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Discover the advantages of an online education system

Discover the advantages of an online education system


Discover the advantages of an online education system 

Online education is mainly based on technological developments. As we know technology has brought so many positive changes and developments in different fields. Whether it is industrial field economical field social and scientifically field in every field we can see the influence of technology. And if we take educational field separately we can see there was huge reformations are made in the basic of the education system. When we take the educational field at first every educational institution hesitated using technological devices in the classroom but later they understood that technology has the capacity to bring positive impact on learning as well as a teaching process. So they accepted it and now we can see that technology has become an integral part of the educational system. Online learning or distance learning is another branch of technological developments. When we depend too much on the educational system there arise problems of insufficient courses. There are different types of courses are available inside and outside of the country so every individual have their own taste and preferences which cannot be fulfilled by the educational institute itself so they change their idea from educational institutions to online learning in which there are so many courses are developed which attracts the new generation students and they want to do different learning which was facilitated by online learning. Now more than a million people involved in online education. Now the reputation of online education has expanded and more and more people engaged in this educational process.

Affordable cost

Online education is lower on the coast and affordable in price. When you are joining educational institutions for certain courses then you have to pay charges and tuition fee and all. It’s really tasty and not affordable by every single individual. But online education is really affordable and the coast is not that much as we expected. In colleges, you have to give extra money on text materials and other guidebooks but in online education, you will get every material online and also we will get certain videos which are connected to subject online videos will help to make us thorough in the learning process which is really helpful. You need not go and buy materials you will get everything by your single touch so it’s really helped every individual to achieve their educational aim.


Students can study while earning. They can concentrate on learning when they are ready to learn whether it early morning or late at night. They can learn whenever they are convenient. it really encourages learning without any kind of pressure and stress. If they are not ready they don’t need to study or take sufficient rest. Materials are always available online they can see those materials when they are free and watch the videos related to the subject again and again. As we know now people want to do the different type of courses and some feel awkward about going to college after a particular age limit? In online education age never matters one can learn and expand the skill of education. One can learn while in a job. If you are joining college then you will not get any time to join profession so online education will help the individual to earn and learn when you are free.


There were no physical sessions of classrooms. Where you have to go on time and well dressed and sit officially in the classroom and should listen to the lecturing for hours. Such learning is not found in online education. In online education, one can learn in his normal dress and no need to sit continuously in listening to the lecturing or reading the materials. If they tiered they can take sufficient rest and then continue according to their mood. Students can complete their assignments and project works and can send it through email. You can live a comfortable life without any kind of tension and missing any personal functions.

Different types of courses

As the demand for online educations increased the different types of courses is developed. So many students use technology in their daily life. And there are so many new courses like fashion designing graphic designing animation and so on. New educational related courses are available which may be so costly and some individual doesn’t do such courses because of limitation in boundaries. In that case, they can directly use online education and also will be able to know the importance of such courses in their future life. In the past, only a limited number of courses are available but now as the demands increase different types are courses are available.

Expert in technical skills

As online education is mainly based on computer devices, we must understand the basic then have to learn the different types of operating systems. As we are living in a technological era so, many new skills are there which are related to new systems and new patterns of technology. So we must be able to operate technological skills properly ones we get into the skills then we become expert in that field. This is very beneficial to every single individual and will help them in future professional life.

So there is no doubt that online education really helped to spread education all over the world without wasting our time and money we can learn while earning. If we have the will to learn we will be able to learn without anyone’s directions and guidance. We can be independent in the Oder of financial management also we can take our own decision in our professional as well as personal life.


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The difference between traditional and New Age education

The Difference Between Traditional and New Age Education

The Difference Between Traditional and New Age Education


Traditional and new age education is very important to distinguish when you have kids in the house who are going to school. Your kids might need to find a tutor, or you might want to find a school for your kids that will teach them in a way that works best for them. There are a few distinctions to consider, and you will find that it is very easy for you to create an educational environment that is good for your kids.

What is traditional education?

Traditional education is the lecture style where kids do homework and write normal papers. They are asked to do projects that will show what they learn in their classes, and they are given traditional grades that they are used to seeing in school. You have to be sure that you are comfortable with a traditional education because it is all that they have ever known. You might prefer this education because it is what happens in most colleges, but new age education is different.

What is New Age education?

New age education is very easy to see because the parents and teachers can do many different things for their students that will help them learn. A child who is in a new age school will do more group work, have more chances for smaller grades, and allow the kids to build up their grades. You might prefer to use the new age model when you know that your kids are learning in different ways. The best way to do this is to ask kids what they would prefer to do when they come to school.


There are preferences that kids have that they take to school. You must ask the kids who come to school what they like learning, and it is better to see if these kids want to know things before you start sending them off to school. There are many people who will find that talking to the kids about what they want to learn helps everyone get on the same page. Getting on the same page changes the way that people operate, and it helps the kids feel like they are heard when they go to school.

Fewer papers and tests

There are fewer papers and tests in a new age school because the kids are learning things that are new to them. They can choose what they want to learn, and they can do projects that they have chosen. There are many people who could do great projects because they got the chance to choose the projects that they wanted. Kids who have some ownership over their education are more likely to learn better because they can learn things in ways that are actually effective for them.

Adjusting a child’s education

Adjusting a child’s education in the new age model is much easier because the kids can have their assignments changed based on how they perform. They can be taught something that is unique to them, or they could learn things that they have selected after filling out a profile for the class. Technology advancements today has made it easier than ever to find a tutor online. With entering the requirements, experience and skills, one can select from a variety of teachers that you think suit best for the children. There are websites available for the same from where you can find your favourite local tutor within minutes. 

Who would like a traditional education?

A traditional education is very efficient, and it helps the kids get work done quickly because they likely know exactly what all their assignments are for the year. They can read down a syllabus to find what they must do next, and they should choose a traditional path when they want to get their work done as fast as possible. If someone has not succeeded in a traditional path they can change to something else that will prove to be much more effective for them.

How long does the New Age method last?

New age and traditional education methods take the same amount of time. Kids are given chances to learn in both programs, but new age programs often take a little bit longer because the kids are allowed to make their own choices. The traditional method moves much faster because the kids are given the exact amount of work they need to do for the whole year, and that is why the teachers and parents must be careful when they make changes to what the kids learn. 


The kids who are trying to learn in school should be given a very simple way to learn that is aligned with what they love. The kids need to have a chance to choose what they want to learn, and they should be given the opportunity to do projects that are unique to their interests. They might prefer to talk to someone who understands the subject matter better, or they could avoid the things that they feel repeat material they learned earlier. However, some kids prefer the rigour and straightedge philosophy of traditional education.

Author: Helen Cartwright

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MBA with GMAT Waiver online preparation

MBA with GMAT Waiver online preparation

In order for you to get into business school, you are required to write a GMAT exam. This exam is a worry for many MBA hopefuls. You might have a lot of experiences and skills that qualifies you to do an MBA. This is a consideration at the moment and can help students get into the program without writing this exam. It is definitely not an easy one to pass and thus causes a lot of doubt.

You can apply for an MBA with GMAT waiver, but you have to go about it smartly. Not everyone who applies for this waiver will be accepted. You are going to have to prove that what you have done so far will be sufficient to you succeeding at the program. This is also helpful for students who have a low GMAT score and still want to continue to acquire an MBA. If this sounds like you, these tips will benefit you greatly.

Well written letter

In order to successfully receive a waiver from the GMAT exam, you will need to write a winning letter. This is not going to be any school essay type of letter. It needs to be the best letter you ever wrote in your life. Your GMAT waiver letter is dependent on what you put down on paper. Make sure you show that you have the professional skills to take on this challenge. Give examples wherever possible to prove that you have taken some steps towards this program. Another great idea is to look at examples of successful letters online. This can serve as motivation for your own motivation letter.

Demonstrate growth

Throughout your career, there has been some achievements and some downfalls. Both of these are important if you achieved growth. Showcase how you took what you have been through and how you evolved professionally. Be sure to speak about leadership skills. This is what they will be looking for. You also want to make sure the program you chose is in line with your skills. These skills are going to come in handy once you are accepted.


Another great point to bring up is to speak about your ability to solve problems. You can use one of the examples of where this is applicable. An application for a waiver letter is all about showing that you are ready. You will face a lot of complications during your MBA program. Let it be known that you have the ability to go through the motions and come out on top. What situation did you face and come up with a solution? You need to become a professional storyteller to get this right. Do not just mention the problem and a summarized version of the solution. Go in details and explain all of the steps you took to get this resolved.

Academic scores

You will help yourself a lot if you have good grades to bring to the table. This is definitely a bonus. Do not let it bring you down if you don’t have this benefit on your side. Good academic scores are always going to be good when applying anywhere, but it does not limit you. If you don’t bring that to the table, mention the reasons in your letter. There could have been valid reasons, but the board won’t know it unless you explain. Boast where you can and explain where you believe there is the valid reason to. This is all you can do at this point. Work experience trumps academic scores most of the time.


These steps will get you closer to getting your GMAT waiver letter. A lot of universities do not accept this letter, so be sure to check if it is an option. You also have some programs that don’t require you to write the GMAT exam. Always check these requirements before you go ahead and apply. There are a lot of people who have successfully completed their MBA without the inclusion of the GMAT exam scores. Also factor in the time it takes for you to receive your waiver letter. You don’t want to miss the cut-off date of the program you are planning to join.

Author: Karla Long

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How to find your dream career?

How to find your dream career?


A few decades ago the business world was a whole lot slower than it is today. The average person was expected to work in just two or three different fields but fast forward to today and that number has jumped to twenty! That’s twenty different jobs in more than seven industries or a change every four years.

If those facts above show us anything, it’s that a career change is certainly possible. You shouldn’t feel stuck in a job or an industry you don’t like, simply upskill or ‘sideskill’ make a change and move on.

Although changing careers isn’t as easy as it sounds, it’s still certainly doable and we’ve got a few tips, tricks and steps below to help you find your dream career through education, skill development and research. Take a look.

Think about your strengths first

When deciding on a dream career, it’s best, to begin with looking into the suite of skills that you’re strongest at. This is because you likely don’t want to head into a career that you’re entirely clueless about or have no real interest in.

Although, of course, you can learn skills and be great at anything you put your mind to, it may just better a better decision to stick with those skills that come naturally to you because you’re interested in them. The jobs or career that comes from these skills is likely to be far more organic, fulfilling and a lot more fun for you.

If you’re not too sure what you’re good at, take a personality test, skills test and an interesting test. These will show what your leading skill is. Then use this data to help search for a career.

Your past is the key to your future

This tip might sound like something a spiritual healer would say, however, when business and careers are concerned, the past really is the key. If you’ve noticed from evaluating your past that you’re stuck in an employment loop, then you need to make certain that your next ‘dream job’ isn’t simply going to become just another loop.

Think about which tasks, jobs and research projects really brought out the best in you and what job or career field you think could make these feelings appear again. Don’t simply slide back into the easiest job you can find, really try to think about what makes you happy and learn the skills required to succeed in this ‘happy job’.

Interview friends, family and strangers

If you’re ready to get really serious about finding your dream career, then you need to go online and talk to people who work in those careers. Find out about their history, how they made their way to that job and what sort of things they like to do in their day-to-day lives.

A few tips to help you find or meet these people are to ask family and friends and search online platforms like LinkedIn, MeetUp and more. These sites will give you a clear view at who these successful people are, what they do and give you a direct means to contact them.

Learn, Learn, Learn!

Now’s the time to do whatever it takes. If your dream job requires a whole new suite of skills, strengths and experiences – then get them. We live in an age of unlimited information, so take advantage of it. Enrol in local workshops, learn from YouTube, take tutoring classes on platforms like Cluey Learning and read plenty of books.

It’s easier than ever to learn new skills and with most websites being entirely free, all you need to do is find the motivation and the time.

Focus on what makes you happy

The main focus of your dream career search should be to look for a job that makes you happy and matches your moral code. It’s a good idea to think of the search this way; what type of work would you do for free?

Take some time to think about careers that involve work that you would happily do for free and then search for jobs in this realm.

Lastly, forget about money, opulence and impressive careers. You shouldn’t risk your happiness because you’re in search of a career that focuses on money and prestige. Never forget that you are the only one who controls your happiness, so choose a career path that is for you.

Julie Melville

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Improve employee performance with learning tools

Improve employee performance with learning tools


Improve employee performance with learning tools

The value of learning in the business environment is immense. Not only is it important for individual employees, as it strengthens their skills and knowledge, but it also can have a tremendous impact on your whole business. As your employees’ relevant knowledge increases, their performance is getting to a higher level, as well.


As a matter of fact, the research performed by Brandon Hall showed that successful organizations primarily:

  • Nurture development opportunities for their employees;
  • Encourage the employees’ proactivity in learning while working.

But that’s not all. They also work on creating stimulative learning conditions. And this is succeeded by offering an attractive learning environment.


What is considered an attractive learning environment?


Nowadays, a learning environment is considered attractive if it includes innovative learning techniques and IT solutions that help to adopt knowledge easily and engagingly. Besides, attractive learning combines different types of audio, visual, and multimedia learning materials. And this diversity is what helps avoid the monotony and boredom that negatively impact both knowledge adoption and employee performance.


During the last couple of years, numerous business managers have realized that this attractive learning environment can be created using different types of multimedia learning tools available online. So, by now, you’ve probably heard of eLearning authoring tools, software for employee training, and interactive knowledge bases. And these are only some of the significant assets for sharing knowledge and making your employees enthusiastic about learning.


To help you figure out how exactly learning tools impact your employees learning enthusiasm, the article speaks about their most important advantages and benefits. In addition, we’re explaining how the smart use of learning tools shapes your employee performance and your entire business.


1. A flexible knowledge resource


Did you know that more than 70% of adults consider themselves lifelong learners? By providing your employees with adequate eLearning tools, you’re instantly quenching their thirst for knowledge. They don’t have to go home, spend time finding the right books, or do research on their own.


Practically, you are giving them reliable and relevant content whenever they want to access it, no matter where they are or which mobile device they use. This way, you’re making it easier and more convenient for them to adopt new information that they can later implement during their work hours.


Improve employee performance with learning tools

2. They make the learning process more attractive


Have you already encountered with that kind of employees who are not into learning? Especially not on their own. While they may choose to work (in the end, that’s what you pay them for), they’ll eventually have to deal with changes and adopt new rules or ways of performing tasks. And eLearning tools may be a great step towards success when it comes to this type of employees. These tools can help you overcome their aversion towards learning by avoiding too complex content and uninteresting traditional methods.


Accordingly, since employee training software may include all types of content, you can gamify the learning process and make it more challenging. This means that you’ll make it easier for them to get interested in learning by offering attractive content. So, instead of traditional learning materials, thanks to eLearning tools, you’ll be providing:

  • e-books,
  • decision-making scenarios,
  • online tests, quizzes, flashcards, and surveys,
  • multimedia content such as audio-visual presentations, live lectures, or even short movies.

This way, you will increase the number of employees willing to deepen their knowledge and implement it at work. At the same time, you’ll also be able to monitor their activities and reward the ones who made the best progress.

3. They shorten the time needed for knowledge adoption


As stated by business expert Josh Bersin, it takes about two years for a new employee to reach the performance level of other staff members. In addition, 36% of respondents of a survey by Robert Half stated that their failed hires were owed to poor performance and lack of skills.


Even though learning tools may not magically solve these issues, they can be a meaningful asset in improving these statistics by shortening learning time. According to Brandon Hall (2001), eLearning tools make learning from 25 to 60% faster than classroom training on the same subject.  


So, having in mind that finding a replacement may cost an equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary, you may find it more affordable to train underperforming employees. And providing practical options and features, learning tools let you create special short-term courses and contents for the improvement of crucial skills. This way, your employees not only improve their performance but also do so in a significantly shorter period.

4. Boost the potential of the millennial workforce

It’s pretty simple – modern working environment attracts the modern workforce. Apart from wanting to work and be independent, the Millennials are craving for continuous knowledge.


However, they are not really interested in traditional teaching methods based on classroom-style knowledge transfer. And this is the main problem a large number of employers experience. As the matter of fact, 62% of managers feel that their learning programs are ineffective in meeting their employees’ learning needs.


And how to make it effective?


To make your learning program generate improved performance when it comes to the millennial workforce, you should create a business environment that boosts the Millennials’ potential. And this is done by:

  1. letting them work and/or study from home;
  2. introducing daily or weekly feedbacks that will instantly let them know their progress as well as ways of improving it;
  3. making use of social media by creating groups for different teams and sectors. This way they can get instantly informed on any changes even when they are out of the office. At the same time, they’re building the collaborative spirit.

Consequently, eLearning tools and programs that provide real-time communication and results tracking, are the perfect way to go when working with the Millennials.

By introducing this type of learning, you’ll create an engaging environment for them to prove themselves. Not only will they be willingly improving their skills and knowledge but they’ll also nurture the collaborative yet healthy competitive spirit. They’ll be interacting with each other, solving group tasks and quizzes, and comparing results.

The improvement in all these aspects will lead the workforce toward improved performance, and therefore, more satisfying business results: Believe it or not, in today’s business environment, each dollar invested in eLearning brings, on average, $30 in productivity.

Summing up

As you can see, the benefits of learning tools in the improvement of employees’ performance are numerous. Primarily, implementing well-developed training software for employees, you’ll increase their motivation. Also, you will increase the number of workers who are willing to learn more. And this is succeeded by providing interesting multimedia content and materials that they can access in no time. Additionally, supplying them with personalized electronic learning materials, you’ll make their learning faster and more relevant.


Finally, by providing modern learning and working conditions, you’re offering them an attractive workplace that will increase the number of young, motivated and talented workers willing to join your business.


Kamy Anderson

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Discover the advantages of distance education

Discover the advantages of distance education

Discover the advantages of distance education

Distance learning, also known as online education, is a viable option for many individuals of all ages who desire to get an education. Distance or online education holds a number of pros and advantages over a traditional learning environment. This is the demand of time today. Because, with the passage of time postal communication has turned into SMS of Mobile phone similarly the postal education, first idea of distance learning, has developed to online education. Now, know some advantages

  1.      Freedom of choice:

An online education site provides the opportunity to study more subjects and programs with Mock Test Package as much as you like. The courses are not mostly available in your known outdoor area. More to know about Mock Test Package click here

  1.      Student-friendly schedule:

Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional classroom education. Students have no restrictions of rigid schedule. They can join class work whenever they have a free moment instead of being present timely.

  1.      Networking opportunities:

Students who enrol in classes for online education obtain a massive range of networking opportunities. This massive network may open a way of passive income for the learners since networking is a strong precondition of online marketing. Hence, distance learning enables students to make connections with a more diverse range of people Instead of being limited to networking in the local area.

  1.      Keep pace with global race:

Online education enables students to work at their own pace in different circumstances. The requirements are not so strict and typically give a range of rational dates when the work needs to be submitted. This is like a working environment of an online or freelance marketplace and definitely, the freelancing career will be next generation’s first choice globally. So, distance learning helps you to keep pace with the global race.

  1.      Parent’s pleasure:

Parents are now more caring to the children. They want to ensure an easy going end of their futures’ studies. The modules and schedules for distance learning are more open and allow for students, parents and professionals to take the classes whenever it fits into their schedule. That’s why this wins the parents pleasure.

  1.      Reachable cost:

Online course fees generally cost less than an education in a classroom environment. There are fewer space limitations and materials required for each student and that’s why these educational institutions’ fees are reachable cost.

  1.      No trouble with travelling:

A huge advantage of getting an online education is that there is no need to travel outside and attend class every single day. If you don’t want to drive or to spend money on the costs of public transportation every single day you should pick out the best option for getting an online education in the traditional classroom.

  1.      Favourite teachers:

Distance learning enables students to learn from some of the most learned and cordial teachers, instructors or professors and guest speakers in each field. Students can hear them with repetitions by video lectures or YouTube site.

  1.      No classroom sitting:

One of the best pick up cause of online or virtual education is classroom sitting bindings. This way of education proves that sitting in the classroom is not the best way for every student to learn. A student may learn better at his own pace and in a different format than traditional schooling programs. Rather, it opens a new window to utilize our manpower. Disables permanently or accidentally, people can learn and earn from their home. They are no more burdens if they think to learn.

  1.     Effective:

Online classes are just as effective as a traditional teaching-learning process. Sometimes students of online learning learn more than the traditional classroom style of learning and sometimes opposite. The answer to the question `how much effective the online class or distance learning?’ cannot be clear-cut rather it is relative. But it is certain that the demand for online learning and worldwide emerging position of the course is scoring up.

Distance learning, after all, a new trend of the digital world. The age of technology overwhelmed the traditional world in many options. Global village people are not linked physically but virtually. So, why they should not go with the virtual education? A conscious man cannot avoid the demand of time but keep pace with the passage of time. Online education or Distance learning is the demand of time now.


Raul H. Powell is the content developer and freelance writer. I have written a lot of article on my carrier. Last one-year I’m working with several niches currently for as a content developer and a writer. I am an expert on writing an article on various types of online tutorial. I also want to promote such kind of work to develop the skill.



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Role of artificial intelligence in employee training

artificial intelligence in employee training

artificial intelligence in employee training


Though artificial intelligence is in the infant stage, it is already influencing many business professionals around the globe and driving them to make better strategic decisions. Artificial Intelligence is making new strides and playing a crucial role in transforming HR practices, reforming the organizational structure, and building new business models. This is according to the Human Capital Trends Report of Deloitte for the year 2017. This report draws on surveys from over 10,000 business and HR leaders in 140 nations.

Today, the corporate training departments in various organizations should also look at how much training employees require and how to address their individual styles of learning. The lack of development opportunities is the major reason why most employees are not achieving their full potential. From the management perspective, most corporate departments are failing to meet their employees’ learning needs. By this, we can imagine the position of corporate learning and development today. So, the immediate question here would be, how can the corporate training departments address the issues related to employee training and provide more opportunities for effective training and development in the workplace? These employee training issues can be addressed by introducing innovative technologies that greatly benefit employee training.

The organizations can access intelligence and insights about a learner from by incorporating artificial intelligence technology into their corporate training programs, and steer corporate learning initiatives. Artificial intelligence customizes the material according to the learning needs of every user separately. With artificial intelligence, the training content is catered to the needs of the employee. There are many areas of training in which AI can have it’s impact.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning refers to a diverse variety of instructional approaches, learning experiences, strategies, and a variety of programs that address the distinct cultural backgrounds, weaknesses, aspirations, interests, and learning preferences of the individuals.  One of the most well-known artificial intelligence applications in training employees is personalized learning. AI can be used to determine the learning areas in which the learner is finding it difficult to understand and before moving to the next module, retrain in a different way and then retesting the learner. The employees are finding this kind of learning very helpful as they can gain on all the learning modules. This is fast becoming the way to attract talent.


The learning systems used in corporate training can adapt to a topic’s specific knowledge of each user and test him/her through frequent, short multiple-choice games and quizzes that are developed with AI. These are part of the advanced programs involved in training your staff to measure the efficiency of training they acquired. Not only these are basic Q&A sessions but also can adapt themselves based on individual employee’s needs and progressions.

Updating of training programs

In many of the training programs that get delivered to employees, frequent changes are needed as most of them can’t be perfect in the first go. When the programs contain digital element in them, it is quite time-consuming and expensive to make frequent changes to them. Based on the nature of your industry and the size of your organization, the training programs in your organization must get updated at least once in a month. AI will make this happen as it collects information about the nature of learning of an employee and the areas where he/she struggles, and tests the new changes to try and resolve the problem.

Improves overall employee experience and reduces costs

The way employees get trained using the model of learning using AI will enhance their skills thereby improving the overall productivity of the business. Also, the employee can get relevant and valuable information at the time when he/she needs. With AI, the number of training sessions led by instructors are reduced by half. This reduces the overall cost of a corporate training program.


So, with the help of AI, major tasks in employee training can get automated. Learning AI is quite beneficial for people who want to take up corporate training. Learning is a phase that employees go through all through their career. Thus, we should understand what AI models we should use in our organization to gain maximum benefits from AI enabled employee training programs.



Savaram Ravindra is working as a Content Contributor for and His passion lies in writing articles on different niches which include some of the most innovative and emerging software technologies, digital marketing, businesses, and so on. Follow him on Twitter.

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Hiring the candidate for better personality through English aptitude test

Hiring the candidate for better personality through English aptitude test

Hiring the candidate for better personality through English aptitude test

While we look round for so many options for improving our own recruitment process the main question that really pops in mind is how many of us are really making the right use of it. Well, if you take a look at the percentage, there is no surprise to the fact that not many of the recruiters are still taking such act seriously. Well, the purpose of attitude test or say pre-screening test is to let all the potential candidates get an opportunity to prove themselves. Besides, it gives the employer a clear idea of whom if you choose would give you the best of the choice of improving your business.

Know more about the pre-employment screening:

If you are considering English aptitude test as a pre-employment screening part, then understand what does it really mean and for whom all is such type of solution being chosen. Well, it is more special for the high profile employees who are more into English communication, blog, content, and correspondence to name a few. To make a career where the English language is used as the proficient one is not so easy. There are many tests that in the colossal course of recruitment may work as a ray of hope. But again to find and manage the right one is challenging and for this, it is important that you understand in detail about such type of test.

Understanding the need of English language:

Our business environment, in today’s time, has become quite dynamic. If you have a look at the workforce, you will understand that the ability to communicate more strongly in English can lead to better translation in high profile and create a strong image of your brand for the company. This is the main reason why it is important for you to review, recruit and even train the experts depending upon their language skills for English. There are many amazing tests that offer the employers get a better accessibility for the English proficiency test for their staff and also come up with the most informed decision on hiring and workforce development.

Why choose a professional solution?

There are two ways of conducting such type of test. Either you can actually research well, and speak with subject matter expert to create your own test or you can actually visit the market and get the best software best test in less span of time. With the help of professional testing solution, it would become quite convenient for you to come to a conclusion. Such type of test uses the reporting system which is quite detailed. There could be the CEFR and Scaled score level that is provided for every skill which is a test.

You may also come across the group and individuals reports if you choose such a professional test to get a clear understanding of every test taker’s strength and weakness and also their better rankings within the workforce.

The test which is professionally designed contains the vocabulary test and a compulsion grammar test blend by which more than one skill at a time can be assessed. This may include speaking, reading, writing and even listening. This way, you can test only the skills that would matter to your company the most.

The best part of choosing a professional software-based test is you can use a computer, tablet and even pen and paper to actually give the candidate to appear for such test. The results, however, would be received of course pretty quickly.

The best part is such type of test is designed by the team of the expert who with years of experience and knowledge draws the conclusion on how it can benefit you. This way, such a professional test comes with a good content quality which is when putting in together and reviewed by the expert gives better and lasting results.

There is no hard and fast rule to administer such type of test. Rather, there is a technical support which is being given; besides, the test is extremely easy for administering and driving the accurate results out.

With so many benefits, there is no doubt that you will ever get the second thoughts in any possible manner.

Understanding the purpose of conducting such a test:

In spite of going through all these many benefits, if you are still wondering what could be the possible purpose of conducting such test then understand that English is one such language that is of a high standard in terms of quality and is accepted and understood by all. This test can also be given the blind people since the braille version of the same is also available.

If you aim to make your company’s recruitment process more organized then such type of test can definitely be helpful to you. With the help of such a test, you will be able to find the right candidate who holds strong communication in English that too at a high level.

Another primary purpose of such a test is to assess the candidate for the grammatical skills. There are different questions that are based on the vocabulary and come with the appropriate words which can take your language to some other level.

Such type of test can give you a clear idea on judging the reading accuracy and understanding text fluency while conveying the information of what has been read.

If you want the candidate to create a strong impression on the clients especially who are from different countries then such type of test can be great for assessment. It is best to understand if the candidates who come across seniors, customers and even professionals most of the time can actually respond to them in much professional and better manner or not.

Now that things must be pretty much clear in your mind; start using such test to interview the candidate be it for blog writing, content writing, or for those who would be communicating in English the most. With the help of such a test, you can understand the fluency of the candidate in English and administer those people whose native language or first language is not English.

Author: Priya Jatoliya

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How to switch from regular studies to e-learning?

How to switch from regular studies to e-learning?

How to switch from regular studies to e-learning?

The digital revolution and smartphone boom over the years has made technology the key to a new world of education. The shift from traditional learning to new – and arguably, a lot more advantageous – e-learning is luring personals committed to the field. Scholars and teachers from all across the world believe eLearning has the capability to change the instructional landscape.

Today, after years of continuous testing and studies, online learning has gained acceptance across the length and breadth of the world. From location flexibility to enormous interactive content, e-learning is actually proving to be a more efficient and effective way for students to learn.

A report on online education, conducted by SRI International for the Development of Education concluded, “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”

“The study’s major significance lies in demonstrating that online learning today is not just better than nothing – it actually tends to be better than conventional instruction,” says Barbara Means, the study’s lead author and an educational psychologist at SRI International.

The report is not criticizing traditional education. Instead, it claims that online education is set to expand sharply over the next few years. The foremost goal of online education is providing learning experiences that are more tailored to individual students than what is possible in classrooms.

With such reports doing the rounds, it is sure that e-learning is not bowing down any time soon instead, will rapidly snowball in the upcoming years. So,

How will Transformation from traditional learning to e-learning impact students and trainers?

E-learning is not only about innovation and technology it is more a matter of culture. Through a digitalization of the learning experience, both teachers and students are able to improve their skills, with a common goal of creating a more engaging and effective educational process.

With digital transformation, learning is cheap as there is no more need to stop by the library to collect so many heavy books. Nevertheless, bookaholics will argue that reading from machines is often tiresome. Plus, machines do not smell like books do, which is a fair enough reason to stay roped with traditional learning.

And let us not forget about the burst of free tools that makes a task like an assignment writing or sketching a lot easier. Educational institutions can guarantee equal access to learning resources while saving money. However, you might miss drawing on blackboards or whiteboards.

Traditional learning focuses on the classroom education. It is restricted to certain boundaries and time limit. You need to attend the classes, to be a part of group activities designed to hone a student’s skills. With e-learning, you have the flexibility to choose any of your convenient time for the learning. The e-learning is more user-friendly but less socializing.

One of the most powerful and positive impacts of digital transformation today is the possibility to build learning content in a faster way. Educators can now prepare their courses and programmers after gaining insight into content, previously developed by educators from their same department but other institutions.

Customized learning for each student has surely made education more productive. Individual needs are detected quickly and progress is accelerated. However, the impact is not the same for all. Personally speaking, though there is so much of interactive content available even today a book lures me more than any form of online content.

Switching from regular studies to e-learning what needs to be done

From an institution point of view

A number of students find difficult adjusting with the new mode of teaching, after having internalized with so much of face-to-face interactions over the years. Even though online education might seem like an easy way of obtaining an education, but a sudden change from traditional learning to e-learning could confuse some students. The difference in study patterns, teaching methods, and even timing can leave many thinking.

“Having a little knowledge of e-learning is much more dangerous than having no knowledge at all.”

Thus, one-step after the other mindset is necessary. Concentrated efforts should be applied to identify the areas of weakness and the cure. Some steps, which educational institutions can incorporate at their level, include:

  • Improve the quality of all online courses to make sure that the performance is at par with students of day-to-day learning;
  • Conducting e-learning awareness training sessions;
  • Sharing case studies of success stories.

It is essential that such measures be incorporated at the earliest in order to encourage students to opt for online courses. Also, this would prevent students from developing an inferiority complex from the students who have been trained by face to face learning.

Creating adaptive learning content

If you will ever use specialist programs such as DreamBox (Math) or Carnegie Math, you will notice how these programs adapt to the sequence and material presented after a deep analysis of student’s understanding of a mathematical concept.

Moreover, adaptivity is also seen in programs like Knewton, specially designed to adapt and personalizes its presentation based on student answers and errors.

In order to better personalize online education and increase its reach – making it more user-friendly – it is important to tailor programs and courses based on a student’s needs. This adaptivity is often referred to as branching technology, where a student’s responses and actions after the completion of a task are judged and the difficulty level of the next activity is set accordingly.

If students are new to the concept, they should not feel that e-learning is full of complications, as it will only demotivate them. Rather, building effective adaptive content should be the only focus.

Trainers need to switch as well

Trainers play a crucial role in the e-learning process. Right from helping in creating courses to explaining them to their students, the success of a course depends on them, so it is crucial to explain to them how they will contribute to e-learning.

They will:

  • Help in creating online courses by lending their subject matter expertise and skills;
  • Conduct online webinars;
  • Guide designers in creating courses;
  • Create personalized learning materials to meet the needs of individual learners.

Moreover, trainers have to also try adapting to the changing educational environment as they would be the one addressing 100s of students. Thus, if will feel left out it will probably demotivate students as well. Teachers can also join online professional learning communities to ask questions and share their views, staying connected and animating the common goal to create an evolved, high-quality standard of education.

Wrapping up

At a time when change is faster, we must try to incorporate positive changes in our study pattern too. E-Learning courses can have a positive and direct impact on how students learn and trainers teach. If implemented properly e-learning can be very profitable and effective. But we are still quite far from achieving that feat.

Students do not want to give up on traditional education because it seems more professional and connecting, which is right. On the other hand, many students are already enjoying the likes of e-learning. It all depends on adaptability, and what you think about the two completely different learning process.

Author:  Himanshi Goel has been associated as a Social Media Expert with since its start. She really loves to pen down her thoughts on mental constructs, habits, personal development and anything that pleases her eyes.



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Top 10 helpful resources for translation students

Top 10 helpful resources for translation students

Top 10 helpful resources for translation students



Translation is a growing field. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, demand for translators and interpreters is expected to increase by 18% by 2026. That’s significantly higher than average. These jobs are available in major corporations, translation service providers, media outlets, government agencies, just to name a few.

Professional translators can work full time as W-2 employees. They can also freelance. Some freelancers use their skills to work on very generalized translation projects. Others specialize by combining their expertise with their language skills to do very specific work. This includes:

  • Legal translation
  • Healthcare and medical translation
  • Voiceovers
  • App and software development
  • Localization

It’s a worthwhile field to consider if it interests you. Just know that no matter which direction you take your career aspirations, good translators have skills that go beyond being multilingual. A good translator is an efficient, well-organized multi-tasker. Most have a bachelor’s degree at a minimum.

Translation students and those in the very early phases of their careers can use any boost they can get. Fortunately, there are a host of helpful resources that are perfect for the translation student of today.


WordReference is a well-established, online language dictionary. You can use it to translate words to and from English and many other languages. It also has non-English capabilities.

It also has functions beyond that. The website contains verb conjunctions, word references, lists, and a variety of apps and tools. There are downloads and plugins available for iPhone, Android, Firefox, and Chrome. Finally, there are a variety of discussion forums that cover just about any language you might need.

 2. Pocket

 As an emerging translator, you probably know that increased fluency means more job opportunities. When it comes to languages, consumption is the best way to accomplish this. The more you listen, watch, and read, the more you pick up. This is also a great way to learn languages as they are used in the ‘real world’. There are just some things that you cannot pick up in an academic environment.

The good news is that there is foreign language content everywhere. There are movies, tv shows, YouTube Videos, articles, and blog posts available for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, like everything else, you may not be able to consume this content when you find it. With Pocket, you simply drag the content into the app until you are ready for it.


When it comes to language learning, there are some things that you simply have to memorize. When you master items by memorizing them, they become second-hand knowledge. You don’t have to think about them anymore. You simply know them. This leaves you ‘brain space’ for concepts that require more thought.

In addition to this, research has shown that people with better memories are able to pick up new languages much more easily. Fortunately, you have the ability to improve and strengthen your memory.

Flashcards remain a great tool for committing things to memory. They are simple to use and easy to create. The Quizlet app lets you create and store various sets of flashcards with ease.


 People have varying opinions about CAT tools. Some feel as if they are a bit of a cheater’s way out. Others believe they produce less than ideal translations. While both points have some merit, let’s be realistic. You will have translation projects that require computer-aided translation. By learning to use CAT tools, you add something valuable to your skill set.

There are simply some translation projects that cannot be completed manually. Imagine having to translate 25K employee profile sheets into another language with a ten-day deadline! MemoQ is a popular, reasonably easy to use CAT tool. You should strongly consider learning more about it.

 5.Pick Writers

In many cases, a translator isn’t simply expected to provide their customer with a translated document. Instead, the translated content must be well-written and ready to serve its intended purpose. This means it must be well-written, edited appropriately, and written in a way that it is relevant to the intended audience.

If you aren’t a native English speaker, this can be challenging. In addition to this, there are times when you really want to put your best foot forward to impress a client. These are the times where you might consider hiring a professional service to edit and proofread your final product. Pick Writers provides comprehensive reviews that you can use to help select the company that is best for your project.


What can you do to improve your language skills if you want to specialize? For example, how do you master a new language if you decided to focus on healthcare related translations? What if your area of expertise is education? Myngle is an educational resource for professionals who want to learn languages as they apply to their field.

If you sign up for Myngle, you will be given access to a coach. You’ll also have a learning plan created just for you.


Would someone in Spain understand this cultural reference? How do I know this story is believable to someone that lives in Hong Kong? Who are some popular sports figures in Brazil? These are just some examples of questions that come up as you are trying to translate or localize content.

Unfortunately, there’s just no way for you to have complete cultural or historical understanding of every other country or region. Instead, you will have to rely on research and other information sources. When you need extra help, Quora is a great resource. You can use the forum to ask questions about various cultures and other language topics. Even better, you can contribute your own knowledge by answering others questions.


As a translator, you will frequently find yourself juggling several projects at once. If this sounds familiar to you as a student, that’s not surprising. The good news is that the same app you might be using to stay on top of your school projects also works well for professional translators.

That tool is Evernote. It is perfect for taking notes, creating and organizing projects, even collaborating with others. If you aren’t using it already, download this app and try it out!


We would never recommend a conversational phone app like DuoLingo to learn languages for translation. It’s simply not advanced enough for that. In spite of this, we still think it’s a great tool for translation students. As a student now, and as a translator in the future, you will have to interact with people who speak languages other than your own. This includes translation clients and other translators. If you can converse with them clearly and understand their needs, your interactions with them will be more fruitful.

This is where DuoLingo can help. Use it to get up to speed on a variety of languages so that you can comfortably hold conversations with native speakers.


Where would you go if you wanted advice on a project? Where would you find experienced translators to ask for career advice? What if you just wanted to vent or share funny war stories with people who understand you?

Nearly every field has at least one forum where people can discuss the issues that impact them. For translators, that place is TranslatorsCafe. It’s an online resource and discussion forum designed for translators and interpreters. Give it a try!


The field of translation is booming. This is good news, but it also means you should expect stiff competition as an entry level translator. To make yourself more competitive, check out the tools listed above. They can help you pick up useful skills, learn about your field, and stay as organized as you need to be.

Author: Kristin Savage has graduated from Columbia University where she was majoring in German group of Languages. Besides English as her mother tongue, she also speaks German and Dutch fluently. Currently, Kristin is studying Spanish and planning to obtain her PhD in Applied Linguistics since she is interested in extent practical knowledge of language processes in everyday life.