5 prefered online MBA programs in the USA

More and more colleges are offering online MBA programs, which is nothing new nor unexpected.

This means that they may recruit a portion of the population, that have not been able to continue the studies, by offering a flexibility that has never been known before.

In the USA this may finally bring the college graduate population up to the same level, as other first world countries. No longer will we have to suffer the Indian vet being too rough with our cat, or the Polish dentist who has broken English. 🙂

Online learning of any kind is going to allow old and young American citizens to rise up above shelf stackers and make an impact for the greater good of our country.

I have selected few colleges that offer an MBA program.

Pepperdine University

This university offers an MBA program that works hard to be the best of the best. Their course runs for two year and is regulated by the highest standards in education. They have a master’s degree that you can take online, in which you have to do course study and attend online classrooms. You have to watch online lectures and write essays. You must have an undergraduate degree in a relevant business qualification in order to take their online course. Their online business course is quite popular at the moment.

Florida Technical University

If you want to take part in the MBA program from this university then you are going to need an undergraduate degree in a relevant business subject. They have a two year online program that you can take part in. They have a video based platform that you can learn from and they have online discussions that you can take part in and learn from. The online nature of the program means that you can access your classes at any point during the day. Your two year program is broken into credits per semester. This means that you can take longer than two years to complete your course if you like.

Arizona State University

Many people who attend this university go on to have very successful careers, so it is a very nice thing to have in your CV. The course is broken into twelve parts which will take you two years to complete if you study them all back-to-back. The MBA course often wins awards and recognition for how good it is.

The University of North Carolina

There is a business school wing of this university that offers online training. Their business programs are some of the best in the country, and now people may study them remotely from any state in the country. The tutors are highly trained and a lot of students (online and offline) go on to get very good jobs. People studying in the University of North Carolina have also been known to get jobs in other countries too, which means they get to send money back to the USA to help build a better tomorrow. Entrance to the college is not easy, but is worth it.

Duke University

They offer an online learning program and a very highly ranked MBA program. A student may register for classes and attend lectures online. They have an online learning program that tries to stick as closely to traditional learning as possible. There are no age limits for their online program.

Pennsylvania State University

This university is better known as “Penn State” and they also have an MBA program that you can take online. They allow you to study in a number of different ways, including with conferences, forums, online discussions, etc. They also give you a very well rounded degree which does not focus on just one element of the business world.

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