Accomplish your career-related resolutions

It’s March, 2014. As we step into 2014, there are host of people who set up new goals and made fresh promises. It is safe to infer that most resolutions made are career related as work is an important part of our daily lives. Therefore, it is always our intent to try and become better at what we do for living. It is at the end of a year we analyze what has worked well or what has not worked at all. Then only we make a decision about what to change next year. While making New Year vows we consider what exactly we want to change in our lives.
Whatever be your wishes, you must be working towards it by now. No? What are you waiting for, a sudden strike of luck? The truth is praying for a better career opportunity or wishing to climb up the corporate ladder keeping finger crossed does not help. Studies by University of Scranton have shown that only 8 percent of Americans actually achieve their new year’s goals. (read more at: Just 8 of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions! -Here is how they do it)

At the end of the year which side do you really want to see yourself? Those who have successfully stick with their resolutions and made valuable changes in their life or stand with them who have let another year pass by just dreaming of a better career. In reality by February most of the people give up their resolutions and are back into their former life. If you do not want to be one of them, think of something positive that you can keep. So, it is high time to gear up and turn your career dreams into reality.

Most of the time, career-aspirations are like getting a promotion, hike in salary, switching jobs, improving the work life balance or developing own skills. How will you frame the goals, so that these can be accomplished at the end of the year? Here are some tips that may guide you:

Set up tangible goals for career progress

When you have specific aims it becomes much easier to reach them. In order to come up with measurable goals consider what the company needs from you and what you are delivering. You cannot prosper in a career just having exceptional skills and enviable knowledge. If you cannot bring some kind of value to the organization your motto will remain unfulfilled. Discuss with your manager to understand how you can perform to achieve a pay raise or an upliftment.

Update your knowledge to get a better job opportunity

In an extremely competitive job market, employers are always in search of recruits who can perform from the first day. In order to match with the increasing expectation pressure of the organizations, the job seekers cannot restrain themselves from learning. They have to modify their knowledge base with the help of online courses, certification programs or other training programs.

These courses can brush up your skills and give it a fine edge to perform better in the ever changing job environment. If you are planning to change your niche, you still have to complete a course that will offer an insight of the new field.

Better communication is the demand of any business. If you are not a good communicator, there are many classes that can assist you to develop this basic trait.

Track your activities

It will be unrealistic if you consider doing everything in an entirely new way with the advent of a year. Instead prioritize one or two key areas where you need improvement and focus on them throughout the year. Maintain a schedule to determine how actively you are using your time to establish your agenda.

Once you have clear idea about the outcomes that you want to achieve, set the actions in the calendar. Make time from your daily work and assess your progress.

Build up positive attitude

It is more likely you will get noticed, being positive and enthusiastic. Nobody is absolutely perfect and failures are essential to learn things. Keeping this attitude is essential while you are out in the job market. Businesses always prefer proactive fellows. Therefore, you can prosper in career with an optimistic outlook. You need to motivate yourself and improve every single day to deliver a better performance free from flaws.

Making resolution is not an inevitable part of the New Year. If meeting promises is not your cup of tea, you may not participate in the hype of making New Year’s resolutions. However, at some point of your life you have to set career goals and religiously work to achieve them. You may consider that tips at that time also.

Richard White works as an editor at He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment.

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