9 Ways to include gamification in learning design infographic

Gamification is one of the hottest trends in learning and development this year, with over 30% of companies saying they are currently using it, 12% running trials and 53% hoping to make use of it in the next two years.

The infographic below explains the 9 ways to include gamification in your learning design:

  1. Make learning more personable, tell a story, include emotional engagement and empathy.
    2.Provide a narrative that users can identify with.
  2. Create simple, visually engaging interfaces with a human touch.
  3. Make the interface a pleasure to use so users want to come back
  4. Design for ‘Flow’
  5. Show visibility of progress, competition through achievements, levels and unlocking, add in rewards like badges
  6. Design so the user feels they have a choice of pathway rather than just a linear one
  7. Provide elements to be revealed, discovered or searched for
  8. Good instructional design ‘chunks’ learning appropriately, and goes progressively deeper.


If you have any comments please let us know.We can update the 9 to 10 ways in gamification in learning design, and it will be you to have a say!

9 Ways to Include Gamification in Learning Design Infographic
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