Imagining an Internet without neutrality

The Internet is the world’s biggest town square, shopping mall, library and university. Whether you want to share ideas or learn from others, you can do it online. No matter what you are interested in, the Internet is the perfect place to look to connect with others who share similar passions.

The reason the Internet is such a great place to connect with people and share ideas is the concept of Net Neutrality. You, as a content creator, have the freedom to upload whatever you want. Internet Service Providers can’t dictate what you do or say, and are not held responsible for the content that their users post.

As this infographic, produced by CWCS, shows, however, the freedom of the Internet is under threat. Across the globe, more and more countries are placing restrictions on what people can see, say and do online. In the USA, the Federal Communications Commission tried to establish rules that would protect Net Neutrality, but their proposals were fought by phone and cable companies, who want to regulate the Internet in their own ways. Between profit-driven ISPs, and governments that want to restrict access to content that they deem dangerous or subversive, the very thing that makes the Internet so great is now under threat.

Infographic provided by the team at CWCS


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