Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016

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Financing your higher education is always a task which is crucial and has to be very thoughtful. Lots of students fall into the trap of poor financial management when they are at college and then they become victims of increased debt, which has to be repaid after students graduate from their colleges. One of the best ways to avoid such hazards is to plan your finances properly and arrange plans which will cover the most of your higher education expenses throughout your academic journey.

One of those ways includes getting a paid scholarship for the college you aim to go to. Throughout the world at certain times, usually during the admission phase or when the new year is starting, colleges offer numerous scholarship opportunities for students to benefit from. Advantages of scholarship program are not only  limited to cost and money saving, but it also puts a great sense of achievement and a highlight on your academic profile. Students who take up scholarship programs stand out from all the other ordinary and average students. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about some of the great scholarship opportunities for students in the year of 2016, so you can already start to prepare and look forward to it.

Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholar program is a great way to add financial resources within your plans to achieve higher education in top colleges and institutions. This no restriction scholarship program benefits you by providing up to $20,000 to cover the tuition fees and other education expenses. There are approximately 300 scholarships awarded annually and 2016 will be no different. This is one of the best opportunities for you to take advantage from a hefty sum of money and save yourselves from the debt of rising student loans in this inflationary period.

Reagan Foundation Scholarship

Reagan Foundation Scholarship is named after the 40th president of the USA. It offers scholarships to students looking to apply for undergraduate and graduate programs for the entire year. The model on which this scholarship works is you get $10,000 initially in the first year and then if you perform and manage yourselves exceptionally, then you can redeem the same amount for the next year. Over the course of four years, you get the total scholarship of around $40,000. The scholarship has no restrictions, you can use the money to cover your education expenses, tuition fees and other relatable expenses like books and arts.

Ronald McDonald Scholarship

Ronald McDonald Scholarships are extremely condition based. The first requirement is you have to show real genuine financial need and your college must be located in the same vicinity as the Ronald McDonald House.

The Carson Scholarship

The Carson Scholarship program is most suited to students who are interested in community work and colleges. The scholarship works by recognising exceptional achievements of students from grades 4 to grade 11. The trick here is that in order to quality for this scholarship program, your school must nominate you as a representative candidate.

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