5 Jobs for people that like solving puzzles

"Christopher Columbus's Egg Puzzle" ...
“Christopher Columbus’s Egg Puzzle” illustration by Sam Loyd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For some people, solving mysteries and puzzles on the job keeps the task fresh and fun. If you would like to do some sleuthing during your career, here are five options to keep in mind.

Police Work

Detectives can be responsible for solving murders and thefts, busting drug rings with many interconnected individuals or joining an arson unit and finding the source of fires. Blood spatter analysts recreate attacks and assaults based on the evidence left behind, and coroners find the cause of death based on the condition of the body. If you like to connect the dots at work and think outside the box, police work may be a great fit for you.

Interior Designing

While an interior decorator concentrates on making a living space or business office visually pleasing, an interior designer is expected to make aesthetic improvements as well as make the space functional. For example, you may be asked to redesign a room as both an office and a living space under the constraints of a small budget. Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test.

Civil Engineering

If you are interested in large-scale projects such as dams, bridges and public parks, becoming a civil engineer may be the right job for you. The geography and weather of the area in which you work will influence what you can and cannot do. For example, civil engineering in Atlanta may deal with creating shady, cool areas to avoid heatstroke in public spaces. A civil engineer in Alaska may need to concentrate on protecting those in public from low temperatures and vicious winds. According to the experts at Scientific Expert Analysis, a civil engineer may also help design aspects of the city to prevent damage in case of disasters such as hurricanes.

Customer Escalation Teams

Almost every major business has a customer escalation team. This team is responsible for sorting out issues that have resulted from a huge mistake on the company’s part or dealing with very irate clients. The representatives on these teams often have a wide range of options to help the customer and solve their issues, from special shipping options to ordering out a technician to the customer’s home.

Plastic Surgery

If you are interested in medicine and solving problems, plastic surgeons are always on the cutting edge of new procedures and experimental treatments to restore aesthetics and function to a person’s body. Everything from fabricating prosthetics to repairing grievous wounds falls under plastics, and you can derive a huge amount of satisfaction from helping your patients lead better lives.

For those who like to solve problems and beat puzzles, career options are all over the map. No matter what your educational aspirations, there is likely a field within your grasp that will utilize your penchant for thinking outside the box.



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