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5 Jobs for people that like solving puzzles

"Christopher Columbus's Egg Puzzle" ...
“Christopher Columbus’s Egg Puzzle” illustration by Sam Loyd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For some people, solving mysteries and puzzles on the job keeps the task fresh and fun. If you would like to do some sleuthing during your career, here are five options to keep in mind.

Police Work

Detectives can be responsible for solving murders and thefts, busting drug rings with many interconnected individuals or joining an arson unit and finding the source of fires. Blood spatter analysts recreate attacks and assaults based on the evidence left behind, and coroners find the cause of death based on the condition of the body. If you like to connect the dots at work and think outside the box, police work may be a great fit for you.
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Are there any educational values in puzzles?

Are there any educational values in puzzles?


Are you looking for a convenient way to help your child grow? Have you ever thought about the benefits that puzzles can offer?

It is a proven fact that there are many primary skills that a child can develop when constructing puzzles. Persistence and adaptable thinking are learned with the kids’ search for different ways in making the puzzle pieces fit together properly.

A child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are also improved by maneuvering the puzzle pieces and fitting them in their proper locations. Assembling puzzles helps children enthusiastically apply crucial skills, like suggestive and deductive reasoning, categorizing, problem solving, and classifying.
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