What do you want to be?

Dev IT Solutions, is one of the major players in the field of IT & Mobile application development industry, has introduces a set of Educational mobile applications to help kids learn in enjoyable ways.

Their belief is that young kids learn better in informal and creative environment filled with fun and joy. This is the reason why their mobile apps are doing exactly this, as they are divided into several levels that are filled with pleasing sounds and colorful pictures to develop interest of kids.

Dev IT Solutions, has been constantly delivering high quality services and products. In this sense they have developed “What Do You Want To Be?” , educational mobile application designed by team of expert and experienced mobile app developers.

It is crucial to introduce and help children to learn effortlessly with fun and these mobile apps make it stress free for kids. Talking about this innovative educational mobile app – What Do You Want To Be? a senior spokesperson from Dev It Solutions stated, “We are pleased to announce the launch of these unique educational mobile apps, specially designed for kids and their parents. These mobile applications help kids to learn about various occupations in the world. Along with learning, it also relieves kids of boring puzzle games that, at times overburden their young minds.

These apps are available only for iPad platform, but the company will soon launch for other platforms such as Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Dev IT Solutions, understands the importance of the education in today’s time, therefore these mobile apps, provide a creative opportunity to kids, parents and teachers to integrate technology with learning even at a very early stage.

This mobile application has more than 30 images and sound clips of different occupations like Policeman, Doctor, Baseball Player, Football Player, Engineer, Miner, etc. The sound clip first tells what the occupation is from the picture and also says their role, by keeping the kids engaged for a long time and giving them knowledge about different role models that exist in our society. This app makes them explore about their future occupation and what they would like to become when they grow up. It is a great mobile app for kids to learn in pleasurable ways.

Educational Mobile Application What Do You Want To Be? for iPad can be downloaded for free at iTunes

Further details at: Dev IT mobile application

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