Is Hadoop certification worth the investment?


There has always been a debate regarding the worth of Hadoop certification. Some seem to be in favour, while some still hold doubts about its career benefits. To make it simpler, let us put it clearly. The answer to the title question is: Yes, it is absolutely worth investing in a Hadoop certification. Understand how and why:

Hadoop and its demand in the industry

Analyzing the data and making the relevant decisions on its basis is one of the essential tasks that any business or organization has to do. If the data is not interpreted in the correct manner, the business could not be successful in the long run. Hadoop has been the most crucial technology in big data analytics.

Companies rely on skilled professionals for critical business mining tasks. With Hadoop certification, you are considered to possess the desired skills, which increase your market reputation as soon as you pass this globally-valued exam.

Hadoop’s career advantages:

If you are planning to get enrolled in a Hadoop Training course, you should not delay. However, make sure that you choose a quality-oriented education centre. The main Career benefits, you can get by Learning Hadoop are:

  • Better job opportunities

The main target for which most of us are aiming after doing a certification is to get a nice and decent job. It has been observed over the years that professionals who have a Hadoop certification are more likely to get better job opportunities than the ones who don’t. This is because companies think that the professionals, who can analyze the data, can help in better decision making, increasing revenue and brand’s market value.

  • Higher salary

One additional perk of being Hadoop-certified is the higher salary. Companies value the certified professionals. So, they agree to pay beyond the normal packages. Since the demand of a Hadoop professional is nowhere to get down in the coming days, salaries for data analysis tasks will be much higher and better in the coming days as well.

  • High demand of Hadoop professionals

Businesses are always looking for professionals who can help them in extracting the desired information from their data. As an individual, with Hadoop Certification, excels in the needed skills, your demand will remain hiked. Don’t you want to pursue in something that is in high demand in the business world?

  • Worldwide acceptance and value

If you are thinking about the future scope of Hadoop certification in other countries and cities, then there is no need to worry about anything. There is no part in the world that does not require data analytics experts. Moreover, the tremendous growth of the applications of Data Science ensures only one thing that there is no looking back in the near future.

Value for money

The training and certification fee for Hadoop may look too high at the first glance, but when compared with the salaries and career perks it offers, it appears negligible. The certification is the guarantee of a good career in itself.

Why should you choose to learn Hadoop?

Any business data will not yield potential results, if not analyzed with the best technological tools properly. Other than this, any business will end up in blunders if there are no professionals who can help them to have a closer look on the various facts, figures, and data related to the various operations of the business. As a result, the professionals who can analyze the data of the business with the right Hadoop training remain in high demand.


Hadoop concept is something that is not going out of fashion any sooner. Hadoop certification opens doors of opportunities for everyone who clearing this famous exam with flying colours. Thus, investing one’s time and efforts in Hadoop training is certainly a worthy decision.


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