5 reasons why every student must go for UPSC exam


UPSC exam is conducted to recruit patriotic aspirants who wish to serve their country through civil services. The exam is conducted on a grand country-wide scale. Many people believe that UPSC exam is only for those who are willing to go into civil services, which is only half of the truth. UPSC exam, if taken properly, is an excellent opportunity for many students to understand the working of government and different important matters. Therefore every student must go for UPSC exam for at least once and here are the five top reasons why:

  1. The benefits of UPSC syllabus

UPSC covers a vast range of topics and subjects in its syllabus. You would get aware of different subjects including working of government etc. UPSC syllabus preparation will also help you in preparation of other respective competitive exams.

UPSC exam is also known for increasing IQ and general knowledge to a vast range. This will alter and will benefit your personality. The preparation of UPSC exam will teach you things and topics you did not pay attention earlier. Studying UPSC syllabus is considered to be of great use and importance.

  1. Interest in civil services

A student interested in civil services, surely attempt UPSC exams, but even if you are not interested in civil services, having an idea of government exams always helps. If you are confused about your choice of career and duty, UPSC exam could turn into a helpful practice for you.

Students, after preparation or during preparation, might end up gaining interest in civil services. Even those who do not aspire to be IAS or civil service officers should know about UPSC and its application, working, etc.

  1. Failure in UPSC exams are lessons for life

Doesn’t matter how bitter the failures are, it still teaches us many things. Failures in UPSC exams turn into the life lesson because it shows the reality of the life of how much struggle, hardships, the dedication it takes to fullfil one’s dream.

By attempting UPSC students will gain respect for civil services official and workers, along with gaining an idea of governmental workings. Even failure will leave a student with knowledge of different subjects in the UPSC selection, and different skills. It will give a clear image of the working of the world, and you might even clear UPSC if you work hard enough.

  1. Skill development

UPSC exams preparation is an excellent way of developing your personal skills. Attempting the exam will benefit your knowledge of the subject and your own personality. UPSC exam and its preparation will teach you discipline management skills, time management skills, preparation skills and many more things including studying strategies, personality development, writing and reading skills etc. These lessons will last lifelong with you along with the different courses of your career and working life. Thus most beneficial benefit which comes out of attempting for UPSC exam is skill development and preparation for future exams and preparations.

  1. Gives an idea of competitive exams and government working, civil services selection

Some students attempt different competitive exams at the same time in the hopes of getting selected at one when they are not sure of any significant career. UPSC could help you get an idea of competitive exams. Along with this, the preparation of UPSC syllabus prepares you for other competitive exams since UPSC syllabus covers many different subjects. Thus you will get a deep understanding of various subjects through the preparation of UPSC.

Every citizen should have an idea of the working of government, civil and fundamental rights along with the selection procedure of our officials. UPSC exams provide with a clear idea of the process along with knowledge of different government and current affairs.

There are several other reasons including gaining experience or attempting for fun etc., which differs from person to person. In the end, UPSC exam helps a student in several ways including academics, career selection and self-analysis. The understanding and experience students will gain from attempting UPSC will help them in future matters and responsibilities.

If you are not sure about your career, attempting UPSC will surely help, since it makes you aware of the seriousness of studying, job preparation and governmental process. Therefore, even if you are not considering civil services as your future, attempting for UPSC will not do any harm, but will alter your personality and qualities. It will also inspire you to work harder for your further goals, since the UPSC preparation of syllabus and exams, is inspiring in itself.

Author : Anish Passi is the Director at Neostencil, which is a unique platform for Test Preparation where you can access live classrooms of the best teachers in India, from the comfort of your home. He is an Engineer from McMaster University, Canada and an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. He previously founded Testcafe and has extensive experience in the Education industry.


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