Why making extensive background check on your potential colleague?

Background verification is doing full analysis of a person who has applied for a job. This background check includes gathering of details and deep investigation. Companies often give the responsibility of investigation to some agency. In this post we will be discussing about different types background verification and their importance.

If we talk about the agencies handling this background verification work, their process include doing a complete study about the query and then provide a detailed analysis report to the company. Employee background investigation includes different background check such as address verification, credentials verification, personal investigation, and nationwide background investigations, etc.

Importance of background check

Background verification is so common these days that not only recruiters, but employees who are looking for job also get the background investigation done before they join any company. Employment background check can be done any time like pre-employment, promotional check or periodic employment check.

Increase in demand – You must have seen a quick increase in demand for employment background investigation as recruiters don’t want to take any chances. In case any employee hurts someone in the company premises then it is solely an employer’s liability, this might be one of the reason why employers have become more cautious. A small negligence can become a reason of bad reputation for the company which may lead to loss in business and wealth.

Client demands – Many of the clients who outsource their business to companies follow some strict policies and ask the vendor to do the complete background verification of all the employees who will be working for their project. As many companies are not quite comfortable with this fact that some outsiders will be investigating into their personal matters.

Aspects probed – The employment background investigation can have a different verification requirement which include educational certification, medical records, details of employee, verifying social security number, past employment, present and previous address, sex offender lists, drug addiction, driving records, criminal records, credit records, character references, etc. Recently, it is also seen that many employers search social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. for individual profiles.

Genuine information – According to a survey conducted recently, it has been confirmed that over 60% of job seekers provides false data to impress the employer and make their profile look better. Majorly, candidates show fake educational certificates, hide their civil or criminal or cases and show false previous experience. It has also been witnessed that many consultancies are creating vague organization just to show some experience.

Online instant background verification

You will find many online websites and service providers who provide these services. Filling in your information may take few minutes but it is really important that you ascertain the service provider, to get a proper result from the verification.

First step: You need to quickly decide what type of background check you are looking forward to conduct.
Second step: In case you do not get time to visit the service provider, then the best thing to do is search online. Look for a good and reputed service provider. Go through their testimonials written by previous clients and case studies so that you choose the most credible service provider.
Third step: You should provide all the important information about the person on whom you are planning conduct the verification. Give your service provider all the details you know about the candidate.

To be on the safer side and avoid any kind of misinterpreted data, it is really important for all the companies to do the complete background check. If all the information provided by a potential candidate is appropriate and has gone through proper background checks, then it will immensely reduce legal and employee issues.

Author ‘s Bio: Kunal Chhibber is a professional content writer with proficient skills in research. His expertise lies in writing articles on the career opportunities. His blogs and articles on background checks or what information mentions in your resume or CV.

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