Helping your kids with homework

It is not just the duty of the students to complete their homework on time, but parents also have a role to play in inculcating the habit of doing it on time, as well as setting proper sleeping and eating timings for them.

If you want your kids to make the most of their homework time, follow the tips below.

Strictly follow a timetable:

Make it a habit for the children to complete their homework after having snacks when they return from school. They should be aware of the fact that their studies take precedence in their life. They should, however, be allowed to invest their free time on all their other interests, such as gaming or social networking.

Be aware of your child’s optimum level:

As per different levels of study, the time spent on doing homework changes for each course and standard. One must also be aware of the individual differences of each child before setting a time period for their homework. If you feel that they are tired or not interested in giving further time, do not push them to do it.

Reserve breaks for other interests and hobbies:

Sitting at one’s desk for hours will do no good to your kid when they are studying for an exam. Let them take breaks after every couple of hour, during which they can exercise or socialize or even play games to their heart’s content. They should be taught to effectively manage their study as well as personal time.

Assist them, but do not overdo it:

When you dictate the homework to your child, it may earn them positive remarks, but it will make them dependent on you. Help every now and then is necessary, if the main purpose is to keep a check and balance on your child’s progress. But as far as solving or dictating to them is concerned, try never to tread that path. You can even encourage them to find out the mistakes in their work on their own instead of pointing it out yourself.

Recommend worthy resources:

Directing your kid to the websites that have interactive exercises for them to learn and understand their subject better is a productive way of helping them out. Come up with creative ways to make your child become interested in a subject, which he/she finds difficult. They will be able to retain the content for a longer time if you make the experience pleasurable and fun for them.

Setting up an atmosphere:

The place, which is allocated for your kid to do the homework, must be well-lit as well as comfortable. They must have all the necessary books and gadgets, such as the course books along with a laptop or computer around them, which they can use while researching on any topic. Apart from being well-lit and having the necessary books and stationary, the place must be free of all the distractions, such as a loud TV or a constantly ringing telephone.

Apart from all these, make sure to reward your kids by taking them for a ride to their favorite theme park or restaurant when they show a considerable improvement in their homework habits.

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Jacqueline Smith the author of this guest post,  is a renowned writer at She is not just a counselor, helping students with academic issues, such as troubles in writing the best custom essays, or handling homework, she is also a parent of two K12 level kids. Therefore, she can easily identify the problems which the teenagers have in the academia.



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