4 ways a teacher should keep an educational record of each student

There are different laws that are active in various parts of the world to keep or destroy the student’s educational record. It helps and facilitates the transfer of students. Some students are not able to finish school. An accurate account of these records, transcripts and medical records help them transfer to other schools. The major decisions like the child’s future education are decided by analyzing these records. In some instances, the parents of the student who are under 18 years of age have the right to make changes to these records. Here are 4 ways why a teacher should keep an educational record of each student:

Maintaining portfolios:

It is simply an accumulation of the student’s work throughout his academic career in the school. This may include a grade wise distribution and is sent home at the end of the year. The portfolio can easily be explained to the parents, simply because it is a systematic view of the overall progress of a student during his total stay at the school.

These portfolios are further divided into three parts:

  • Collection portfolio
  • Assessment portfolio
  • Student showcase portfolio


They can be used to communicate expectations of the teachers about assignments, works in progress, and grading final projects. It also allows the teachers to Telemark the capabilities of the students, and to break the concepts and skills into smaller units for easy measurement, analysis, and grading. Rubrics can be used to evaluate a specific area or the overall performance of a student.

Progress reports, maintenance:

These reports are very important to maintain. They are an effective way to analyze a student’s performance. A weekly or biweekly progress report can keep the parents in the loop. Furthermore, they would not be surprised to see the actual report card itself. The teachers can select specific areas that need improvement and ask students to also point out areas that they would like to improve.

Maintaining a computer database of students:

Another way to maintain student records is to create a database that would enable the teachers to disseminate and share the information of students when required. It can also help the teachers and the school to maintain the database of all the students who have ever studied in the school. The grade patterns of students can identify the areas of improvement for the school and can act as an aid for the teachers and the management.

The parents and guardians of these students have the right to access these records and they have to be maintained in some countries for at least 100 years. The data is stored in archives after a certain time period. Examination results are sometimes kept confidential as they are slightly more personal. The record keeping can help the teachers with their teaching; it can help them enhance the learning experience of the students. The students can be made more productive by working on their weaker areas. These records are very important and can help in genealogical and historical research. The school logs should not be destroyed and should remain with the school for 6 years.


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