The benefits of blogging and its correlation to e-learning

It is well known that regular blogging encourages many students to write more and better. When a student’s writing is being seen and discussed by an audience of their peers, more thought and planning goes into the process.

Create a class blog

In the e-learning environment, blogging can be especially impactful as it will increase engagement of the students. Often it is challenging for instructors to facilitate a classroom setting while classes are being taught remotely. Having a class blog is one way to develop cohesiveness among the students. Points can be awarded to students for regularly contributing content to the blog and bonuses given for those who engage with other students posts by commenting and sharing.

Encourage individual blogs

There are many lessons a student can learn when they create their own blog posts. Not only will they be getting valuable feedback and interaction that will encourage them in their writing, but they will also gain real world experience in web design, composition, graphic art and design and they will produce better quality work since it is being published.

The power of experiential blogs

When students share their life experiences, they instantly feel more connected. Encourage students to write about the common aspects of their lives, things they find interesting, tidbits of trivia or knowledge they would like others to have. Watch as their writing comes alive with creativity and purpose. Remember that writing doesn’t have to be long, short-form content can be just as impactful, if well-written.

Start an Art blog

Incorporate media and art projects into the blog. In e-learning, these subjects can be boring and feel pointless to some students. Art, after all, is meant to be shared and enjoyed by others. By creating a blog where students can display and talk about their artistic passions. Their photography, drawings, digital creations, or paintings, the e-learning environment can feel more intimate and less isolate.

Top blogging platforms for e-learning

Your first step to incorporate blog creation in your e-learning plan is to choose a platform, such as a content management system where your students will build and publish their blogs. Fortunately, several secure and user-friendly sites are also free. Here are the three popular choices: is a terrific site for e-Learning blogs. It allows you to create and publish teacher and student blogs. Customise designs, add photos, videos, and even feature podcasts. is designed with safety and privacy concerns in mind. This platform is designed for children in grades K-12. Some of the features include:

·         No disruptive ads

·         Privacy measures

·         Secure

·         No personal information from students

·         Easy to use interface. is an excellent free blogging site and a good choice if you want your students to continue their blogs long after they leave your class.

Although there is a bit of a learning curve for using the platform, the site is well supported, with hundreds of videos and tutorials. 

Author: Jocelyn Brown 

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