Degrees for getting a job in online marketing

In today’s world there are very few jobs for which you can choose a clear-cut major in college. Online Marketing is one such career path. What major do you choose to help you get a job in Online Marketing? Many people are in this exact situation right now, wanting to get into a dynamic an high-paying marketing career but not knowing where to start in their education. To help those in this situation, here are four majors that will be the most helpful for getting a job in the online marketing industry:

When it comes to vague college majors, Communications is one of the forerunners. There are many uses for a degree in Communications, and a job in Online Marketing is certainly among them. The primary function of a marketing campaign is, after all, to communicate information of some sort to potential consumers. When an employer is looking for someone who knows how to write in a way that will capture their audience’s attention encourage consumer interest, a degree in communications is going to indicate that you have those skills.

Computer Science
While the skills needed for developing a good Marketing plan are certainly skills that the employers in this field will be looking for, the ability to execute this plan in an online setting is just as important. With a degree in Computer Science you will have a much more impressive background in the skills needed for the logistical execution of a marketing campaign, such as web design and coding. Going above and beyond a Bachelor’s, and getting even an online Master’s degree in Computer Science  will give you even more of an edge in this job market. (you can check for more at )

Graphic Design
One very important element of Online Marketing jobs is the ability to create a memorable brand. Creating logos, banners to be embedded in web pages, and advertisements that are eye-catching and easy to look at or read are all imperative to creating a successful campaign. A degree in Graphic Design is certainly something that can help you with that!

Business Administration
A big part of Business Administration is knowing how to create and sell a product or service that people will want to buy. Were now living in an age where many businesses are predominantly created and run online. These types of businesses are mostly built through Online Marketing campaigns, so getting a degree in Business Administration is certainly going to show that you have the skills needed for success in an web marketing career.

By Emma Sturgis


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