How to become a Veeam certified engineer?

The enormous prospects in the field of virtualization entail experts having necessary awareness and skills. In order to provide virtualization sector with qualified specialists, Veeam introduced Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) or Veeam certification in 2014. This program is intended to help Veeam professionals distinguish themselves from other IT experts through their performance and by reducing company costs. Here are a few things that you should know if you aspire to become a Veeam Certified Engineer:

What is Veeam certification?

VMCE is a new certification that certifies your understanding and ability to carry out a range of tasks using Veeam solutions. It validates your practical expertise to accurately design, configure, deploy, and manage Veeam products. Koenig is a leading training provider that brings world-renowned Veeam training to all the aspiring contenders.

How to become a Veeam Certified Engineer?

If you want to become a Veeam Certified Engineer and make a profession in virtualization, you need to undertake, Veeam training course and appear for the exam. The training program comprises of three-day instructor-led class conducted at Veeam approved training centres that prepare you for the exam. The three-day seminar gives you a comprehensive training on the latest technology, key features and applications of Veeam in the virtual setting. You will then attend labs to emulate practical case scenarios. VMCE training classes are held in Veeam authorized centres such as Koenig so you can register yourself and start preparing for the exam. The training is available online as well as in-person to suit varying needs of working professionals.

About the Veeam course:

The core instructor-led training is offered by certified experts at authorized centres worldwide. You can learn the features of the Veeam availability set and how they interact with basic IT technologies. The training course comprises different modules that comprise the following topics:

  • A general idea about Veeam solutions their key features, support methods, retention policy, etc.
  • Configuration and deployment of Veeam solutions
  • Carry out support, replication, data recovery etc.

Every class comprises of a lecture and a practical session where you will perform lab work and practice workshop scenarios. You can contact your training provider for the pre-scheduled arrangement and dates for attending the course.

On completing the training program, you have to appear for the certification exam that contains 50 questions randomly selected from different modules in the course. You must take the exam at an authorised testing facility. You need to pass the exam with a score of at least 70% to obtain the VMCE certification. It is important to understand that you will achieve the certification only if you complete the training and clear the exam.

Who should take VMCE certification program?

The VMCE program is designed keeping in mind the needs of virtualization experts, system architects, backup admins, solution engineers, consultants and IT professionals who use Veeam products. It is recommended that you gain an excellent knowledge of virtualization, recovery, and backup principles before you take up the training program. The program can most certainly boost your virtualization career.

What are the benefits of obtaining Veeam certification?

The VMCE certification imparts knowledge that is significantly required for applying Veeam solutions. Veeam certified professionals can access the benefits available to the VMCE domain. When you become Veeam Certified Engineer, you can:

  • Categorize and solve virtualization issues efficiently;
  • Obtain more functionality from Veeam solutions;
  • Get professional edge with the topmost level of Veeam technological certification;
  • Make use of the Veeam Certified Engineer badge publicly;
  • Obtain direct access to phone support without getting held in a queue which means you can openly access support for important onsite problems.

Getting VM CE status earns you distinct recognition in the IT industry. It opens up the opportunity to appear for advanced credentials such as VASP (Veeam Accredited Service Partner) if you already have a VMCA (Veeam Certified Architect) certification. You can proudly show your certification to other IT specialists to confirm that you cleared the VMCE exam and substantiate your advancement toward virtualization technology.

How to upgrade your VMCE certification?

It is necessary that to maintain your Veeam certification as a valuable measure of your knowledge. This can be achieved through re-certification of your main Veeam solutions. As a VMCE, you can upgrade your certification within 120 days of the release by taking up the advanced course and clear the exam corresponding to that course. In case you fail to clear the exam, you will be given another 90 days’ time to make a second attempt at completing the full course and passing the final exam. However, if you still fail to upgrade, your certification will be terminated.

Koenig has been providing exemplary training for virtualization aspirants. Contact the certified instructors at training centres to complete the course before you make a successful attempt at passing the certification exam.

Author: Priya Jatoliya