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5 Jobs for people that like solving puzzles

"Christopher Columbus's Egg Puzzle" ...
“Christopher Columbus’s Egg Puzzle” illustration by Sam Loyd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For some people, solving mysteries and puzzles on the job keeps the task fresh and fun. If you would like to do some sleuthing during your career, here are five options to keep in mind.

Police Work

Detectives can be responsible for solving murders and thefts, busting drug rings with many interconnected individuals or joining an arson unit and finding the source of fires. Blood spatter analysts recreate attacks and assaults based on the evidence left behind, and coroners find the cause of death based on the condition of the body. If you like to connect the dots at work and think outside the box, police work may be a great fit for you.
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Skills from CNA certification course

We all know very well the importance of the role of certified nursing assistants in healthcare facilities. In the current medical scenario, where the healthcare standards are rising, the need for CNAs have substantially grown up. However, many people misinterpret this profession, thinking that CNAs do not possess specific skill sets, related to medical field. Becoming a […]

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Everything you need to know about Massive Open Online Courses

Everything you need to know about Massive Open Online Courses

We have seen this coming for a little while now. We have the Internet in all its glory, and now it’s time to start using it for good. With all kinds of people connecting from every corner of the globe, we can now teach courses online that anyone with an Internet connection can enroll in, in places from Tibet to Australia to Alaska, on subjects from Calculus to Mandarin to Chemistry. Obviously, these courses known as Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) have a lot to offer us. Read more

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