Continue reading “Top Microsoft tools in education”