How does going to college put more money in your pocket?

How does going to college put more money in your pocket? A curious thing has been taking place on the blogs and in magazines in the past year or so. There has been an ongoing debate about whether college is “worth it” anymore, due to major economic concerns including high unemployment, stagnant wages, and student loan debt. While these are all very real problems that current government policies aren’t dealing with in a satisfactory manner, the research is clear. It is still absolutely worth it to earn a college degree. Continue reading “How does going to college put more money in your pocket?”

5 Best ways to finance your higher education

5 Best ways to finance your higher education Many high school students dream of joining college after finishing their education. However, accessing the funds needed to register for tertiary schooling may be a challenge. It pays to get a degree since one would benefit from things such as better salaries, higher living standards, personal growth and financial independence. There are various ways that one can access the money needed to pursue higher education, they include: Continue reading “5 Best ways to finance your higher education”

Brighten up at University of Brighton

Videos from the University of Brighton ranging from student profiles, advice on studying a degree, being a student, campus tours, recordings of university events and insights into our ground breaking research could be watched on their YouTube channel – Brighton University. Campus films, research stories and bulletins are some of the contents that are available online, supporting the extensive educational background of this famous institution. It offers excellent blending of traditional and modern scholar experience.  

Oxford Institute for Internet – Everything about Internet

If you want to watch the latest Internet developments and new technologies implementation in education, OII-Oxford Institute for Internet studies is an excellent place to visit on regular basis. You will enjoy the excellent lectures from top world professors and lecturers, who share their ideas with the ultimate ease, presenting their long years gathered knowledge in interesting presentations. Visit them at Enhanced by Zemanta