Online guides and courses to write an APA Lit Review in 2019

Writing a literature review in itself is going to challenge even the most excelling students. An APA lit review needs to adhere to certain format and guideline requirements. You can find a lot of information about writing a literature review online. The guides and courses mentioned in this article will help you understand the concept of APA format. You can also find a lot of information regarding the content you should provide.

Students can easily become intimidated by the enormity of certain tasks. The truth is, you can break any task up into smaller sections to make the process easier. Before you start, have a clear understanding of what is expected of you. Then you can move on to the finer details of the task. Look at as many examples as it takes to fully grasp the concept. This is, of course, something you haven’t done before. Anything you do for the first time is a challenge, but these guides and courses should help.

VCU Libraries

This guide is broken up into a few sections and it provides valuable information. It assumes that this is your first literature review. The guide is focused on APA format, which makes it helpful for this post. You can learn about how to avoid clichés in writing as well as correctly formatting your literature review. You can find information ranging from the synthesis matrix all the way to finding the correct sources. It covers almost every aspect of what it will take to write a great literature review.

Concordia University APA Guide

A lot of university websites provide content for their students exclusively. This would usually require a username and password to access the information. Concordia University has an APA guide available to the public. This guide is incredible and you will definitely find some gems in there. Knowing the format and printing requirements of an APA literature review is important and included in this guide.

The Writing Centre – University of North Carolina

There is an extensive guide to writing a powerful literature review on this website. Almost every part of writing a lit review is discussed in this guide. You may even find a literature joke in the guide. A guide is all about taking you from step 1 all the way to the end. This one definitely adheres to these rules. One can never find too much information on a topic. There are always new tips and tricks to make one understand a subject better. This guide definitely adds value to the subject matter.

California State University – Tips on writing a literature review

This website provides information and tips on writing an effective literature review. Even though this is not a completed guide, the tips in there definitely help to get the job done. You can also find more information about different modules and subjects, which could also add value to the process. An APA literature review is not much different to an MLA literature review. The differences would pertain to the format and the structure. Once you get that clear, the process becomes less daunting.

San Jose State University – Literature review workshop

A complete workshop on the topic would definitely be a great help for students writing their first APA lit review. That is exactly what this university offers. Anyone from the public can view this information. Even though this website does require a login, you can still view the workshop without any issues. It’s so in-depth and accurate, covering all aspects of a literature review. If you want to start understanding the basics, this would be a great place to start. You can find tips, quizzes and video content on the subject. They have covered just about everything in this extensive workshop.

Which are some of your favourite online guide resources?

There are tons of resources online and a lot of us keep going to a specific website to find what we need. Are there any favourite resources you use? An APA literature review should not be feared. The process is fairly doable if you commit and start. Once you find your rhythm, the process becomes easier. You can write a winning APA lit review with all these amazing guides and courses.

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