10 Awesome educational tech tools everybody should know


Technologies develop quickly.

These days they are used almost everywhere, starting from stores and ending with classrooms.

Despite the fact that educational process changes very slowly, it still changes: teachers start using tech tools to transform traditional learning into something more modern and interesting.

However, when there are so many options, it can be hard to pick one. New tech tools appear almost every day and if you’re struggling with a choice, maybe you could use some tips? Here are 10 amazing tech tools that can be used in an educational process.

If you think your students can use some motivation , introduce to them. This website is a powerful motivational tool that encourages students to participate in various activities in order to make our world a better place.

While educational process can be fun and interesting, usually it still needs to be organized. PowerSchool is a perfect tool for that: it allows teachers to keep track of the attendance and to see all necessary student data. What’s even more important is that it’s available via mobile: you can download both Android and iPhone apps.

If you are working with K-12 and Higher Ed students, you might need Schoology too. This is another powerful tool used for environment organization: you can use it to compare grades, to create various assignments and activities, and so on. Moreover, students can use it too.

One of the best ways to keep in touch with the class is to create a website or a blog: this way you’ll be able to communicate with students as well as provide parents with all the information they need. You don’t have to be a computer genius or web-design guru to create such webpage: Weebly service allows doing this easily.

If you encourage students to work together in groups, you should introduce Wikispaces to them. This is a platform that can be effectively used for various group assignments: students can use it to complete given tasks and you will be able to find out how many efforts they put into it.

Every teacher knows how curious students can be. HowStuffWorks website is a perfect tool for the most curious ones: it explains how exactly various things work. Moreover, most of the explanations come with illustrations and videos.

Many kids hate math, but actually it doesn’t have to be boring. If you are a math teacher, use Cool Math website to find amazing games and assignments that will be interesting for students to do.

If your students have troubles with spelling, Spelling City website can help you. It offers many assignments and games, vocabulary and other stuff that can be used by students of all ages, starting from elementary school and ending with high school.

If you work with younger kids, FunBrain website may come in handy too. Children love playing games and games are the easiest and funniest way for them to learn. This website is filled with all kinds of educational games that you can use.

If you want to add more technology to the whole study process, use AudioBoom. This tool allows you to upload your own audio, as well as listen to other ones. You can record your lectures and encourage students to create their own podcasts too.

While there are so many amazing tools, simply adding them to the educational process is not enough. You have to think well about what would be appropriate for your students and what not. Remember that overloading classes with various technologies can harm them too and make the right choices!


 Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. She is a tutor and a freelance writer for this blog, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. In my free time she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google + or find her in other social


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