Full time job and studying

When you are in school full-time, and you are working full-time, what you need the most in the day is more time. Both your job and education require constant attention, and then there are other areas that take your time also. Driving time between classes and to your job, taking care of your home and then finding the time for essentials like enough time to study are the three main areas. Juggling this kind of schedule is challenging, which you should know upfront, but it is completely doable if you prioritize and get organized. 

The most important thing that you need to learn with a full-time schedule in your career path and full-time job is to support you and your family and set aside time to spend with them, and this means discipline. This skill will prove to be invaluable to the professional student. There will be demands coming from every side, so the best way to handle all three is to allow time for each. A regular routine lets you know where you are going and spreads the time around. By sticking to your guns, you will accomplish your goals for work and for class.

Here are three important ways to find time to study in each area of your life:

  1. Find time before or after work to get away from all the noise and distractions to focus on your studies. This could mean stopping at the library or taking your laptop to a coffee shop on your way home for an hour. Setting aside a certain time and place will establish a routine that will allow you to study. It may be beneficial to split up your reading instead of trying to finish it all at once.
  2. The undergraduate and graduate program for your school is set. In order to make up some time take at least one course you need online or by doing a completely online program such as an online masters degree in American history. By doing this, you will save the driving time and class time because you can work on it at your own schedule.
  3. Prepare several meals at one time when you are cooking. Then with the time you save making that meal, squeeze in some fun, so you don’t get stuck in the routine.

Remember that this crazy lifestyle is not going to last forever. Choosing career development is one of those decisions that doesn’t pay off instantly, but pays double in the long run.

By Annette Hazard

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