The importance of online education

The process of educating people online is increasing rapidly. Online education using internet and communication technologies offers many opportunities to qualitatively and quantitatively increased access to education. According to a survey I recently read, 62% of the schools around the world offered online degrees to their students. The demand of students to get their education is another important factor in the growth of online education.

Students are able to interact with the teachers in a better way

Students sitting in their bedrooms and seeking knowledge through internet can concentrate on their subjects in a better way than those students who are present in the classroom and chuckling at the jokes cracked by their classmates. In traditional classrooms a student may avert to answer or raise his point over a certain topic, on the other side students who learn online have a good time to think longer about what they actually want to know and what they want to say.

Online learning can be fun and interesting

It has been seen that in traditional classrooms the subjects like math’s, physics and geography are heavy to digest when they are taught by a stern teacher, contrary to it learning these subjects online can be more interesting and amusing in a way that new fun learning techniques can be introduced to students to gain their attention. Online education doesn’t have to be followed by book-manner and it can gain more interest of learners by introducing different innovative technology tools to them.

Online education is cheaper and can save your time

We let our children study at the best schools and we make sure that they are given excellent tuitions for a better and individual assistance in their subjects, but these tuitions charge high fees which are supposed to be massive burden on the pockets of parents, on the other hand children have to travel to their tuition, bearing the noise of traffic and then they have to settle in the class and wait for the teacher, these things cause children to feel exhausted and then they find themselves unable to pay utmost attention towards their subjects and there is no much time left for other activities, but the access to online education has made the things go easier, inexpensive and quick. It doesn’t require heavy expenditures and can easily be afforded.

Students with temporary or permanent disability can learn gladly by staying at their homes

It has been seen that moving around and interacting with a lot of people at learning institutions is not an easy thing for those who have minor or major disabilities. They have to face a number of challenges in their institutes. Those students who are physically disable can certainly benefit from these online educating websites. On the other side there are such students who suffer from learning disabilities, for them there is always a better option to improve their learning skills through videos, images and other technical learning tools.

Democratisation of education through online educating websites

The online educating websites are able to teach millions of students around the world and this is impossible to do in a traditional classroom with limited seats. In order to make the whole education system democratic, we can record the lectures delivered by qualified professors in traditional class rooms and then upload them on educating websites, in this way those who seek knowledge will be able to watch and listen to the lectures given by the world’s best professors thus transforming the whole world into an institute where any person belonging to any country can learn what he/she desires.



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