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With summer upon us, it is time to shift those spring blues and get out there and have some fun. Summer is a time of sunshine for many of us and with sunshine comes happiness. So, while you are pondering around in your summer shorts with that iced cool soda in your hand, why not take a moment to think about what you could really achieve and learn this summer while still having enough time to enjoy the sunshine. If you are stuck for suggestions of what skill you could master this summer, check out these great ideas below:

Practical skills:

Martial Arts: Martial arts are a great form of discipline that involve keeping you fit and healthy while having fun and learning some valuable skills all at the same time. And, there are so many different styles to choose from, that will suit you. Some of the most popular forms of martial arts include Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and Kung Fu although there are many others. Take a few moments to check out what clubs are available in your area and get in touch with your inner ‘Mr. Miyagi’ this summer.

Survival Training Course: These can be a great way to meet people and learn some invaluable life saving lessons along the way. Typical survival training courses are generally not for the faint hearted and can involve things like learning selfdefense techniques, navigational training, how to forage and prepare wild food for consumption and building your own shelter to crash out in at the end of the day. These courses can vary in how tough they are to complete so just ensure you know what you are getting yourself in for before you arrive!

Mental skills:

Master a foreign language: With so many different countries and cultures to explore, learning a new language is a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. Whether it is in preparation for an upcoming trip, or just something you have always wanted to do, learning a new language can be great fun and there are so many ways in which it can be done. Ranging from local classes, to books, to videos, to games, there really is an option for everyone.

Master touch typing: Touch typing is a very valuable skill to have these days and involves using a keyboard without using your sense of sight to do it. With almost everything being focused around computers these days it is important to be able to use a computer efficiently, and touch typing will certainly do that for you. There are plenty of courses available online that teach touch typing, as well as free tools (like typing speed test to test what level your current typing speed is).

Something a little bit different:

Master public speaking: It may not be everyone’s first choice of something to do this summer, but learning to speak with confidence in front of a crown is a valuable skill to have. Most people, at one time or another in their lives, will experience the world of public speaking. Some people are natural born speakers and they think nothing of have to stand in front of 100 people and give a mind blowing presentation without so much as breaking a sweat, but for the most of us it can be quite daunting. By learning public speaking skills you can remove some of the anxieties around it and may even learn to love it!

Master Cheese making: If you see yourself as a bit of a Thomas Keller or Delia Smith you may feel like putting your culinary skills to the test and try your hand in the art of cheesemaking. There are many classes out there that offer cheese making tuition that will teach you the basics. Some classes will go through the different types of cheese and the history behind them before moving on to let you see how they are produced. Some of the more specialised classes involve making the cheeses yourself, but you will need to check the details for each course.

Master juggling: Although many people automatically think of clowns and the circus when juggling is mentioned, it is actually a very skilled act that not everyone is able to do naturally, hence why there are classes available to help. To be a successful juggler one needs to have good hand eye coordination and a lot of patience. Other than that it is just practice, practice, practice. Juggling has become more popular over the years, so classes are not as uncommon as they once were. But if you can’t find a good class nearby, then just jump on the internet, find a few videos, and away you go!



My name is Adam Fort, I’m an education strategist at This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed. I also have a commercial pilot’s licence which I’m proud of.

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